How I got my ex boyfriend/girlfriend out of my mind


How I got my ex boyfriend/girlfriend out of my mind

I also used to struggle to wash away the memories of my girlfriend from my mind.

1. Initially you can’t curb natural depressing emotions

It’s very natural to feel dishearten when you see someone you truly loved leaving your life. I understand the hurt as I myself have experienced the same journey where the girl I passionately loved left me. It took months for me to muster up strength to even do my day to day work. I would admit without any hesitation that I did feel revengeful for a long time and contemplated all the acts with the motive to put her down. But little did I know that it won’t make me feel better in any possible way.


2. Your thoughts define your way of living

Whatever happens, happens for good.

The thoughts that devastated me emotionally physically:

At the time my girl friend left me I was cursing my destiny, god, friends around me and my girlfriend. I was feeling more distressed with my life. My hardship didn’t end there, it had a direct impact on my work, my business went through a drastic slowdown. On top of it, the whole circumstances took a toll on my health as I indulged into emotional eating and gained an immense amount of weight.

3. The thoughts that uplifted me:

One fine day I was pondering the change in me since the time my girlfriend left me. I started to jot down the way I transformed my life and how my actions and thoughts affected me in the worst possible way.

I suffered a big financial loss in my business.
I gained a lot of weight.
I lost touch with some of my really good friends.
I stopped taking care of myself and that even lead to me being hospitalized.

…………………………….. Then I wondered how could I drag my life like this?

4. The first incident that made me happy!


One fine day I went for a morning walk and started to watch people around me. Every single person around me was full of energy, whether it were kids playing around, couples jogging or old couples walking sharing a good laugh.

I continued to walk for an hour and after that I sat down on a bench. All of a sudden I got hit on my back by a football, I looked around and I saw a bunch of boys screaming please kick the ball towards us. I smiled and got up and kicked the ball. Later, I realized that I smiled after such a long time.

When I got back home I was all sweaty and went to take a bath, had a cup of coffee. Later, I felt relaxed and calm, the feeling which was a thing of past. Next day I woke up early and went to the same park, watched the same group of boys playing. I wanted to join them as Football is my favorite game, initially I felt hesitant but then I waved my hand towards them and to my surprise all of them reciprocated my greeting and said COMEONE Man! I felt great and ran towards them and thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the enthusiastic bunch of guys. Since then every morning playing football became part of my daily routine.

5. The second occurrence that changed the viewpoint towards my life!

Grieving will be there for a long time, but if it converts into torturing your own existence then it can destroy your own survival.

Your life is too precious and nobody else except you can control your life. TAKE CHARGE NOW!
The reason your heart is wretched is because you miss the presence of someone with whom you used to share little moments of life in general. If one fine day the person chose to walk away from your life, will your life come to an end?! Your life is too precious to be controlled by someone who walked away from your life.

6. The third lesson is the realization of the lessons you learnt from the heartbreak!

Sooner or later, you will definitely have the gleam of love in your life. Though your current state of mind will not believe in “LOVE” It’s ordinary to have a feeling of blaming your ex for the break-up.

The realization of where you went wrong, things you have done differently can be a great lesson learnt for any future relationship that you would build. It will enable you to create a stronger relationship and bring more stability in a relationship.

I Am Heartbroken? Hold On Take Charge And Smile


I am Heartbroken… Do you end up feeling heartbroken? Read this and you will have a reason to smile in order to mend your broken heart. Before you leave don’t forget to read some of the best heartbroken motivational inspirational quotes.

Don’t we all go through phases when you find tough to carry on. I hate to say it, but most of us feel hurt because of relationships. Everything around us look dull, nothing seems to make a difference in lifting up your spirit. No matter how hard you try to pretend to the outer world that you are fine you fail every time!

Majority of people are living in a distressing relationship and some are at the brink of putting an end to it, while others are still grieving after their break up. Relationships require the investment of emotions, the feelings that comes right from your heart. When your emotions are hurt, you think of all those good old days and the dreams you shared.

My dear friend… hold on to the hope, you need to mend all the distressing emotions, feelings and glue it together and give a new life to something that has lost its soul.

