02 DecMumbai Terrorists Attacks (November 2008)

Mumbai Terrorists Attacks (November 2008)
terrorists attacks mumbai

• There is a startling fact which is being exposed – The Indian Mujahideen in September had actually warned the In September that Mumbai is in our hit list. The plan of action to target luxury hotels were well set many moths ago.

• They were carrying Mauritian ID card and several other credit cards, out of which one was issued by Citibank. Yet one more time the terrorist’s attacks are carried by the Pakistani Terrorist Groups. One thing which is exasperating and rubbish is the way the Pakistan government condem all the terrorists attacks carried by their people. But actually they don’t take the required action to curb the terrorists camps based in Pakistan.

• Secondly, for how long India will act like a peace- keeping country? Some news channels are naming these attacks as India’s 9/11. But there is a big difference here, when the 9/11 world tower terrorist attack happened, the US took stringent security actions and went to the extent of attacking the Al queda base in Afghanistan.

• Why Indian Army/ Indian Government hesitate to take a firm stand against defending his people by attacking those terrorists groups that have been killing innocent Indian civilians. The most important factor which is devastating is that there is no Crisis Management Team to handle these kinds of terrorist’s attacks. Even if they have certain Anti-Squad team but still it’s ill equipped and lacks the infrastructure to deal with serious attacks like the one recently happened in Mumbai.

Transcript of CNN interview of Fareed Zarkaria with Ratan Tata the chairman of Tata group of hotels.

terrorists attack at the taj
Nationality and the number of Deaths.

1. Indian-141
2. American-Israeli-2
3. German-3
4. Australian-2
5. Canadian-2
6. Israeli- 2
7. Jordanian-1
8. Cypriot-British-1
9. Japanese-1
10. Dutch-1
11. Thai-1
12. Malaysian-1
13. French-2
14. Singaporean-1
15. Mauritian-1
16. American-4
17. Italian -2
18. Mexican-1

Hemant Karkare, was one of the Chief of Mumbai Anti- Terrorism Squad.
Ashok Kamte – Additional commissioner of police
Shashank Shinde- Senior Inspector
Hawaldar Chandar- NSG Commando
Gajendra Singh- NSG Commando
Vijay Salaskar – Encounter Specialist
Sandeep Unnikrishnan- NSG Commando

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