Thank you husband love letter


Thank you husband love letter to my most lovable and loyal husband.

Love is not about how much you say ‘ I love you,’ but how much you can prove that it’s true.

Any successful marriage or for that matter any relationship require mutual understanding and care.

We need to create mutual care, respect and the love follows instantly. It’s like nurturing a baby from the very beginning.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

A perfect marriage couple is not the one that don’t fight but that refuse to leave each other’s side even when going gets tough.

I would like to say Thank you to my husband for sticking by my side.

Thank you for being brutally honest with me when we started building the pillar of our relationship.

Thank you for choosing me the mother of your child.

Thank you for being loyal towards me no matter we were together or living far away from each other.

Thank you for considering my parents as your parents and caring for them as they are growing old.

Thank you for being the pillar of support whenever I broke down.

Thank you for guiding me whenever I got lost in the story of my life.

Thank for being there for me and taking care of me like a baby when I was carrying our baby.

Thank you for showering love and respect.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for always giving me importance over your career, other girls and your life.

Thank you for valuing the love and care we shared.

Thank you for never being unfaithful to me.

Thank you for showing trust in me as a mother and as a woman who gave up everything.

Thank you for not using people to fulfill the hidden motives.

Thank you for not betraying the faith I had on the institution of LOVE and MARRIAGE.

Thank you for always boosting my moral in my professional life so that I become an independent woman.

Thank you for keeping your promises “ Jab koi baat bigad jaye”

Thank you for bringing the best side of me and showing me Yes I can face the world.

Thank you for making me a strong woman, you took the fear out of me.

Thank you for looking into my eyes and saying no one can take my place.

Thank you for making me feel the luckiest woman and the most blessed mother.

Thank you for being my life line as there is not even a single day when I  felt neglected.

Thank you for respecting and embracing all the changes I had to make after I got married.

Thank you for not using my parents to the best ability and keeping your promise of taking care of them when they got old.

Thank you for being at my fathers side when he got a severe heart attack.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for taking care of me like a baby whenever I got sick.

Thank you for being at my side every sec of the unbearable pain I went through and when I got operated.

Thank you for being the most honest person any woman can have.

Thank you for going through the grind of raising a child.

Thank you for realizing that it’s very easy to be called a parent but the real side is when you fulfill the responsibility of being there as a parent.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for wiping away my tears and giving me a tight hug whenever I shared my insecurities.

Thank you for realizing my dreams and putting my needs first before yours.

Thank you for everything .


Will anyone drop me to the hospital? : An eye opening real life incident


A few days back my father was dropping me to my house, we were just entering the society and  I saw a man abruptly coming on the road holding his son in his hands howling shivering  shouting his son’s name. I smelled something wrong and asked my father to stop the car so that I could just figure out as to what was wrong.

It was a crowded road and each and every passerby was gazing at the situation and then casually passing by.  I know we all get to hear plots where people deceive you by plotting a fake situation. But at that very moment by my gut feeling made me get out of the car and lend a helping hand to that guy who was literally howling as if he lost his son in his arms. I can never forget their screeching cry, being a parent I could see what he was going through.

The minute I saw the face of the child I sensed something was wrong. I hurriedly asked the family of the boy to sit in the car and asked my father to rush to the hospital. The outcry of both the parents was so agonizing, the way they held the child in their arms was something I was finding it so painful to see. I was praying to the god all through the time that I hope nothing goes wrong with their son. Thankfully, we could locate a nearby dispensary where we rushed the unconscious boy and quickly arranged a treatment for him. With the grace of god he recovered within few minutes of medical assistance. He was having 104 fever since one night before and they said being a Sunday they could not provide him with medical assistance. Whatever the reason was.. I am grateful to god for sending me at that crucial point of time to help that family when they needed it the most.

God bless!

We all walk alone…

Parents Guide: Overall Development of Children


Parents Guide and Tips to help your child gain self confidence, after all we all know how children’s social development is important. This article focuses on ways to build social/emotional skills in your children.