“I took a chance, I took a shot
And you may think I’m bullet-proof, but I’m not.
You took a swing, I took it hard.
And down here from the ground I see who you are”?

Taylor Swift

“Well, now
If little by little you stop loving me
I shall stop loving you
Little by little
If suddenly you forget me
Do not look for me
For I shall already have forgotten you

If you think it long and mad the wind of banners that passes through my life
And you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots
That on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms
And my roots will set off to seek another land”

Pablo Neruda, Selected Poems

“Did I really want to stay on this road longer, knowing it was only going to end in devastation?”
 Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

“Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.”
Fulton J. Sheen
“I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow.Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.”

Sometimes we ponder to ourselves that why life is being cruel to us? Why Do we feel disappointment in every step we take, we tend to wonder how long we can continue staying on the road that will keep on pushing us back… The comfort that you look around that time will only come from your own heart. The battle of your own life is your own battle … You need to take charge to fill the void within you, before the emptiness lead you to devastation and you feel like a looser!

Get up and do something that gives you happiness, .it can be anything… Planting in your garden, writing your emotions on a piece of paper, taking your dog out for a walk …just about anything…. Just divert your mind to something that makes you forget about your heartache and the situation you are in.

Why She Never Called Me Back


Why she never called me back
Waiting for a call from a girl you really admire? Has it become a never ending wait… Know Why

1) She didn’t like your nature

When you meet someone the first trait that strikes you is the way you carry yourself, your manner of striking a conversation. These are some of the basic attributes that people notice and remember (more than your outer personality). If you are polite (no artificial politeness) then chances are that you are on the right road; sooner or later you will make yourself wanted.
The key lies in taking it easy!

Why She Never Called Me Back

Why She Never Called Me Back

2) Let her talk

Yes be a good listener and encourage her to talk about her interests by showing curiosity in her hobbies or activities she loves to indulge in. If you have knowledge about her field of interest then go ahead and let her feel that you are knowledgeable – i.e if she likes modern art then talk about the artists whose work you appreciate and are world renowned. These kind of interesting talks will make a good impression on her mind about you. If you are totally “desperate” in making an instant impact then search her name on internet and look out for her interests, liking, hobbies etc. Moreover, it will enable you to update your knowledge well in advance of certain areas that you are not knowledgeable about. I personally like exploring different interesting fields which even help me to enhance my overall awareness.

3) Don’t lose control on yourself

When you get anxious or nervous you start chewing your nails …haaaaaaaa yes yes you will still find some men out there who dig their nose and scratch their bal””s in public….
Each of us possess some awful habits which you find really hard to shed off …. ….. …. So be watchful of your acts…
Some more to add on – biting your nails, eating food in a totally disordered way etc etc then it’s better to be in control of yourself! These little things do matter a lot…it can really make your overall personality meter go down ………….

4) Chillax but don’t get carried away

Girls are really smart in judging men with their tricks and acts…. Let me give you an example: If a girl is getting drunk and forcing you to have a number of drinks then it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants you to get drunk with her…. In a way it’s just a test of you where she is testing how will you handle a situation like this where you are forced to do something.
And all the men out there get the facts straight – you don’t have to smoke or drink in order to impress a girl who is into smoking or drinking. Just be yourself; have control on the number of drinks you take and never lose self control.

5) Don’t make too quick too soon move on her or……..

It primarily depends on what exactly you are looking out for – Is it just a casual dating affair you are interested in?, or a chance to get laid with someone you think is really hot or you want a long term relationship with “The One” with whom you dream to share your life with. All men and women have different interest levels and there is nothing wrong in thinking the way you think at a particular stage of your life. The only consideration that needs to be taken care of is the mach of interest intensity between both of you… If she is interested in having a long term commitment and you are looking for just a casual dating or other way around then chances are sooner or later you will face disappointment.

6) Blah Blah Blah

No matter you won the last Mr India Pageant, cleared IMM Entrance exam, went to London 10 times and what not!!!!!!!!!! Just Don’t brag about yourself too much, give your mouth a little rest when it’s required. The right key to have an interesting and convincing conversation is to know the right time and right way to respond when the other person is talking.

