A Love Letter To My Hubby On His Birthday!



Hubby Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Do you want to win your husband’s heart then birthday love letters seem a perfect idea.

A love letter to my husband on his birthday – Honey I am feeling too embarrassed to even start! Because I really don’t know how to write a love letter! People say Love letters to husband can do the trick of sparking the love in your marriage. I hope these Love letters to my husband will ignite his love for me; if you ever realize then you will notice how we engross ourselves in our day to day life that we forget to express our love. Handwritten Love letters for husband will make him yearn for you; personally speaking love letters for my husband will surely make him feel my never dieing love for him. This love letter to my husband is again one of the ways where I open up my heart to him.

It will sound funny – I searched hundreds of websites and read the collection of love letters but nothing sound perfect to me. I don’t want to sound too corny or too boring here.. I just want to pour out my feelings through simple words.

• We have been together for so many years and have celebrated many memorable occasions together. When I look back and see the most romantic and cherished moments it was all because of you. You always say that I don’t express my love in words. With time I have noticed that I do feel shy in opening up my heart to you. I remember the first love letter you had written to me when I went to Bangkok.

Frankly speaking I’m bit reluctant to write all this because I’m not sure if I will get it right or not.. As it’s your birthday so I want everything to be just perfect.

I will start by expressing the one thing that I cherish the most with you is curling up with you on the bed before sleeping, feeling the warmth of your skin by resting my head on your shoulder and you kissing me on my head and lips! Every morning after waking up the way you hold me tightly and we pulling up the blanket over our head and whispering things to each other. Our toes tenderly touching each others toes underneath the blanket! It’s so fulfilling and amazing that how we have been doing this every day for years and still do it – still need it badly.

Walking down the street wrapping my hands around your hands – feeling the breeze fiddling with my hair- Ah I absolutely love it. Does that sound like typically Yash Chopra’s romantic movies scripts!!

• I still feel your first kiss when we were coming from Etopia ( though I always complain that how dare you kiss me when I was sleeping!!! but without any doubt that was the most cherished kiss of my entire life) You always express your love openly but I have always struggled to do that. It’s been years and years of knowing each other and even now our relationship feels so fresh, as if we are still dating! I think the real romance starts after getting married when you actually get to spend quality time together.

• Every morning – Every night you make me feel loved with your touch and warmth. Just your way of holding my face and looking into my eyes says it all. It makes me feel blessed when every friend of mine tells me how lucky I am to have you in my life as my soul mate. Once when I was in college my friend told me after 2 years of any marriage the romance goes away. I actually believed her because I had seen many couples totally occupied in their careers and setting financial goals that they tend to drift apart slowly. But with you it’s been years and years – with time we have become One. You know how hard it gets to even sleep without you, forget about staying away from you.


• We have been by each others side in all the rough situations all through the time. You remember the first romantic song that you sung to me – Jab koi baat bigad jaye Jab koi mushkil pad jaye Tum dena sath mera o humnavawaz. It’s so fulfilling to see how both of us have supported each other at times when we needed each other the most. The real test of any relationship comes when you see someone you loved the most by your side. It’s so gratifying how both of us value the commitment towards our relationship.

• We all know relationships are not easy it requires a lot of sacrifices, compromises, care and time. Every thing falls on its place when you have someone who loves you. This time when I was alone for few days without you in India I missed you the most. I miss Little Little moments about living with you.

• Your presence around me in the house, when I cook you hugging me from the back, opening the door for you every evening and giving you a kiss, making coffe for you, going out for movies together, deciding on which restaurant to go, talking about politics, sports!!, watching Chelsea play at our favorite place, you making me sit on your lap like your baby and swinging me around, you quizzing me about music.

•You making your top 10 favorite band every month and signing it to make a record, lounging around and having a cup of coffe and talking about life in general, playing loud music in the car and singing together and how can I forget our crazy way of screaming competition, it’s so sweet how we dance daily for few minutes ( this time when I was in India I replaced you with gunna) Remember the way you roll me around and then make me bend … gunna literally enjoyed that style of dancing.

•It feels nice to be with you all the time. Wherever you go you make sure that I am with you. I have seen so many guys going out alone leaving their wives or girl friends alone but you are so unlike them. I always tell mummy that how my life changed for good after meeting you. Before knowing you I didn’t know jack about jack! You taught me so many things that brought confidence in me. The kind of respect you give it to me in front of your friends, clients, family and colleagues is so gratifying.

