01 MarIs It True love Or Just An Infatuation : Before You Commit Read This

I Need love is the feeling that each one of us have experienced. Love is the quite need of each heart pumping. The scent of love is desired by all of us. But how many of us really know the difference between in love and true love.

We all are not fortunate to feel the depth of “LOVE” primarily because we all are too busy in talking about “I, ME, MYSELF” . When you just think of just your happiness then it’s a simple sign that you have not experienced the feeling of “LOVE” It’s better to walk out or don’t establish a relationship with someone. You will end up feeling miserable and will make the other person feel desolate sooner or later. BECAUSE its just an INFATUATION

What is true love

What is true love

Is It True love Or Just Infatuation : Before You Commit Read This

While true love is never shaken because it knows how precious is the feeling of ‘love’ that can never be broken. The nature changing course will propel your love and will test the depth of your dedication towards your love.
True love is never shaken by rough winds of life circumstances; they may take twist and turns but never dies.
The day when you start to feel the ways by which you can show how deep is your love is the day you experience that you have found your soul mate, someone you will love to death.

Just a feeling of loosing someone will make you cry.

The only way to keep your love strong is to love your partner when he/she least deserves it.

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