7) Just your bad luck

She found someone else with whom her compatibility level was far better than your chemistry with her. Come-on don’t get dishearten there is one more “Just Right There” waiting for you for a drink……….. and the one you lost was not meant for you….!!

8) Past should never be discussed… No No No

Don’t start dating again if you are not over the crying and misery phase after you broke off with your ex. It’s a big turn off for women as well as for men when the past relationships are discussed…..

9) How you treat others

If your taste buds are taking a toll on you and you disliked a dish at a restaurant where you are dining with her then by screaming or criticizing the chef won’t really leave a good impression on her about you. No matter how much grand treatment you are offering her; it’s equally important for women to know how you treat others. Therefore, get your social acts straight before you label you a rude chap!
Alright Alright Alright………….these were just a few points to answer to your question “Why she never called me back”

Leave your comments and feel free to share some of your tricks impress a girl ….. or ways to get a call back from a girl you dated or met

Get Over The Hurt Of A Break Up : Tips To Cope Up


Get Over The Hurt Of A Break Up – Dealing with a breakup in a relationship brings misery, sadness, hurt and all the spiteful emotions that will put you down every single day. How to overcome the hurt of a break up is the first question that comes to your mind when you depart from the relationship with someone you deeply loved.

Time Is The Best Healer In The Matter Of Hearts

No matter how hard you try to deal with the hurt of a break up; getting over a breakup will not ensue in a short period of time. Time is the only factor that can help you coping with breakup.

Heal Yourself From The Hurt Of A BreakUp

Heal Yourself From The Hurt Of A BreakUp

Keep Yourself Occupied With Productive Work

This is the second most imperative tip for Surviving breakups. It’s quite apparent that your daily efficiency level will immensely get affected; when you are getting through a breakup. Starting over after a breakup can only be possible if you be engaged and focused towards the goals in your life; after all that is the one aspect of everybody’s life that gives a sense of fulfillment.

Ask Yourself Are You Willing To Forget The Past

Do you still have the feeling of getting back together after breakup. If the answer is yes then getting over a relationship breakup will be very complicated. In case you still feel ensnared in the emotions and moments that you shared with your ex then try to give yourself some time to come to terms with the reality.

Don’t Underestimate Your Self

When you break up then the sentiment of low self esteem is the first feeling that you go through. It’s natural to have a disturbed state of mind, which won’t even let you even do your normal daily chores. The only trick that works really well is to divert your mind and keep your mind occupied with some productive work i.e something that will take you to closer to your career goals.

Gods Way Of Telling

No matter what were the reasons behind the breakup of a relationship; after some period of time we discover that whatever happened has happened for your own good. So give yourself some time and don’t let the heartbreak lower your morale to lead a gratifying life.

Destroy All The Gifts

Break ups with girlfriends or boyfriends become even more heartening when you see the gifts that reminds you of the moments you shared with your ex. This is why it’s important to destroy all the pictures, gifts and any particular thing that reminds you of your ex.

Heal Yourself From The Hurt Of A BreakUp

Heal Yourself From The Hurt Of A BreakUp

Don’t Be Revengeful – Bring Motivation

Some men turn violent and do rubbish acts against their ex; while women put all the blame on their ex head for the breakup. When you become revengeful; you are only hurting yourself. It would be great if you take the motivation and become someone you always wanted to be – like a successful business man Or for that matter losing some extra pounds and becoming more confident of yourself.

Join A New Outdoor Activity

When you are in a relationship you hardly get that spare time to devote to something that you have always be interested to indulge in. For example learning some sports ,go ahead and join a sports club where you can also make new friends.

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship


What women want from men in a relationship is a question that men often ponder; exactly in the same way women contemplate “what men want from women in a relationship”. I won’t hover around the main ingredients of a healthy relationship – Love, Loyalty, Care and yes how can you forget intimacy. Today, I am going to express the main cause of “breakups and divorces” “why some men can’t attract women” and “why majority of the women are so dissatisfied in a relationship” We are going to share some Relationship advice for men for a happy relationship.

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship

Relationship advice on What women want in men is no rocket science; read the following tips on how to attract women and ways to keep your woman happy in a relationship.

