RAFT writing sample


Covid 19 VS school Gems International School

Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

13 May 2020
Devastating Covid -19,
I am GIS, Palam Vihar, and let me tell you here that you are very gut-wrenching and you are the only reason why the whole world is under the cloud of the threat to life. It has never been that my soul has been departed from my body, but you have done that. I am in depression, I have lost myself completely, I miss those surprises. My doors getting dirty because of the Diwali Rangolis, the hair removal all of the weirdos did with the help of tape. The cheers made for a soccer match, the shouts echoing in the corridor and all my besties have a picnic time with me in the washroom. Argh!! you are disgusting, you are the most devastating organism. You keep juggling from hands to hands right come to me I will embrace you and crush you into pieces, then mix you with water and then I will keep shaking the bottle till you stop spreading your colors. Remember once you step in hell, me and my cronies, whom I would have embraced in my arms, will surely pray for you to never rest in peace, cause you have been provided with great delight on Earth, and never return. Read this letter to your mom and dad also and better stay within your limits.

Your enemy,

GIS Building.

RAFT writing Sample


R.A.F.T writing (COVID-19)

The school to the horrible Coronavirus
GIS, Gems International School Palam Vihar,
C 2 block
Palam Vihar
14th May, 2020

Dear Horrible COVID-19
I hope you know about everything you’ve done. killing lives, hurting people, and bringing this lockdown on to our country (India’s first-ever lockdown). I hope your family members are having a good time, enjoying their tour because this is not going to last long. All the students, teachers, health workers, Police departments, and many more people have been affected because of you. How I wish you never came in the first place, that would be so great, I would be able to see all students teachers coming to school with a smile on their face. Not you laughing with your dreadful, stinky mouth. I’m going to take revenge for the things you have done. In the world of schools, it is a crime taking the Children away from school. Now you’re a criminal in my land, I still can talk to my friends like yesterday I spoke to GD Goenka and DPS, but the children aren’t able to talk to their friends they can talk only on the phones or any other device (it affects their eyes a lot). So, what I’m trying to say is that you better go away otherwise you are going to get caught real bad.
Your greatest enemy
The School

R.A.F.T Writing exemplar

RAFT writing is a fun way to improve your writing skills and take your creative juices out. It enhances your thinking power by visualizing the situation you are in, i.e the role you are playing!
RAFT- The wrong house
Role of the writer – Library
Audience- Owner( Mr. Samuel W Rogers)
Format – Complain letter
Topic+strong verb – You left me behind!
Dear Samuel,
It’s been a week since you left the house with your family. You had promised me, you would take at least one of my books but you were so busy in packing that you didn’t realize when you left your beloved library behind, amidst dust and cobwebs. You have been careless. You covered the furniture with sheets, rolled the rugs and kept them aside, closed the windows, locked the doors but did you remember me? What about my books? They have been covered with layers of dust. I am not being cleaned and nor is anyone taking books from me and sitting on the armchair by the fireplace reading them. I am very angry and your punishment is that I have hidden some of your favourite books in my racks. As for me, I cant wait for you to return. I have written a poem for you all this pass time. Here it goes-
It was a Sunday morning,
When you got up to pack,
I was crying for you,
But it is good hearing you lack.
You would have taken me with you,
Had you kept it in mind,
But you were too busy with others
And you left me behind!
( By Pradnya Bhatt)