31 AugDo You Trust Him? – Trust Issues In Relationships

Do You Trust Him? – Trust Issues In Relationships

Trust issues in relationships is a very common problem in relationships; after all trust is a foundation of any relationship. Do you trust him? Do you trust her? Relationship is in trouble if your answer to this is No. Trust issues in a relationship doesn’t let the relationship grow. On the other hand trust in a relationship will let you come closer by creating a safe environment around you where you are assured that you will never be hurt.

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you”

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The Need Of Any Relationship Is…

No relationship on this earth can survive without “Trust”, in its absence any relationship is “hollow” and can never last for a long time. Majority of break-ups, relationship problems or differences are because of “Trust Issues”, that’s why in today’s time the rate of divorces is increasing at a drastic pace.

Do You Trust Him? –  Trust is an utmost important pillar of any relationship, before you start the reviving process of trusting yourself first and to become trustworthy you need to tell yourself that you should not be afraid of abiding to the journey of being honest and transparent.

Your Actions  Should Match Your Words...

All I can say from my personal experience is you need to trust yourself first before you expect others to trust you. In a relationship one of the main reasons why couples face relationship problems is when their actions don’t match to their words (commitments). If you don’t make an attempt to analyze your actions then your relationship will deteriorate day by day.

How priorities become different…

The phases of life demand a change in you as a person, from the very time you start dating your partner to getting married and then having kids. Every stage of life stipulates different responsibilities from your side to fulfill. Hence, your behavior, actions and nature ought to change. Usually couples face differences because they are not able to spend quality time together and sometimes you feel left out! Even during those times you should talk to your partner of what you are experiencing and how both of you can work towards taking out some time together. Be patient of the current circumstances and build trust towards each other and affirm your commitment towards the relationship.

Let’s just face it – “We all do Silly Things”

Don’t we all agree that all relationships have a pinch of chaos and off course love for each other? If sometimes you end up doing silly things that hurt you partner. Instead of saying “you didn’t mean it” Just accept your mistake and move on. If you think your actions or words have hurt your partner intentionally or unintentionally then you should work out your relationship by building trust. Try to understand the feelings of your partner, and put her/him at your place and then analyze the whole situation.

Oh Honey I love you so much But…

But I don’t get the time to help you with the kids, I would love to help you but I really don’t like offer you a helping hand to do household work and Yes I love to cook but I prefer your cooked food! Haaaaaa

Just 3 words of love you “I love you” are overused!!! If you don’t care about your partner by showing little – little gestures then your love goes right into the drain. Don’t make your partner “suspect” or “question” your love. Love is not just about sharing nice moments or cuddling on the bed. It’s about making each other’s life easier and happy. In the journey of life you need to make an effort to realize how you can comfort your partner.

When you get into a relationship, there are some uncomfortable past incidents which couples usually feel hesitant to share; may be because of the fear of losing someone. But if you demand the full disclosure from your partner demands then you should be prepared to listen to the truth and accept it. This way you build trust with your partner, hence no blaming game or accusation after that whatsoever!

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Always Remember There Is Nothing Called Small Lies

Sometimes, couples think to themselves that it’s just a trivial thing they are lying about. This will put your partner in a position where he/she will suspect you for everything possible that is coming out of your mouth. So watch out! You are most likely to be seen as someone who can’t be trusted by your partner.

Most Importantly Trust Your Heart

Without love for your partner, you can never thrive to build trust. Be very sure of what you want, if you want someone badly you will have a fear of losing them. The only key to have a healthy and everlasting love for each other is to build the foundation of your relationship by strengthening Trust in your relationship.

Be Sensitive

Be sensitive towards The Dreams of Your Partner. In today’s time both the partners are striving to be successful in their respective careers. Don’t just focus on your individual professional goals, guide or understand your partner in his/her dreams. In the time of need the support system towards your partner will make him/her realize how much he/she cares for you. Identify how you can help your partner; put an immense amount of effort and research on ways you can help or inspire your partner. Self centered-ness obstructs the growth of any relationship and lead to a rift in a relationship that will be the core cause of the end of the relationship sooner or later.

Don’t Hover Around Past Mistakes

Forgiveness is a must to move on with life. If your partner is apologetic about something he did in the past; try to forgive your partner. Make sure that you explicate the situation and make him/her understand that how deeply it hurt you.

Re- Assurance Is Needed In Any Relationship..

Yeah! You need to tell your partner how much you love him/her. Sometimes couples take these gestures for granted which can lead to a pinch of doubt in the mind of the other person. It’s lovely to surprise your partner and say how much you love him/her.

Once you build trust, put every attempt to maintain it. Because once trust is broken it gets very hard to repair the relationship.

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