What do women want in men? : Respect her dreams/ career

When you make a commitment to someone you love; women want men to know the dreams and passion of your partner. If you don’t respect the dream of your woman; if you don’t encourage your woman and offer regular encouragement then no matter how romantic or loving you are; it won’t really matter.

I have seen so many cases where women has to sacrifice their careers and be with their husbands wherever they get transferred. I have hardly witnessed any marriage where they guy is encouraging. Why the career of a man holds more importance over the career of a woman? Regard her career ambitions as vital as yours.

Take out time to assist her

Women need men to be an exhilarating force. If your partner needs guidance in her career then always be willing to accompany her at any stage.

Little gestures do matter

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship

Majority of the women take care of the cooking and household work; may be for a change men can also contribute some time in the kitchen and share their burden. Just a simple gesture of serving dinner to her can bring a smile on her face. What do women want from men is no mystery ; you will get all the answers; once you put yourself at her position and be considerate towards her.

Care during pregnancy

During the pregnancy period women go through a drastic physical and emotional change. Women need to be assured that her man will provide her unconditional care and help her cope with the sudden psychological changes. The transition from a woman to a mother is not an easy affair; therefore men also need to show care and do every possible thing to offer a relaxing environment to your woman. Certain important assurances like childbirth care, pregnancy care and post pregnancy care needs to be given high importance by men. It will enable the women to feel secured about the sudden changes that the pregnancy tend to pose in every woman’s life.

Be a good listener

Instead of just sidelining her bad mood as a menstrual symptom; be patient and listen to her side of the story. Don’t dismiss her by just naming everything as “cribbing”. You can only resolve differences if you know how to talk to women. Both partners should be willing to hear each other out; if you don’t resolve the differences and bury them ; then sooner or later it will ruin the relationship.

Women want man to shower surprises

It doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday or an Armani outfit. Even a simple boat ride or a cute outfit can be enough to bring a big smile on her face. Know her likes and dislikes and plan a surprise accordingly.

Stand by me

What men want from women is to offer unconditional love to her man in ups and down. As much as your women stood by you at every stage of your life; when it’s a time where she needs support don’t be ignorant and be a jackass! Or very soon you will lose her love and care.

Behind every successful man there is a woman

Yes it’s an old saying! Shower your care and support in every possible way that one day she will also thank you for supporting her in every possible way.

Don’t dig in the past

Be forgiving; we all are human so don’t drag the past issues in the present or in the future. Always. Sort out the issues then and there and never bring it up in the future. Blaming game will take you nowhere.

What do men want from women?

Men consider romance to be one of the most important aspect of a relationship. Men should also know that women also crave for passionate moments. Make her feel good about having you in her life and . If you will be a mean jerk who never respect her woman then one day the girl will show you the way to hell.

Just you and me

Quality time where two of you can share light moments. Don’t always get wrapped up in your busy life schedule and family responsibilities that you forget to nurture the relationship. Go out where just two of you can relax.

Security for the family

Women like responsible men; they may date a freaky and crazy men but when it comes to choosing a partner they need to have faith in her man. Whether it’s about building a house, insurance or handling any other financial issues. Women want their partners to make intelligent decisions.

Stop comparing

It’s quite certain that all men want their women to have Pamela Anderson assets. If you can go under the scissor and get a better asset for your woman then only expect your women to look like a model 24/7. Love her not because of her skinny figure or silicon breasts; love her the way she showers love and care to you and your family. If you anticipate your woman to keep her body hair free then the least you can do is also give yourself a makeover and not always wear the same shorts for 3 consecutive days. What women want in a man is the freedom to be themselves and not to be examined by their appearances all the time.

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship

Don’t treat your woman like a maid

If you can’t clean up the house then at least don’t be a jerk to make the house messy with your stinky socks and empty coke cans thrown around , put the toilet seat down, keep your clothes in order and the list goes on and on. What women want men to know is that we are not their maids.

Get a life

If you are a sluggish ass who just loves to guzzle loads of beer and watch Tv all day long; then don’t expect your woman to follow your dull routine. Give her freedom to be herself and let her enjoy what she truly loves.

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship

What Women Want From Men In A Relationship