The Great Indian Tamasha – How a Few People Play with a Country


barkha dutt and vir sanhgvi tape

The Varanasi bomb attack is just a distraction from the slew of scams that has erupted for  the Congress government. The one 18 month old baby who died today is just a casualty of either miscalculation or a sentimental value for the airways. This had to happen – Adarsh Society case, Tamil Nadu land case, 2G Spectrum scam and now the fall from grace of talking heads like Vir Sanghvi and the holier than thou Barkha Dutta.

She is the Kargil reporting, angry young TV journalist whose integrity and gritty nature even inspired Farhan Akhtar to model Preity Zinta’s character in the movie Lakshya; she has now become just like the rest of the other journalistic concubines of politicians and corporate lobbyists. At least Vir Sanghvi is arrogant, he goes to 5-star restaurants for a charity meal, at least he wears his vanity and the pseudo intellectual accent on his sleeve. The scripted interviews with Sonia Gandhi made him the pet of 10 Janpath.

If Barkha Dutt still has a spine left in her body then she should kill herself. Kill herself because she has betrayed the inspiration she once was  to millions of girls wanting to be like her. Does Pranoy Roy sleep tonight knowing he created monster or is he just happy for his protégé. I bet Sardesai is having a laugh!

I am angry that people don’t rise up. I am angry that by Feb 2011 no one will care and the news will go to the back pages and then disappear. NDTV stands for integrity – does it really. They have become power hungry just like Fox news or Sky. If Barkha Butt is not shown the door then we know where does Dr. Roy stand. 

Her Twitter retraction is full of guilt, the hairstyle and make-up speaks volumes of that arrogance that she had once renounced. The other TV journalists will now get the pitchforks and we will watch the once feisty young reported be put on ice. But will they? Karan Thappar did a story but only because he gleaming that he has chance to come back into the spotlight. Everyone loves a roast!

The Terrorist Attack – Varanasi

The Varanasi bomb attack was done just create a distraction from everyone. A small incident with the least cost of life, big enough to get the media blitz and small enough not kill many people. This is democracy in-action at its best. While the Indian public is glued to reality television garbage, Bollywood scandals and of course our cricket team – the real story gets squashed.

The attack which was followed right on queue by the terrorist group Indian Mujahedeen claiming responsibility. I wonder about all the other Indian Mujahedeen attacks – was some scandal going on then? That would be interesting.

The Verdict

We cannot ask the army to take over, we know how corrupt they are. Let’s just say its the system we live in. It’s  all connected. Since people like Corrupt Nira Radia and Vir Sanghvi talk about cabinet portfolios like they were exchanging recipes. We live in a world where we can’t tell the bad guys from the good guys. All we can hope is that they don’t sell India as cheaply as they do now.

Welcome To Pakistan Tourism We can Make Suicide Bombers Out Of You”


say no to pakistan tourism.

“Welcome To Pakistan Tourism We can Make Suicide Bombers Out Of You”

Have you ever got an invitation to hell? Yes I did rather Millions of people have seen this ad on Pakistan Tourism . I am sure its a mere wastage of money on these ads, because you need to be an absolute out of your mind to plan a one way trip to Pakistan.

What Pakistan can offer to you? Picturesque views that will make you breathless! I mean really breath – less. I have a really great punch line for Pakistan’s tourism.

“Welcome To Pakistan We can Make Suicide Bombers Out Of You”

The country is brimming with violence. The only sighting which I will enjoy there is to witness those bunkers where Osama Bin Laden has resided!

Recently, Clinton announced financial aid to Pakistan – As if the world was not already concerned about the increase in the alarming rate of terrorists groups in Pakistan .

What’s the explanation she gave on the questions raised on her recent announcement? –

Clinton sought to reassure the Senate, "We are absolutely committed not to seeing any diversion of our money or any use of it that would be other than what it’s intended for."

"With respect to the Pakistani nuclear stockpile, we are very clear, very firm and quite convinced that none of our aid will in any way affect the efforts by Pakistan regarding their nuclear stockpile," she said adding that Islamabad’s nuclear deterrent is there as a backstop with respect to a much larger conventional force.

The Obama administration is "convinced" that Pakistan will not divert the funds from the planned sharp increase in US non-military aid to strengthen its nuclear arsenal, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

Clinton discounted the possibility of American aid being used by Pakistan to increase its nuclear stockpile while responding to concerns by members in her appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the US Foreign Policy priorities for the year 2010 on Wednesday.

Is Barack Obama slowly sliding into the position of Bush administration on Guantanamo Bay



torture techniques at guantanamo bay


Recently, there has been some kind of blazing war going on between Nancy Pelosi and the CIA. Nancy Pelosi has accused the CIA of lying on the fact that she was briefed about the torture techniques for the terrorists groups carried out in Guantanamo Bay. Obviously she refutes this claim by the CIA.


That makes me think on what we the people actually think about the whole scenerio. Without any doubt the terrorists go through severe torture techniques in Guantanamo Bay. In the past at several occasions, the human rights organization has criticized the bush government defending the torture techniques used on the criminals. But the fact remains “Geneva Convention” clause is only applicable for uniformed soldiers. Therefore, there were no strong actions which were taken against the torture techniques that were being carried out at Guantanamo Bay.


