04 NovLife Began When I Saw Your Face

embracing motherhood

As I sit next to my baby boy and feeling so blessed to have him in my life…Ever since I discovered that I am pregnant – Every single night I dreamt of cuddling my baby in my arms, feeling his skin over my skin, visualizing having his presence right next to me on the bed. You can never experience the true feeling of having a baby inside you until and unless you yourself experience this profound miracle of creating a life inside you.

I am so grateful to god and all my loved ones especially my mother and my husband of taking care of me and pampering me during and after my pregnancy. I appreciate every single moment where my husband showed how much he cares for me. And now we are enjoying every single moment of looking at our newly born baby boy and cherishing the little creation of god.

It’s so overwhelming to experience this burst of love and care to nurture my baby.

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