• Do you have a magic stick!! How you win everyone’s heart? Whether it’s my friends, my relatives or a complete stranger on the road you just gel with anyone. I just can’t seem to get this art of yours! It’s so amazing how easily you can bring a smile on anybody’s face within minutes. Teach me !!!!!! Some people say that when you love someone you don’t change the other person. But I completely disagree with it.

• When you love someone special you are willing to change anything to bring a smile on your love’s face. I am glad we respect each other’s individuality and at the same time we go out of way to make each other feel special in every possible way.


  • Thanks for every effort you make to bring a smile on my face.
  • Thanks for all the crazy things you do to make me laugh.
  • Thanks for doing so much hard work to make our future secured.
  • Thanks for all the love you have for my parents that they feel proud to have you as their son.
  • Thanks for playing with gunna as you know what she means to me.
  • Thanks for caressing me every night like a little child and making me go to sleep.
  • Thanks for every day you say how much you love me .
  • Thanks for all the little little lovely surprises you give me all the time even after all these years.
  • Thanks for respecting me and my individuality and giving me enough freedom to do whatever I want.
  • Thanks for cooking delicious food, you are a great chef!!!!!
  • Thanks for all those hugs and kisses you do all the time.
  • Thanks for learning badminton for me and beating all those people who were overconfident.
  • Thanks for being protective towards me at every step.
  • And thanks for letting me beat all those guys who tease girls!!!!!
  • Thanks for understanding and appreciating how strongly I feel about helping needy people.
  • Thanks for going to Vaishnodevi barefooted so many times and staying awake and watching over me so that I could sleep.
  • Thanks for reading my blog and posting your comments.
  • Thanks for putting your hand on my head whenever you pray. It makes me feel loved and cared.
  • Thanks for always being committed to our love when things were tough.
  • Thanks for your faith and loyalty towards our love to make the relationship stronger by each passing day.

The only complain I have with you is why didn’t you meet me long time back. We have missed so many years from our lives.


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A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

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  1. I am a total stranger, but I do enjoy reading your blogs. This blog touched me the most. God reside in your house, I can tell. Good Luck and Good wishes! And Happy Birthday to your husband.

  2. Helo Pooja, i really appreciate your being realistic and feelings of every moment which you both are enjoying and expressing to each other. You both are very good human being as well. Keep it up for whole life. God bless both you.

  3. Wonderful expression of feelings by virtue of exceptional writing skills. Keep up the good work.

  4. Well what can I say, I dont want to sound filmy, but tujhme rab dikhta hai – seriously. You have coe and changed my life in so many ways. You have given me a reason to live the way a lif is supposed to be lived.
    I have told you this before, you have added atleast 15 years to my life. This is the most memorable birthday of my life. The cards which you gave and this letter. What I love most about it is that you made it. You created it. And while creating it you showed me what our life is all about. The pics in those cards are special memories of amazing times. Yes there have been ups and downs but we have faced them together. I am so blessed and happy to have you as a wife and as a friend. That is amazing! I have told you my most inner feelings. You also got Mummy and PApa into my life, which is something I most thankful for. They are something so special that I cannot imagine my life without them. And so all I can say is – THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME- THANK YOU FOR BEING MY SOUL MATE. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY ANGEL. ND MY SEX BOMB!
    Monu, now what I am waiting for is ….. “good news”.
    In the words of Bono – “All I want is you”


  5. hi
    i have read your My first love letter to my hubby, It really touched me. You are indeed lucky as your hubby is jack of all trades, but my dear almost every husband is like this only strange!!!!! In fact it is you who is making a difference here……. I am a married guy ummm…… got married almost five years back and having a cute son of 4. I take this opportunity completely as a discussion and expression podium, nothing personal please. Let us share the story of our life Your title line…..

    To start with, how your husband is no different from others, I would like to introduce few instances from my life.

