How Many Of You Find Pregnant Women Attractive ?


I find pregnant women extremely sexy and attractive ! Irrespective of the extra fat they tend to gain still they look extraordinary. Gone are those days when pregnant women used to hide their big tummy! I have been noticing quite a change in the way society perceive pregnant women and the way pregnant women carry themselves.


I have no qualms in saying that pregnant women look extremely wonderful and sexy! It all depends how you feel about yourself. I really liked some of the nude pictures of Hollywood actresses where they are embracing their body in the most glorifying way. The pictures clearly depict on how comfortable they are with their body!


I want to acknowledge one point here which usually all of us think – That these celebrities are already bold and sexy . Moreover, they do get a makeover and on top of it the camera work does enhance their personality. But hold on ! the point is not about enhancing their outer beauty . In fact it’s more about embracing their gained weight which they flaunt it without any hesitation.


I am in no way suggesting that you embrace your gained pregnancy weight only if you be bold enough like these nude pregnant Hollywood stars! All I wanna say is that if you are one of those pregnant women who wear extra loose attire and cover up your tummy to hide your extra weight then it’s weird!

3 thoughts on “How Many Of You Find Pregnant Women Attractive ?

  1. There is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman! All “points of interest” are highlighted; I find a pregnant woman very irresistible.

  2. I am in my 7th month of my pregnancy and am loving it! Being pregnant is really a magnificent experience. There’s going to be not one thing more valuable in this entire world than holding my new born infant in my arms for the very first time. I cannot wait to meet him! My dreams of being a parent is definitely at last coming true.

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