Letter from a criminal to his so called wife


Letter from a criminal to his so called wife who has been mentally and emotionally drained because she showed courage to stand up and fight for what she has suffered all these years. The harassment still continues but she will not give up, she is not afraid of anyone. Till the last drop of blood in me I will not give up.

He must state in his next mail. My dear wife I am the culprit, I have deceived you on the following grounds.
1. I married you and concealed the fact that I am already married , thus forced you into a bigamous marriage which you would not have entered otherwise.
2. I also concealed the facts about my education.
3. I married you with the ulterior motives.
4. I tortured you physically and mentally
5. I accept that what I did was wrong and legally I am not your husband , moreover I have thrusted upon you the responsibility of a child all alone.
6. The tortures didn’t end here , I have been doing everything legal illegal to get rid of both of you and want to start my life at some better place.
7 And yes I do have a share in the property we have in our joint names. I will come sometime in your life back to claim my child and the money. Till then you be the custodian of whatever shit I have thrown at you.
8.Last but not the least let me pretend to be the sufferer and beg you mercy on WhatsApp but behold publicly or in court or before the inquiry officer I am going to blame you and your family only.
9. Most importantly this is my today’s version of forgiveness , tomorrow may be I will accuse you of adultery…haaaan….so be prepared.

Once I am Done I am Done Forever Goodbye


It’s not at all heartbreaking to say Goodbye because I finally broke the cage that the society thrusted upon me. I finally mustered up the strength to say the final Goodbye. I finally realized that I will face the fight of getting my life back and I will join all the tiny fragments of my life. When writing the story of my life, the story will be bright like a sunshine. The one Goodbye that is long pending gave me the strength like nothing else.

Till the last blood drop in my body
Till the last breath
I will fight
I will not fight just for my 11 years wasted
I will fight

for every day horror
every day harassment
for every day emotional and physical pain
for every day lie that took away the faith in “Love”
for taking away a daughters love and shattering her soul into pieces .. Because her crime was to care for her old parents.
for testing patience of a woman who gave endless chances to her man to change
for making a mother feel used just like a trash
for showing that there is a difference between a genetic parent and a concerned parent
for using a woman who endured more than she could imagine
My fight is for every woman you have used and will use for your hidden motives.

That a woman alone can raise her child
A woman should walk out when enough is enough
For taking away the fear in me and giving me courage to stand up..
till the last breath in me my feelings for you will never change.

Wreck you into pieces .. Avenge is to get justice for the wrong.
Don’t beg for settlement because I should have settled this long time back..
There can never be any settlement for the pain that I and my parents have gone through because of your molestation… When a woman stand up she stands up strong.. no looking back..
I smile because God is watching over me… That supreme power knows the truth.

You can’t buy the justice from that supreme power. In this birth only we will settle all our sins.

Thank you husband love letter


Thank you husband love letter to my most lovable and loyal husband.

Love is not about how much you say ‘ I love you,’ but how much you can prove that it’s true.

Any successful marriage or for that matter any relationship require mutual understanding and care.

We need to create mutual care, respect and the love follows instantly. It’s like nurturing a baby from the very beginning.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

A perfect marriage couple is not the one that don’t fight but that refuse to leave each other’s side even when going gets tough.

I would like to say Thank you to my husband for sticking by my side.

Thank you for being brutally honest with me when we started building the pillar of our relationship.

Thank you for choosing me the mother of your child.

Thank you for being loyal towards me no matter we were together or living far away from each other.

Thank you for considering my parents as your parents and caring for them as they are growing old.

Thank you for being the pillar of support whenever I broke down.

Thank you for guiding me whenever I got lost in the story of my life.

Thank for being there for me and taking care of me like a baby when I was carrying our baby.

Thank you for showering love and respect.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for always giving me importance over your career, other girls and your life.

Thank you for valuing the love and care we shared.

Thank you for never being unfaithful to me.

Thank you for showing trust in me as a mother and as a woman who gave up everything.

Thank you for not using people to fulfill the hidden motives.

Thank you for not betraying the faith I had on the institution of LOVE and MARRIAGE.

Thank you for always boosting my moral in my professional life so that I become an independent woman.

Thank you for keeping your promises “ Jab koi baat bigad jaye”

Thank you for bringing the best side of me and showing me Yes I can face the world.

Thank you for making me a strong woman, you took the fear out of me.

Thank you for looking into my eyes and saying no one can take my place.

Thank you for making me feel the luckiest woman and the most blessed mother.

