18 NovMy Crazy Labor Story – Shut Up And Let Me Go

newly born baby

So finally I got some time to share my labor story . The most apprehensive moment for any pregnant woman is the delivery day. Majority of the pregnant women tend to watch delivery videos to prepare themselves for the delivery day, as it helps them to know what to expect during the labor. BUT no matter how many pregnancy books you read or how many pregnancy videos you watch still there will be loads of surprises stored for you.

When I was pregnant I used to watch pregnancy weak by weak videos on youtube. Every single day I was so particular of watching videos of pregnant women who share their weak by weak experience and symptoms of pregnancy. I remember I used to ask my sister about what all happens during the time you start experiencing labor pains . As I was consulting the same gynecologist she had consulted before therefore I wanted her to explain everything to me. But little did I know that my baby will be delivered by some other gynecologist!!

That’s what happens with every pregnant woman … no labor story can be the same. My labor day was chaotic, I was scared, I was paranoid. My water broke out all of a sudden and I started bleeding ( little did I know that it was a normal labor symptoms ( though I did read about some slight bleeding) but mine was not slight. The minute my water broke out I knew it that there was something wrong.. I went to the fresh room and checked and screamed on top of my voice. All of us panicked. I can never forget that day. My mind was totally trapped with fear of the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect all I was doing was praying to god to keep my baby safe. I was scared to hell..

I wanted everything to be normal after having him in my stomach for 9 months. We changed our decision to go to our usual gynecologist as it was far off. We chose to visit our nearest hospital and hit the emergency section. My father and hubby went to the reception to explain the situation; the receptionist said that we need to make a file for her first. At a time when you desperately need a diagnosis and you hear that then naturally you loose your mind. My father screamed at the receptionist and ordered her to call the doctor!! I WAS LIKE JUST SHUT THE F* UP AND LET ME GO. Later, nurses diagnosed me and monitored the heart beat of the baby and said “Everything is just fine”

I feel so blessed and lucky to deliver a healthy baby and thank everyone for their blessings.

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