5 Shocking Incidents When I was Pregnant

Pregnancy time is surely the most wonderful time I have ever experienced in my life. The feeling of a life inside you gives you an overwhelming feeling and at the same time it makes you feel apprehensive about your future (the delivery time, health of your baby and would you be able to be a great mom). Nevertheless, I loved every sec of feeling my son’s kicks to seeing him for the first time.

The minute the doctor brought him to me and touched his skin against my cheeks the first thing that I said was “I Love You”
One of the signs of pregnancy that every woman face is the “weakness” “tiredness”; especially in the last few months of pregnancy when your baby weight is increasing at a faster pace. Any normal person can understand how challenging the pregnancy can be. But you will find some absolutely unbearable people who have no sense of understanding.

During the time I was pregnant I used to feel weak and tired, not to mention my too much weight gain that made things worse for me (thanks to my bad eating habit).
I came to my home town in the last months of my pregnancy before that I was in “Kiev”. Like everybody else you want to be with your mom in the last months of pregnancy. As I am very close to my mom so I intentionally made a decision of joining mom.
But But But

There were some incidents that shook me…. So today I am going to uncover all

  • One day I went to a university where I wanted to fill some forms to enroll myself in some programme. The guy who was distributing the forms was not around.. two chairs were lying there.. so I sat on one chair as I was literally tired waiting for the guy. The guy came and said “ get up” I gave a disgusting look and looked at the other chair kept right next to him.. I stood up anyway – I was amazed to see what I saw afterward. He sat on one chair and put his legs on the other one. (Did I forget to mention I was 9 months pregnant then?)
  • I was crossing the main road and it was a green light all of a sudden one speeding car passed by me with the full music on .. I thought to myself was he blind? There was a difference of fraction of seconds otherwise I would have ………….
  • Once I was standing in a queue ..it was a long long queue but nobody proposed to help me.

  • I was in Mc donalds waiting for my husband for over half n hour, it was all full but nobody bothered to offer me a seat to sit down..
  • And this incident was after “my son” “joshu” was born. He was having a fever so I took him to the nearest hospital, I was all alone at home so couldn’t take him in a car as he can’t sit on his own. So I took a riki; reached the hospital quite comfortably but when I came out of the hospital it was raining like “cats and dogs”. I was not having an umbrella with me as I didn’t expect the weather to be like that. So I was struggling to cover joshu with whatever I could. After waiting for some time I got a rikshaw the minute I sat on it he saw some lady and asked her where are you going. She said “xyz” place the rikshaw guy looked at me and asked me to get down because he got the passenger who could give him more money… While my house was quite near to the hospital. I couldn’t believe that he actually was asking me to get down seeing my son drenched badly in rain.. I controlled myself though I was on the brink of breaking down..

On the other hand when I was out of India wherever I went I got a special treatment in every possible way; from kids to old people everybody helped me, gave me a way and even went out of the way to do anything possible to offer me comfort.
I feel sad to say if it was not for my parents I wouldn’t have chosen “Delhi” to spend my “pregnancy period” .

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