    I kept my love and my feeling untold and did not share it with anybody, My would be wife….let her come I will talk to her my heart. I simply waited for my love but, my parents arranged it for me… OK as you know waiting does not yield anything much, so my parents had to decide it for me. I was so shy I could not hold her hand when I met her after my engagement……. Fooooo …Never mind …keeping all my feelings and dreams for the D day. Now The beautiful time, when she was right there…. the much awaited moment….. For which I have waited for years…… I wanted to share my every moment of past, my childhood, my education, my classroom experiences, my friends, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my relatives, my upbringing, my sorrows and pains, my happy moments, my journey….growing of a simple and sober child to a young qualified gentleman, my dreams of having a partner to whom I would talk all this scrap, I wanted to know her life, her parents, her belongings. Before I could turn to her she slept… ohhh…. must be tiring it happens yaaar, after all she is a girl and could have performed many marriage rituals, let her sleep. …….OK turn on the walkman……. continued for almost 15 days I could not express my self as she was always sleepy and tiring. Just drop this unpleasant thing here and see what lies in future. So Dear Miss I am one of thousands of the husbands who have many things to tell, tones of emotions to share, open minds to let somebody get in, But Ironically there is no listener. If you feel, that he listens to you, cares you, opens up his mind and listen to you, again my dear, it is you who is recognizing the emotions and making a difference……..

    Next thing…come to the hugging……..I could never forget when I hug her first, (Nevertheless that was unilaterally) I found that was the worlds most wonderful moment I would ever have, everybody knows the feelings of first hug to his/her love…….now the reactions…… she found it chocking .It feels funny??? yeah it is funny. You said your hubby pampers u like a child, so did I…….. The patting with love over her head was like disturbing her sleep (I am happy she told me openly the fact). Till now she doest not like it but I tell you the secret, I do it when she sleeps. I gently keeps her head on my shoulders and pacify my emotions but on the contrary it makes me feel more wanting and incomplete. So the pampering her like a baby is a waste here. So my dear, if you feel he is having a unique way of loving you and pampering you like a baby, it is you who is recognizing the emotions and making a difference……..

    Next point ……I also work hard to the make our future secure, work late nights also, the result she feels neglected….. Time and money are inversely proportional……. I would like to quote an instance, when we went to her sister, the couple took us for city tour in their car, I could see her eyes shining like a star, and clearly she wanted to have a car for us. Unfortunately I was having a bike. I decided to purchase a car for her so that I could hold her hand and….. she sitting besides me in the night with all lights off……. how romantic…. Yeah it is…… I collected all my funds and purchased a new Maruti 800 the cheapest in the market….. I was on the seventh heaven….. I also sang for her in car, got a decent music player installed because an ordinary maruti does not come with music system. She commented I am yelling and disturbing the beauty of the songs. So my dear, if you feel he sings for you (I don’t know how good or how bad, just kidding…), Again it is you who is recognizing the emotions and making a difference……..

    Next point…….. I respect her parents a lot…..the same respect I have to my parents. Thank god my in laws are great and gentle, they treat me like their own son .The result….myself respecting her parents………..she is under impression I want something from them. Now I have reduced the frequency of visiting. He respects Her parents and She respects his parents……… has anybody ever given a thought to it How much She respects Her parents….. How nicely She talks to them….. Does Her Father or Mother have to say to her something…..? now the man side…..How well He reacts with his parents, how strong are his relations with His parents… brothers…. sisters…. friends…… yes this is the only yard stick to know the actual meaning of respect…… It is very easy to respect each others parents……….. It is simply give and take relationship. This is not true us….. We are true we, when we talk to our parents and our brothers, our sisters…… if it is not so we are living a fabricated life and it will not go last long, even if it goes long we will forget who actually we are…. So the actual behavior is adjudged by our behavior towards our parents.

    Next point…. I also play with children, I also want the people should accept me, and child’s heart is easy to win… give a chocolate and the child is yours……… I try my best; my wife and I pamper our son…….. Whenever there is a stop to put, she calls for help, and behold!!! As soon as I start with my eyebrows up to my child, She comes in between and pampers him again, now the result…… I am a big monster for my own child and she is an angle…… The child needs to be guided and if a father takes this responsibility there is nothing wrong. The child develops his attitude towards his father as if he is living with a dragon…… in most of the cases where father wants to guide his child and mother comes in between for shelter, she is the real culprit who spoils the child and defames the father. So if you feel good, that he is guiding and playing with children, without you coming in between with a hero type of step-ins, it is you who is making a difference……..

