20 JunDo Men Need More Physical Intimacy Than Women

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Before you start reading my views about What Men Want, I wanted to make it very clear that this doesn’t imply for every man or woman.

Do men regard Sex to be the most important factor in order to get emotionally attached to the woman? We have read and heard a lot of research outcomes where it’s clearly stated that majority of the men rate their relationship based on their physical intimacy with their partners. On the other hand women consider emotional bonding at a higher level than “Sex”.

Though men also need to be appreciated, cuddled, wanted and emotionally attached. Women regard emotionally intimacy in a different way, they need to share their feelings and need to spend quality time with their partner. Many couples face problems in relationships and remain dissatisfied due to their different perspective towards their desire of feeling loved and secured in a relationship. Relationship issues are inevitable, many couples don’t do much about it and with time the hurt keeps on adding up.

It’s important for every couple to listen to each other and understand the way they want to be loved and cared. Instead of focusing on what you want from your man or woman, first try to eliminate your partner’s loneliness, hurt or emotionally distressed state of mind. Every couple go through relationship problems and it’s vital to seek relationship counseling at the right time. So before it gets too late start your relationship from the scratch and nurture it with patience, love and most importantly care.

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  1. dks says:

    My dear

    I disagree; it is the other way round. Actually men give more importance to just being with their partners rather than measuring the intensity of having “sex”.
    Now Women must come out of the shell and the stop pretending that they are happy with non tangible things i.e. Emotional bonding, caring, cuddling, appreciating, understanding etc.

    In fact women determine their intimacy with their men only by the intensity and frequency of having “sex” with their partners. If a husband starts pampering, cuddling, appreciating, caring but leaves aside the “sex” part out of his life the most discomfort able creature will be the women only and not the men. On the contrary if wife welcomes the husband with charm and talks to him beyond children, beyond the troubles of family, he will be the happy person, although these issues need to be addressed but not always.
    I have experienced the plight of many husbands when they have asked their wives to go out for a movie and a decent dinner without having their kids along and the wives have denied, it is not that the husband doesn’t like the kids but he wants some quality time from his wife for which he has to beg.
    I think you women should express yourselves honestly about this issue without taking a shield of being innocent and ignorant about your biological needs.
    The Emotional card will not work in today’s scenario, where men and women are equal and contribute to the growth of the society. Both of them have common needs i.e. Having sex, emotional condolences are equally needed by both. Taking a shelter with emotions for women and projecting and picturing the men as sex seeker is not justifiable and should be stopped.

  2. priya says:

    I agree with dks. I am very understandable on this issue. The writer should come out of her frustration.

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