23 JanAwesome Cocktail Party Ideas

The need of new cocktail party ideas are always in demand; after all Cocktail parties give you a reason to unwind from your busy life schedule. We not only love to attend cocktail parties but also enjoy throwing cocktail parties as often as we can.

cocktail party ideas

The first thing that comes to your mind before you plan to invite your guests is your budget. It doesn’t have to be a lavish cocktail party, usually people have a tight budget to stick on. You can still make things happen, provided you plan a cocktail party well in advance.

Plan The Menu, Decide The Guest List.
The menu doesn’t have to include expensive food choices like “Sushi” or “15 years old wine”. The idea is to have a fun with your friends; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lavish party.

Buy In Bulk
You will always get cheaper rates when you buy bulk items. The must have items includes juices, cheese, candles, wine, beer, sodas, vodka, champagne, cola and off course whiskey. I love to get discounts on wholesale items, whether it’s an alcoholic item,napkins, decorating stuff, nuts etc. There is no harm in buying extra stuff as it doesn’t get spoiled. You can even try to buy cheap sparkling alcoholic glasses online.

If you don’t have enough glasses to serve different drinks then don’t hesitate to invest on buying some sparkling glasses. Moreover, once you decide on the drinks you will be serving to the guests, it’s essential to get all the ingredients to avoid any last minute hassle.

Avoid Wastage
Based on the number of guests you have invited you can plan the quantity of the food item. The idea is to prevent any food wastage.

Ice Ice Baby
Plenty of ice is quite compulsory for every drink. Keep the ice handy and broken for your guests.


Love To Decorate Cocktail Glasses
It’s lovely to see an appealing cocktail dressing. I personally put an extra effort to dress up cocktail glasses. Some of my favorite options are lemon, olives, cherries, lime peal, sliced fruits, paper umbrella etc. The key lies in choosing the right choice; it needs to blend with the drink.

Don’t Hesitate To Experiment A New Recipe
Uniqueness add spice to any party, you will always find some basic food items at all the cocktail parties. How about adding a new slice of touch to the food segment. Mostly, people feel reluctant to try out new stuff at a party; but I don’t. I find it as an opportunity to give my best. I choose my ingredients carefully…I innovate.. and then I just wait for the guests feedback.

I make sure to offer a bit to my husband before serving it in front of my guests. Yeah I play it safe! Once my husband gives a go ahead it means it’s just perfect! ( he is my favorite critic argh!)

Clean Up Your Place And Give It A Subtle Look
After you finish cooking now is the time to clean up the place. I am very particular about keeping my place clean, particularly when I am inviting guests for a party. At least, this way my home gets clean from inside out. The refrigerator, the furniture, the floor and the kitchen needs extra consideration.

I prefer simple decor ideas over the loud one, light up some beautiful and aromatic candles of different colors and shapes. I even love the idea of floating candles and rose petals. One thing that I never miss is to place a small center piece bowl of fresh flowers.

Choice Of Cocktail Outfit
It entirely depends upon the choice of color you have; the kind of cocktail dress you choose will expound the type of personality you have. The only factor that needs to be considered is don’t over or under dress. Most of us don’t have enough time to go out and shop, that’s why I love to shop online, you will have a great range of sexy cocktail dresses at affordable prices.

I hope some of these tips on how to plan a fun cocktail party will drive away the fear of throwing a cocktail party at your own house. Do suggest some of the tips that you would like to share with us.

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  1. Maria says:

    I really like your “cocktail dressing” photo! Is it yours?
    Or do you know where I can get it from?
    Because I’d really like to use it for a flyer! 🙂
    Otherwise I have to follow the instructions of your article and mix them by myself.
    Greetings from Germany,

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