15 FebA Debate That Goes On – Death Penalty For Mentally Retarded People ?


Today I am going to share my views on a controversial topic “Should there be a death penalty for mentally retarded people ”?

What’s a point in levying the most dreadful punishment on some one who can’t even comprehend what exactly “Death Punishment ” means?

There are a few questions that comes to my mind

Can a retarded person even help his lawyer in defending him? He must not be in a state of mind to recall the incidents. Moreover, he won’t realize that in which circumstances incidents occurred.

Why does the court levy extreme punishments? The only reason I find it is that the court creates fear in the minds of the criminals before they commit any serious crime. But do we really think that a person who doesn’t have the right state of mind can actually comprehend the consequences of his actions?

Without any second thoughts I do believe in the safety of “We the people”. Therefore, it’s obvious that mentally retarded people who can pose a threat to the society be detained.

Moreover, mentally retarded people are not able to understand the complicated court proceedings. They even find it hard to cope up with the vigorous court sessions that are quite demanding even for a normal person. That’s why people often loose their temper.

There should be a special team of people who handle cases of mentally retarded people as they are quite vulnerable in nature.

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