29 JunIn Your Life – Have You Ever Seen “Fuck You Money”

fuck you money

One fine day I got a mail from one of my old friends saying he won a lottery ! I was so overwhelmed but I didn’t quite believe him first. But later some of my friends told me he actually won the lottery! If I was at his place I wouldn’t have just written a simple mail saying Oh I won a lottery.

  • The most apt wordings would be “Hey Listen I have won FUCK YOU money” I told this incident to some of my friends and they were like “oh if I ever win a lottery I will shit on my boss’s face” hahahah Each friend of mine talked about someone they so hate but unfortunately they have to deal with them for the sake of money.

  • You will find innumerable people who tolerate so much shit from their bosses, management, clients etc… because of MONEY! All of us have some or the other kind of responsibilities because of which we have to tolerate shit from other people. I am sure 90percent of the people hate their bosses but can’t really do anything about it.

  • Some time back we friends were watching football and were talking about the most beautiful cribs of some of the celebrities. My personal favorite was Baby Face’s MTV Cribs !!!! Everybody was like oh it so good to be rich! I was like yeah yeah!
  • BOW BOW Show me some fuck you money!

  • FUCK YOU MONEY is all about having the freedom to speak up your mind and to do what you really love to do

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