03 NovFree English Mini Lesson Plan : Suffix and Prefix

Free English Mini Lesson Plan : Suffix and Prefix

Name: Puja Brahmi

Subject: English

Lesson/Chapter: Doubt clearing session of Suffix and Prefix ( SA 1 syllabus)

Grade: V A and V B

Attendance: 27/ 28   18/19

Nelson Grammar and notebook

Teaching aids: Internet and whiteboard

Methodology: Pictorial colourful presentation was encouraged to create and identify how the base word can change its spelling pattern when suffixes/or prefixes are added.

Challenges: Students who faced difficulties in forming connections were motivated to review the spelling rules or by segmenting the new words apart by prefix, base word, and suffix.

suffix prefix craft

suffix prefix craft

H.W assigned: Prepare the Chapter – The Flight Of Icarus for class test on Monday.


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