Parents Guide: Overall Development of Children

There are varied forms of responsibilities that Nursery teachers need to perform for the overall development of a child. The teaching methods are not just confined to bookish study material; it also involves various activities that will help children build their social skills.

As an experienced Mont Department teacher I have realized how the psychology of a child works, the way every child is special in their own way and how we need to cater to their individual behavior to facilitate the learning process.

Teachers handling Parents Concern

Teachers are often approached by the parents about their children’s social behavior. Some of the main concerns are the child’s aggressive or shy nature. Therefore, teachers should possess the knowledge and skills on how to practice her behavior to enhance social skills in children of different temper or nature. It’s even more important for Nursery teachers to know the art of inculcating decent behavior among nursery kids because from the age of 3-5 years children form a particular personality trait.

Time is the first and the primary gift that every parent needs to offer to their child. Take out time to spend with your child, have fun together and form a bonding with them. As they say be a friend to your child first!

Casual Talks with your child about basic good manners and bad manners will educate your child as to what is liked and disliked by others. Conversation with children holds an utmost importance in building their personality.

Watch your behavior before you start disciplining your own child. Children often pick up good or bad habits from their peer groups, parents and teachers. In order to nurture good behavior it’s crucial that you practice the same behavior in front of your child in your daily lives. Therefore, teachers and parents need to make a conscious effort to introduce good habits among children so that it’s practiced by the children.

Children need to be encouraged to play with other children so that they get an opportunity to mix up; as it helps a child to develop social skills. Additionally, parents also need to take out the time to play with their kids. Research suggests, children tend to gain social skills more easily if their parents are spending sufficient time with them.

Day to day interaction with children is essential in educating the children about social skills and good values. Parents can encourage children to talk about their everyday events in their preschool, peer group or with their teachers. It will help your child to open up; through this way you can even help your child discuss any event that he likes or dislikes. These kinds of interactions will help you to understand your child’s psychology. Provide your child with comfortable environment; by being a patient listener and never criticize him/her for anything.

The key point that you need to remember while communicating with your child is keep the conversation friendly and enjoyable, instead of making it sound like a lecture. In addition, try to teach your child on how to compromise, adjust to situations with their friends in a calm manner. Give examples on how aggression or verbal abuse should not be practiced.

Overall, both parents and the teachers are the guiding force of a child. Therefore, regular interaction between parents and teachers are required; to facilitate the overall development of a child.

The Rising Demand of a Doctorate Program


online degree programs

The importance of internet has become a way of life; it’s not just a mode of communication but a lot more than that. It allows all of us to expand our mode of business and education , therefore majority of the people are exploring a new age of internet. It’s this new age of internet that has given a rise to online business programs. One of the most prestigious and respected is Online PhD degree programs . The demand of doctorate is considered the highest, a person acquiring a doctorate degree has a potential to excel in any field.

The concept of pursuing flexible Online degree programs has given a wide range of brilliant opportunities to working professionals as well as to students, as it enhances your professional skills . There are so many people who are bound with some responsibilities that it becomes difficult to attend a regular traditional college. Nevertheless, people should not compromise with their careers. Therefore, Online degree programs motive is to offer flexibility to people who are juggling up to fulfill lot of responsibilities; due to this reason the online degree programs has captured the attention of people from all across the globe.

The most substantial feature of studying online is that they have given a new scope to those people who couldn’t finish their education on time. A working professional can pursue their studies at their own pace and complete their education without any disruptions. The advantages of obtaining an online degree plan have gained a lot of reputation in the recent times. Most importantly, the convenience of online degree programs offers an easy accessibility for working people who can successfully pursue their degree and simultaneously gain work experience.