Thank you for being my life line as there is not even a single day when I  felt neglected.

Thank you for respecting and embracing all the changes I had to make after I got married.

Thank you for not using my parents to the best ability and keeping your promise of taking care of them when they got old.

Thank you for being at my fathers side when he got a severe heart attack.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for taking care of me like a baby whenever I got sick.

Thank you for being at my side every sec of the unbearable pain I went through and when I got operated.

Thank you for being the most honest person any woman can have.

Thank you for going through the grind of raising a child.

Thank you for realizing that it’s very easy to be called a parent but the real side is when you fulfill the responsibility of being there as a parent.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for wiping away my tears and giving me a tight hug whenever I shared my insecurities.

Thank you for realizing my dreams and putting my needs first before yours.

Thank you for everything .


Will anyone drop me to the hospital? : An eye opening real life incident


A few days back my father was dropping me to my house, we were just entering the society and  I saw a man abruptly coming on the road holding his son in his hands howling shivering  shouting his son’s name. I smelled something wrong and asked my father to stop the car so that I could just figure out as to what was wrong.

It was a crowded road and each and every passerby was gazing at the situation and then casually passing by.  I know we all get to hear plots where people deceive you by plotting a fake situation. But at that very moment by my gut feeling made me get out of the car and lend a helping hand to that guy who was literally howling as if he lost his son in his arms. I can never forget their screeching cry, being a parent I could see what he was going through.

The minute I saw the face of the child I sensed something was wrong. I hurriedly asked the family of the boy to sit in the car and asked my father to rush to the hospital. The outcry of both the parents was so agonizing, the way they held the child in their arms was something I was finding it so painful to see. I was praying to the god all through the time that I hope nothing goes wrong with their son. Thankfully, we could locate a nearby dispensary where we rushed the unconscious boy and quickly arranged a treatment for him. With the grace of god he recovered within few minutes of medical assistance. He was having 104 fever since one night before and they said being a Sunday they could not provide him with medical assistance. Whatever the reason was.. I am grateful to god for sending me at that crucial point of time to help that family when they needed it the most.

God bless!

We all walk alone…

Lessons Learned In Life From My 1 Year Old Son


Lessons Learned In Life
I never ever thought that my one year old son can teach me valuable lessons of life. Yes it’s true! Who could ever though that the lessons of life can come from a little boy who has not even learned to talk.

beautiful baby boy

beautiful baby boy

What I Need To Learn From My 1 Year Old Son

You can only apprehend the true meaning of love when you experience motherhood. Moreover, your highest level of endurance can only be tested when you deliver your baby. This is exactly what happened to me!

Every single day I am reliving my childhood doing silly things just to see my son laugh. And my Little master make everyone smile and laugh around him. I Guess nobody can be as carefree and happy as babies are!

Each one of us must have thought to themselves the key to be happier and empower ways to be successful in life.

The Way He Greets People

Whenever he looks around and observe someone looking at him he passes a smile. And then the other person tend to have a bright smile on their face.

He Is A Drama Master

When he wants something he becomes adamant to get it under any circumstances! There are times when there is something that is delicate or can hurt him; so during that time we try to divert his mind and give any other stuff. Initially, he doesn’t want to settle down but then within few minutes he starts enjoying “the new” thing.

I wonder can I learn something from him on how to be happy and be appreciative with what you have?

How He Forgets that…

Once in a while when he is being demanding I have to say No! And then he becomes silent and upset for few minutes and then comes back again in his usual self! He is getting naughtier day by day!

I wish I have the ability to forget and forgive people who upsets me!

His Range Of Changing Moods

Once in a while he gets moody and need my total attention; when he doesn’t get my attention he makes innocent faces towards me! I know how I used to fight with my husband whenever I thought I was not getting enough compassion. Now I have learned the art from my son on how to get attention with “just a look” that can say it all !

Smile Does Increase Your Face Value

The research suggests, on an average baby smiles more than 400 times a day. Woohoo!

No wonder why babies have lovely looks and the charming skin! So now you don’t need any beauty enhancement treatments just Smile.

How Silly and Little Objects Can Entertain Him

He loves playing with kitchen utensils, brooms and any other household thing. He brings a sense of joy and fun to any item of the house. I have literally stopped bringing toys for him now.  Won’t it be amazing if we find joy in doing little things; instead of running after materialist things.

Do share your observations on how you can actually live happier if you start thinking like a baby! Talk to that little baby inside you.