15 JanCan Just A Name Endanger The Future Of The Child – The Answer Is Yes!


  • Needles to say, every parent gets so excited about giving their child a beautiful name. Some parents even go to an extent of researching the most beautiful name that has some meaning to it. But little did I know that there are some parents that would give a disgraceful name to their own child.

  • Actually, in December what happened that a shop declined Mr Campbell son’s name (Adolf Hitler ) to be iced on his birthday cake. What I feel is that “Adolf Hiter” is not just a name it has heartbreaking history to it. It’s a complete insane act to label/name your child “Adolf Hitler”

  • Alright, the kid doesn’t understand that what exactly Adolf Hitler stands for, but at least the parents should understand what Adolf Hitler had been associated with in the past and how “we the people” remember him..

  • I am sure all of you must be curious to know that why they chose to name their child “Adolf Hitler”? I was equally inquisitive. The report suggests, Mr Campbell said that he selected this name because he thought that this name would be unique as no one will ever be interested to have this name. And moreover, he liked the name!

  • Woof! I will never in my wildest dream can think of associating my child with any of the cruel characters or personalities. Are they seeking for some kind of media or public attention ? Without any doubt, Yes! I know there is nothing in the name but isn’t this case conveys different perspective? Alright, this doesn’t fall under child abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse but still there are some disturbing strings attached to it. Right ?

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3 Responses to “Can Just A Name Endanger The Future Of The Child – The Answer Is Yes!”

  1. anjani Sharan says:

    i got ur words exactly around the fact till it is concerned with fame only.but dont you feel that your parents deserve to name you atleast. and as far as history is concern characters are rather more fluent then that of the name

  2. vikas says:

    Hello Pooja ,

    Welcome to my world and thanks for leaving ur comment on my blog. Well i excatly dont know abt the similar template in wordpress , but will sure let u know if i find one…In btw your template is also good ur, related to ur blog name 🙂

    Take Care

  3. Pooja Brahmi says:

    Hey Anjani,

    Parents have the right to nurture the child in every way. But I really couldn’t understand this case of Adolf Hitler. It sounds an insane choice by these parents who in a way must have idealized Adolf Hitler that’s why they went to the extent of naming their son “Adolf Hitler”.

    Weird Weird!

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