    Next point… I could guess from your letter, your love is young as if you are just married, It is because of your state of mind……..It is you who has the magic stick…… and nobody else……. Thankfully I also think alike, my relation is still fresh as it was before marriage because nobody has ever tried to understand the feelings…… so everything is still in my heart but this time I am not waiting for anybody…….ha ha ha ha. May god bless both of you ……..bye……

  6. We are no newlywed couple it’s been a long time! Some people even think that we are just dating!

    • In the starting we had loads of differences, a lot of ugly fights. When I look back I literally feel ashamed of myself for not conducting things in a mature way. But after sometime we comprehended that it can damage the relationship (though we both knew how much we love each other). It’s not about years in the relationship that makes a difference- I personally consider that it’s all about the kind of outlook you have towards life. That will clearly reflect in your relationship especially at home.

    • The compatibility part every couple has to work on. Every couple goes through ups and downs, have different issues different stories to tell, different justifications. But in the end, things can only work if both of them are willing to understand each other wants, interests, desires, intimacy level, and way of expression and many other little things that matters a lot. The main difference in the expression of love that you mentioned here is that your wife’s way of expressing love is different from yours. Expression of love that you like is lovely and without any doubt it’s passionate.

    • I am sure you feel neglected when you don’t get a response from your wife at times when you feel like pouring out your feelings about life in general or sharing your day to day experience. I guess it’s simply because both of you crave for different way of expression of love. I will give you a simple live example from my relationship. Sometimes when he does few things knowing that I will like it – Honestly, I just take it in a normal way without acknowledging the fact that hubby made an effort to please me. But sometimes when he simply does certain things in a casual way I find it loving and sweet. And certain times I also exactly feel the same.

  7. • In no way it means that we are not appreciating our partner. This happens because every individual is different and things I like or hubby likes can’t be similar. So, it’s important to communicate and reach out to each other by telling things you like about each other. Tell your wife what you like about her ( more than telling things that you don’t like about her), before you tell her what you want – Ask her what she wants. Where she wants to go on the weekend or any possible thing? I am not sure what she likes- But generally speaking you can cook something special for her, get flowers for her..etc etc. It’s very important to share each other interests. You must be aware of her likes, know more about her interests and talk about that interest her. This way she will start to open up.

    • When I started dating hubby I hated rock music and didn’t like football much. I love to play badminton and hubby didn’t know how to play. After few months I started playing football with him, started watching football every weekend and shared his music which made him extremely happy. On the other hand, he shared my interest of badminton, learned badminton and even beat many overconfident people who refused to play with him in the starting saying he doesn’t play well.

    • I want to talk about your adorable son. It’s important for parents to understand that they should not refute each other in front of their kids. You mentioned the exact thing that happens when either of the parents takes the kids side – At times when you need to be strict with the child “for his/her own good” – You have to take a stand, you can’t pamper your kids all the time. Politely explain to your wife that in case she doesn’t agree with you for whatever reason you discipline your son – All she can do is to discuss with you politely making sure the kid is not around. If the current situation will continue like this, then your son can even drift apart from you in the future. Just to tell you ( “gunna” is my niece – like my own daughter?

    • About – Parents – I guess your wife is under a wrong impression of you having some personal motive that’s why you give attention to her parents. Or may be you yourself reached out to that conclusion? Whatever the case may be- Whether it’s your parents or her parents both need attention, respect, support, love and care. Like you said her parents are gentle and kind. So don’t hamper your relationship with them just based on what your wife thinks about it. I am sure her parents also like your company like you theirs!

    • It’s so sweet of you to go out of your way and get a car to please your wife. And about you singing a song for your wife – It’s not about how bad or good you sing – It’s all about expressing your love by singing a song for your love. And it applies to all the things you do all the time.

    The only thing that matters is that you make an effort to please your love.

    A Very Happy New Year

  8. I really feel touched for you. It is wonderful and lovely romantic love letter, i would like to write one for my hubby husband too on his birthday. We are truly madly deeply in love as couples now.
    Bless you all happiness and stronger love day by day and be together forever.

  9. Wow! How long have you been married?

  10. it was just awesome…..i mean u have covered each and every moment in just few lines…its awesome award winning letter

  11. it was really awesome ….award winning letter…..i mean u have covered each and every point in just few lines..gr8 job

  12. wowwwwwww…… wat a love…. its really so sensational….. doing something in us…. may god bless u both and shower his infinite love towards u…… once again gr8 letter!!!!!!!!!

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