07 DecDating Can Be A Great Fun – Only If You Know These Do’s And Don’ts Of Dating!

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Do you know how to play the dating game? Meeting someone for the first time gives you a sense of excitement and thrill. People do get conscious of few things before going on a date. Here we are listing few points which will help you to have a fun date.

• Be yourself, never port trait something that you are not. Because sooner or later you wont be able to live with that fake side of yours. Therefore, it’s better to love yourself of what you really are.

• Be confident, if you don’t feel confident of yourself, you will end up looking like a clown. You need to respect yourself first before you expect the other person to respect you. If you think you need to change few things about yourself, go ahead. It’s always a good idea to develop and enhance your personality and learn new things in life. Be a generous person and love will find you.

• If it’s your first date, then always meet them personally, instead of going on a family dinner or going out with friends.

• Don’t pursue too quickly, take time to know each other for sometime. If you will move on too fast then chances are that the other person will run away from you.

• If you are meeting for the first time, pick a public place but not crowded and preferably meet during the day time.

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• Be comfortable of your appearance; don’t wear something which you can’t carry it off. Otherwise, you will end up looking conscious of your appearance, which the other person will easily notice! A big NO to mini skirts or sees through outfits for girls and no loud makeup. And guys no leather pants! Be simple, after all simplicity rules.

• Never argue, it’s not necessary that you will get along with someone in the very first few meetings. If you don’t share your opinions on something then it’s advisable to keep that topic out of the conversation. Instead, share your common interests.

• Don’t get too excited, if you haven’t received any call from the other person, then just don’t jump to conclusions, that they didn’t like your company and don’t want to meet you again. Some people get desperate and they end up sending 10 voice mails or text messages.

• Don’t cry over your Ex, empty your emotional luggage of your ex, never share any negative things about you ex, like reason why you broke off, blab blab! Just keep the topic of your ex out of the conversation, as you are moving on in life, so just give importance to the new person in your life.

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• Be chivalrous, follow the basic simple gestures of opening of offering her to sit first, helping her take off her coat etc

• Be flexible, if due to some reason the other person wants to change the schedule then be understanding. If you planned to go to some particular place, but later the other person suggests something different. Never refuse.

• Guys should do the honor, on the first date, guys must offer to pay.

• Give compliments, if you liked the dress, or you really adore certain qualities in them, now is the time to tell them. But don’t go overboard on it.

• Be a good listener, always be a good listener, give them a chance to speak too.Otherwise; the whole evening can become quite a boring affair.

• Don’t booze too much – Needless to say, you don’t want to end up like a clown.

• Don’t start looking for faults in the other person. No one is perfect. Don’t have far too many expectations, be realistic.

• Don’t start planning your future together too quickly, like if you want to move out to some other country or when you plan to have kids!

get tips to date• If it’s too late after dinner, then always ask her if you can drop her home, it’s a nice gesture.

• Make the other person feel comfortable. Guys don’t embarrass the by checking her out from top to bottom.

• Keep the conversation interesting; never share your sad old stories of your life in the first date. Talk about your interests, share fun stories of your last vacation. But don’t just harp about your experiences, you should also ask the other person’s interests.

• Always wear a smile even if you are not enjoying the date, you should not give any negative vibes.

• Never be late, if you get stuck in the traffic or in a meeting, call them and be courteous to apologies for the inconvenience.

• Don’t ask too many personal questions; let the other person share their details themselves.

• Have basic table manners. Guys don’t eat like a pig! And girls don’t be too fussy about counting calories. One day of treat will not kill you!

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• Use basic courteous words like thank you, please, your welcome, it goes a long way.

• Be considerate, for example if the other person is a non- smoker then prefers not smoking, or ask them if it’s fine with them.

• If you are meeting for the first time, then prefer meting in the day time for a cup of coffee.

• Never lie about anything, this says it all!

• A little bit of flirting won’t hurt anyone. Did you know that the way to women’s heart is through an interesting conversation? Here I mean sensible women!

• You can try fun activities to share each others interests. If you have gone out on few dates and now you are comfortable in each others company, it’s a great idea to open up in a fun way.

• At last trust your instincts, we can’t list all the dos and don’ts of dating. In certain situations, you need to use your brains too!

My idea of dos and don’ts of dating varies from a person to person. But the above are the basic rules of dating; think about each of them and introduce in your next dating day. It will make a difference in your approach to date. So, don’t just sit back, get rid of loneliness no matter if you had a rough break up or you are still single.

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