22 SepIs Burkha A Sign Of Religious Symbol Or An Indication Of Oppression

    I am always interested in speaking up on behalf of “We The Women” That’s why I have written so many women oriented articles to share my views about certain main issues which today’s women are facing. Today I am going to share my views on wearing a Burkha. Well… I don’t know why I am writing about this topic because personally speaking in my country I have hardly encountered women wearing Burkha’s…..

    BUT still I am cognizant of the fact hat there are still millionz of Muslim women who are still confined and are never given a chance to step outside their homes. Sometimes, we tend look upon them as if they are uneducated Muslim Women who are too afraid to speak up their mind but in reality that’s not the case. No matter where Muslim women reside, be it in the US or any European country – it’s a very common practice for them to wear a scarf and cover their skin.

    Especially, after the 9/11 attacks many Muslim women came under threat from some angry Americans because of their veil. Many Muslim women were even warned to take off their hijab (a scarf covering their head). So many incidents of harassment towards Muslim women were registered and that didn’t end there – some Muslim women were taunted every single day in their offices, colleges or schools. In the US this issue has been debated for a long time.

    We the people mostly think that Muslim women attire is a kind of oppression and they themselves won’t fight for their rights. Therefore, common people try to raise their voice on behalf of Muslim women who lack courage to stand against their community. It’s quite frustrating when they even decline to talk to the media about the human rights issues which they have been facing for so many years.

    The recent image that flashes in my mind was when one Afghanistani Women was beaten up badly in public because her ear was visible. It’s quite evident now that why Muslim women are afraid to evince their beliefs. There are thousands of Muslim women who have been approached to express their view point on what they feel about wearing a burkha.

    Needless to say, many Muslim refused for an interview. BUT some of them who came forward had a mixed thought about wearing a burkha. There are still thousands of women who consider wearing burkha a pious activity and by doing this they are fulfilling their god’s wish. What I can conclude from whatever I have realized is that some section of Muslim population treat burkha as a symbol of their religion and feel so attached to it. After all they have been witnessing their mothers, grandmother practicing the same practice of wearing a burkha. But at the same time millions of Muslim women want to relinquish them from it.

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