17 JanHug Your Loved Ones When They Least Expect It!


the free hugs campaign

Sometimes it’s better to put love into hugs than to put it into words”

– Unknown Author!

  • I have been thinking of talking about the Free Hugs Campaign . So finally today it just occurred to my mind to share my views about it. This time when I was in India I came across A.R Rehman song Jiya to Jiya. In the video they have introduced the free hugs campaign ( Click Here To See The Video). The free hugs campaign was started way back in 2004 by someone called “Juan Mann”, he is an Australian guy who introduced his free hugs campaign by a band called “Sick Puppies ”.(Click Here To See The Video)

  • This guy shared his story on how he felt the need to introduce something that can comfort any person. He once went to a party, totally depressed and heartbroken due to some personal issues. And then a complete stranger in the party gave him a hug that made him feel extremely happy and relaxed. From then onwards he wanted to spread this act of kindness among strangers. I really appreciate his effort behind commencing something that can cheer up people.

couple huging

I know many people who even feel reluctant to hug their loved ones. All they do is a handshake!!! You don’t need a reason to hug your loved ones at least!

v A hug can drive away any sorrow.

v A hug has a power to lighten up someone.

v A hug can make your loved one feel wanted and loved.

v A hug can trigger warmth in anyone’s heart.

v A hug can relieve your tension and stress level.

v A hug can literally combat depression .

v A hug can wipe away the tears of a heartbroken person when words of sympathy don’t seem to be enough.

v A hug can ease anyone’s pain.

v In fact, it’s scientifically proved that hugs literally decrease blood pressure.

  • I believe that you can only value the importance of a hug when you get deprived of it!!! So from now on don’t hesitate to hug your loved ones whenever you meet them. Don’t miss an opportunity to cheer anyone up by showing their importance in your life. After all, a tender touch is one of the most needed expressions that all of us crave for all the time. If you are a shy person or wait for the other person to come to you and give you a hug then this time surprise your loved ones by hugging them when they least expect it. I am sure they would love it without any doubt you will rejuvenate yourself .

lovers huging

  • Personally speaking, I do feel reluctant in hugging strangers. But I really liked the concept and the thought behind the Free Hugs Campaign. But there are a few incidents when I hugged strangers. I guess I have shared that with all of you in this post . Second incident that pops up to my mind is this old lady I meet very often; usually I see her standing at the corner of our place. Whenever I give her some money or things to eat I usually give her a hug and then she gives a million dollar smile to me. Only these two incidents I can recall where I have hugged a complete stranger.

How about you? Share your story when you hugged a complete stranger.

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