03 JulIs It Really Possible To Gain Trust Of Your Partner After Cheating On Him/Her?

why men cheat

Do men in power easily get away after cheating on their wives ?

Do “we the people” rate our politicians based on their personal or professional lives?

My Take On It :-

I personally don’t really give a shit on what these politicians are up to in their personal lives– It’s not about why politicians cheat ? They cheat almost for the same reason like anyone else does. Point here is why men cheat or why women cheat ?

Recently, I read the news about one more politician cheating on his wife.

Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford , speaks about her husband’s recent affair admission.

She says “South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford says her husband’s affair with an Argentine woman broke a trust that he must earn back — first from his family, then his constituents”

why politicians cheat on their wives?

Why do some women/men give a second chance to their partners?

Ø To save the marriage ?

Ø Or to get regular financial support?

Ø For the sake of their kids?

Ø Or because they are not strong enough to walk out of the relationship and lead a new life?

Ø Or because they feel threatened from their partners and don’t speak out against them and continues enduring the pain of betrayal in the relationship ?

Every relationship requires hell lot of effort to gain trust for each other. Then how can anyone put that on stake for just few minutes of pleasure?

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  1. Anupam says:

    Dear Author,

    Its nice to hear words from you, but it seems that you still more female centric which putting this generic topic in your site.

    These days girls do more ditching, cheating as compare to boys……

    just want to convery the point that woman might be sexutally loyal, but male always be emotional loyal…

  2. dks says:

    Good question firstly you will have to explore what is trust. Breaching or keeping a trust arise only when we trust on somebody and expect the same from our partner, the question of keeping trust dose not arise when both the partners are alike as prevailing in our so called high society’s developed culture and on a macro level in developed countries. I won’t say all the families are like this, there are some exceptions also where husband and wife and children have trust among themselves and the keep it and specifically the members demand it because they practice it.

    So one thing is clear the word trusts always arises where one is practicing or both or many of a group are practicing and obviously expect the same.

    Now what happens when nobody is keeping and expecting trust? Absolutely there are no fisticuffs, no conditions and all freedom. Here trust does not matter weather it is an individual or a couple or a family. As the king like the subordinates.

    Now let us talk about the situation when one is keeping trust and other breaches it. An individual may have trust on his or her husband or wife. I want to be clear here that one should not talk and expect trust unless he or she is practicing the same. Broken trust can never be patched up we can forget the things for a while but can not ignore. The question of second chance does not arise. Once trust is gone it is gone and it is very practical. It never happens that we believe a person again whom we have trusted. Husbands’ n wives they have fewer choice for sake of the society for sake of their children so on and so forth.

    What is the trust? It could vary form a mother, who can expect from her kids a husband from his wife and a wife from her husband. Now, why one breaches trust. The simple answer is the law of newton applies here. Which says there is nothing vacuum in the world and if anything want to get in it has to replace something? The answer is simple like this law, you are simply not fulfilling the vacuum and something is about to come. . That’s why a child breaches trust. That’s why he or she does not listen to the parents. We must agree on the point that no body could be a well wisher as good as parents. Even then a child goes hostile and crosses his or her limits, for example he wants to taste cigarette she wants to have boyfriends defiantly the new horizons will always be there and human psychology will always prompt him, and if either of the parents shelters the child, he again comes to the social boundaries or you can say his intolerable things are now being tolerated, or you can say the parents accept the way of living or their child, now the child is happy and parents have no choice but to accept their kid the way he or she want to live. It happens in many of the families and a very proximate and frequent example. The answer is the child has its own needs which he or she feels could not be fulfilled by parents. The child needs something out of the way at any cost be it being disobedient or rude to the parents. The child may adopt some unethical ways to fulfill those desires. Now when a child can go bad or breach the trust, we mature people who clearly know our desires and the ways to fulfill it may easily succumb to alternate non acceptable ways be it in a family, a husband or a wife or friends or a family or talk about any relationship.

    So dear, we must admit many times we are not honest and he or she who admits this fact is a courageous person. There are many sellers of goody things and they keep themselves in disguise. For example many of my lady colleagues, most of them are married tell me about what they don’t like in there husbands. It is ironical they have the courage to tell me these things but they don’t have courage to tell it to there husbands. This is all because that they never had trusted their husbands. So the question keeping of trust does not arise. Now they trust me by telling their stories to me or they mistrust their husbands for not telling their stories to them.

    Again quoting the Newton’s law I would say that nobody could occupy your partner’s heart if it is preoccupied as it is a waste to fill an already filled bucket. Be confident and be sure nobody is cheating anybody. It is simply finding a perfect place for oneself, the society says its cheating and forgiving, it is ridiculous that for sake of not being exposed we are not living our life as per our will. If somebody does and caught, I would reiterate if somebody does and caught, in the name of trust and cheating, he or she will be screwed up by this society.

  3. Vibs says:

    Definitely its possible because the person who cheated you will swear to GOD that he will NOT do it again and in the time, you’ll start noticing the changes in him and eventually will FORGIVE !!!!!!!

    So its all matter of patience, lots of time and how good the ‘cheater’ plays after the relationship mishap !!

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