09 NovA Moment To Remember For A Lifetime – Embracing Motherhood.

a newly born baby boy

Just felt like penning down my post delivery emotions. So this would be my 5 weeks post delivery update. So here it goes – Wow my life has changed completely… from the time I used to wake up to the time I would go to sleep was so carefree. Especially during the pregnancy all I would do was to relax. I am so thankful to god everything went well in terms of my delivery. From the very first moment of hearing his cry and feeling his cheeks on my cheeks was just unbelievable. Just words can’t describe what exactly I felt on the day when I held my baby in my arms.

I am enjoying and cherishing the beautiful emotion of nurturing my boy.. I enjoy every moment spend with him. Sharing some random emotions that’s coming to my mind.
It’s so fulfilling to Feed him- he gets so desperate when he gets hungry.. and the little – little noises he makes, making him go to sleep, caressing him on my shoulder and humming a tune for him(which he loves), and when he looks at me… sigh he just takes my breath away.. his million dollar cute smile.. he loves staring at our old fan!!!!!! He loves U2 and Pink Floyd music..he loves getting massaged by his grandmother.
He just keeps everybody busy, everybody in our family just look forward to hold him.
Alright I will write more about my post pregnancy emotions later!

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