Heal YourSelf From Your Depressing Past


heal yourself

Have you ever wondered how similar our journey of life is in certain ways?

  • All of us have experienced Hurt in relationships , still life moves on leaving behind the feeling of bitterness , hurt and resentment. Later we end up labeling it a failed relationship . Not many people come in terms with the hurt of the past relationship and that may result in depression. In other cases it can cause fear in your mind of not trusting anyone. Either you feel incapable of maintaining a relationship or you are too scared to get hurt all over again.
  • One thing on which all of us would agree is that relationships help us grow in life, no matter you had a failed relationship or have a very fulfilling relationship. Thus, would it be right to label relationships as failed or successful? In my opinion it’s important to first come in terms with your past relationship hurt. In most of the cases we move on with life but find it hard to forgive or forget. Majority of us struggle hard to forgive, and if you have not forgiven someone then it’s impossible to forget the hurt of your past relationship.
  • Majority of us find it hard to forgive; indeed it’s not easy to inculcate a forgiving nature. I myself have struggled to forgive some people in my life who have deeply hurt me. Then I wonder may be forgetting those people will help me in eliminating those distressful memories. As a result it may help me curb my anger towards those people. But unfortunately I have not been successful in either forgetting or forgiving and as a result it’s severely affecting my peace of mind.

hurt of a breakup

  • After all it’s not easy to forget the hurt, some people say time is the biggest healer but I kind of disagree. Those people who are forgiving in nature are really blessed in life. I have read and watched many documentaries about forgiveness. But none of them have helped me in anyways.The only help that assists me is Self Help. I have gone through innumerable helpful quotes, verses, inspirational stories or biographies but again of no use. One mindset that helped me to pacify my hurt is to tell myself that relationships help us grow in life. As a result, with time I have become a stronger person, now the way I perceive life and relationships is totally different  than the way I used to 10 years ago. Still there is a lot to learn about life in general.
  • One can practice introspection of your past relationship that will help you in realizing the mistakes you committed. Every relationship (with your family, spouse, boy friend, girl friend, children and so on) helps you grow in life . If you look back in life and introspect – you will find a change in yourself in comparison to what you were in the past. All of us change with time and some of the main factors of the change in you are relationships. Therefore, if your past broken relationship helped you grow in certain aspects of your life then how can you label it a failed relationship?

The utmost important relationship in life is your relationship with yourself. Self Esteem, Self Awareness, Self Conciousness, Self Growth, Self Respect and Self Help are the most significant and essential facet of our lives.

Pooja Brahmi

I always find myself too immersed in my thoughts about life in general. Do you feel the same? If Yes then Join Me! Come along and share your story which you are eager to share with someone. I love to talk about topics like Relationships, Politics, Social Cause, Society, Influential Documentaries, Music, Movies and most of all how can we contribute our little bit of effort in helping people who are in need.


  1. Dear Pooja, I always try to find sometime to read your articles – the topics you choose are day today happenings in real life, thats why I appreciate your views on practical life through which we learn many things by experiencing ourself. Sometime we hurt others unknowingly and sometime we feel hurt by others. Thats part of life. We have to forgive others otherwise we also feel sad because we are so close to our near ones. Others also should forgive if happens that way. Life is mixture of happiness and sometime sadness, we havt to balance it ourself.

  2. Hi,its nice to see topic touched by you, which is so common but yet so less talked among all of us. we all want to avoid such things in life and keep escaping from forgetting(I won’t use term “forgive”). It happens many a times when you are hurt by people whom you love,you really care. But what if it is not someone’s fault when such a thing happen. In such a case, the depression stuff becomes a part of your life and you just become addicted to it. In such a case, whatever you do, whether it is introspection or any other activity, they all seem like of no use.
    its good to use all these techniques literally, but when you are really hurt in life, it always remains as a scar on your life and character either in positive or negative way.and thats the conclusion is!! you will find yourself grown up when you feel the pain, the pathos and pang of the life.

  3. Hi, I recently had a very bad experience in life. One person hurt me very badly, whom you loved,I really cared and left my job abroad to marry her. After few month, when I come down, her behaviour completely changed and hurt me likek anything. But it is not my fault and I have tried lots of times to convince her and to patch up again, but no use. She is not willing listen to me and keep on blaming me for what she dint find any problem when we were in good relationship. I, sort of adicted to her and now, I am finding it hard to come out of my hurt feeling. Please can someone help me or guide me, how to come out of it. I honestly, could not forget her and want to marry her.

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