But things seemed to change when Barrack Obama claimed and passed an order that Guantanamo Bay will be shut down in a year or so. That very time I had certain qualms about his claims. There are many reasons attached to it that why Guantanamo should not be closed or rather can’t be closed. So are we actually witnessing Obama smoothly gliding into the shoes of Ex Bush Administration?    


The utmost important point that comes to everybody’s mind is the national security. No government will take any responsibility and loose their votes by issuing something that can endanger the security of their citizen. Every time we talk about the detention of terrorists the same question pops up. Now what’s the next step? When the government captures any kind of terrorists, either the detainee should be produced to the court and the proceeding should take a brief amount of time to declare the final decision. Later on, either the detainee should be hanged to death or should be released based on the whole situation.



BUT HOLD ON Do We Really Give A Shit On How the Terrorists Get Treated?

An Ongoing Battle Against Islamic Terrorists Groups – Gaza – Israel Conflict


israel gaza attacks

  • In the last few days I wanted to talk about Israel – Gaza conflict. Regardless of in which part of the world we live in still we have our opinions and views against or in favor of those countries who are being a victim of terrorism . All of us view the attacks with an utter sense of sadness and thought. Unfortunately, you can’t conclude by saying that Israel is right in attacking Hamas and vice versa. As there are thousands of innocent civilians on both the sides who die and become victims of the politically motivated extremist elements.
  • Both the countries are fighting for their own motives and reasons. Let’s face facts – All of us are well aware about the situation as to who was the one who instigated the war? Every country defends its people and that’s what Israel government did – (Unlike our Indian government). In the news all of us witness more and more people dieing in Gaza – Indeed it’s heartbreaking to witness innocent children and women dieing. Who should be blamed for it? Without any doubt Hamas terrorists groups are responsible for this condition, as their main motive is DESTRUCTION . To understand the current situation you need to go back into the history and interpret the facts and figures.
  • No matter how strong you are as a country, it takes guts to retaliate knowing the consequences of calling out for a war where your own people will also die. It’s not an easy decision for any government to opt for a war. Till now Israel has clearly succeeded in demolishing most of the Hamas extremist groups weapons BUT there is a lot more to be taken care of. The center leadership of Hamas is based on destruction of Israel. I Guess in order to gain ”Peace” you need to have mutual understanding. The number of “ Islamic terrorists Attacks ” continues! There will always be “Islamist Attacks ” in some or the other country.I am all for – whichever country comes forward to retaliate against Islamic Terrorism.
  • We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours ( To Anwar Sadat just before peace talks.)  Golda Meir Quote
  • I guess it says it all. I will write more about it in the coming posts. There is a lot to be aware of as to what’s the root cause of these attacks. Just by seeing on which side innocent civilians are dieing more – One can’t take the side of that particular country.

How Do Terrorists Deserve A Fair Trail? Give Me A One Solid Reason?




  • Every day when I wake up the first thing I do is watch the latest news. One thing that has become quite a routine is to witness innocent people dieing in some or the other terrorist’s attacks all over the world.
  • It’s revolting on how these terrorists groups label their brutal actions as JEHAD , where they use god to justify their terrorists attacks. Let’s review the number of attacks that has been carried by Pakistani terrorists groups. Usually, after every attack the Indian government comes up with strong evidence to prove the involvement of Pakistan in the terrorist attacks . But the point is what are the steps that have been taken to curb the terrorists groups in pakistan ? Unfortunately till now Indian government has just been giving speeches, warnings, deadlines to Pakistan. Nothing substantial has been done to put a stop on the terrorists attacks.
  • Needless to mention, the increasingly incomprehensible terrorist’s attacks against innocent civilians are inhuman. One thing that aggravates me is when terrorists get the right to prove their innocence in the court. And moreover, why these terrorists have been given life in imprisonment? This leads to incidents like hijacking.

pakistani terrorists groups

  • After the government extracts enough information from them they should be hanged to death. Otherwise incidents like hijacking of Airlines such as Indian Airlines Flight 814 hijacking will keep on happening, where the terrorists groups demand the release of the detained Muslim extremists. The terrorists groups that allegedly carried out the hijacking are residing in Pakistan without any fear. Irrespective of numerous appeals from Indian Government for years still the Pakistani government has not extradited them.
  • The one point that I wana make is that “There should not be any kind of court proceedings to give a chance to the terrorists to appeal” When recently during 2008 Mumbai Attacks Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman was captured he was given a chance to defend himself. I mean what the fuc* . The attacks carried by the terrorists were absolutely inhuman where by the name of god they killed hundreds of people. Hence, terrorists groups can’t avail any of the human rights. How can you justify these terrorist’s actions? Was that a fair act? Then why the hell fair trail should be conferred for them. I find it extremely heartbreaking for those innocent people who died in the attacks and moreover, for their family who lost their loved ones.
  • The deadly terrorist’s attacks continue and the toll of number of people dieing keeps on rolling. When will this pervasive remorseless Islamic terrorists attacks will come to an end?