The flexibility aspect of PhD degree programs allows you to schedule and accommodate your daily lifestyle in the most adequate way. Moreover, it also gives you a freedom to study from all across the globe. The easy accessibility of online study material on internet is also cost effective as you don’t have to spend money on expensive text books. Over all, the total course fee for online business programs is comparatively less than any traditional degree programs.

online degree programs

Online Business degree programs has gained acknowledgement from all around the world, its advantages have given hype to the recent emergence of thousands of fake online degree programs. Therefore, careful evaluation should be done before enrolling in any online degree university programs. The credentials and the accreditation should be scrutinized well in advance and also the reputation of the university plays a big role. Most importantly, the core criteria of each online degree programs are also based on the quality of education they are offering.

The prominence of every university is based on certain factors, in addition to it regular periodic ranking is examined based on the way the university conducts their programs. Naturally, it allows the students to choose the best university that specializes in a particular program. For example a university that is excellent in offering programs in law may not be the best choice for PhD degree programs. Amazingly, Online Business degree programs will give you a boost in your career and will also make you familiar with how the new interactive technology works.

Now you don’t have to compromise with your career anymore. Some of the business degree programs also offer a fast track for those people who have a substantial amount of work experience. Once you complete your Online Business degree program , you will notice a drastic positive change in your career. An individual who possess a Decorate is regarded as a professional of a high academic caliber . It allows a person to gain recognition and reputation among his/her friends and colleagues.

My Take On Post Pregnancy Depression



I was reading about post pregnancy weight loss articles and came across an article which talks about post pregnancy depression . It was quite interesting to read how and why post pregnancy depression happens . The startling fact suggests that a major percentage of new mothers go through some or the other kind of post pregnancy depression.

During my pregnancy I used to wonder why any new mom would feel depressed after delivering a baby.

Some of the main reasons of post pregnancy depression are exhaustion involved in taking care of the newborn.

Solution :- Seek help of someone who cares for you, like your close friends or your family members. You can even ask your parents or close friends to join you for the first few days.

The factor that leads to exhaustion is sleep deprivation, lack of energy to cope with an extensive daily care routine of the new born.

Solution :- Try to teach your hubby how to take care of the baby, so that you can rest for few hours at night while he takes care of the baby.

Some new moms also feel in secured of taking a break from their careers because of obvious reasons, that it will become difficult to restart their careers after a long gap.

Solution :- Needless to say, once you plan to start a family its obvious for new moms to take a break for some years or months. Either you can request your company to let you operate from home or you can seek for any day care which is near to your office.

Some new moms doesn’t get enough help or care from their partners or the family members. Due to this new moms may feel inadequate in taking care of the baby.

Solution :- You can search for a decent nanny from a trustworthy and reputed agencies. Don’t forget to do a thorough investigation of the nanny.

If there is not enough financial support then also new moms feel depressed in supporting the baby.

Solution :- These days there are so many options by which you can work from home. All you need is a good speed internet, a fax machine, a mobile or a scanner.

During and after pregnancy many couples miss the sex drive for each other. It certainly does affect the love making part.

Solution :- New moms get exhausted and therefore sex drive goes out of the window. It becomes hard to take out time for each other. It would be a good idea to go out on a dinner or a cup of coffee. And once the doctor gives a thumps up you can easily resume your love life!

My personal experience after pregnancy is that I am sleep deprived! At night Hubby and I try to take care of Joshu turn by turn, this way both of us get at least 3 hours of sleep at night.

One more problem which I was facing is I was skipping my meals, because it’s hard for me to take out time to eat properly. Now I have learnt multitasking, I can easily feed him simultaneously and grab a meal at the same time.

I miss taking out some time to write and read some stuff.

Last but not the least is how I feel about my post pregnancy body. I know it’s too early to get back in shape. But I do miss wearing my favorite outfits, miss the feel of being fit and the freedom to do any kind of workout I want. Anyway, slowly and gradually I am getting back to my workout regime.

. Anyway, I know this phase of life is temporary and once the baby starts sleeping at night things will become better.