11 DecMy Take On Post Pregnancy Depression


I was reading about post pregnancy weight loss articles and came across an article which talks about post pregnancy depression . It was quite interesting to read how and why post pregnancy depression happens . The startling fact suggests that a major percentage of new mothers go through some or the other kind of post pregnancy depression.

During my pregnancy I used to wonder why any new mom would feel depressed after delivering a baby.

Some of the main reasons of post pregnancy depression are exhaustion involved in taking care of the newborn.

Solution :- Seek help of someone who cares for you, like your close friends or your family members. You can even ask your parents or close friends to join you for the first few days.

The factor that leads to exhaustion is sleep deprivation, lack of energy to cope with an extensive daily care routine of the new born.

Solution :- Try to teach your hubby how to take care of the baby, so that you can rest for few hours at night while he takes care of the baby.

Some new moms also feel in secured of taking a break from their careers because of obvious reasons, that it will become difficult to restart their careers after a long gap.

Solution :- Needless to say, once you plan to start a family its obvious for new moms to take a break for some years or months. Either you can request your company to let you operate from home or you can seek for any day care which is near to your office.

Some new moms doesn’t get enough help or care from their partners or the family members. Due to this new moms may feel inadequate in taking care of the baby.

Solution :- You can search for a decent nanny from a trustworthy and reputed agencies. Don’t forget to do a thorough investigation of the nanny.

If there is not enough financial support then also new moms feel depressed in supporting the baby.

Solution :- These days there are so many options by which you can work from home. All you need is a good speed internet, a fax machine, a mobile or a scanner.

During and after pregnancy many couples miss the sex drive for each other. It certainly does affect the love making part.

Solution :- New moms get exhausted and therefore sex drive goes out of the window. It becomes hard to take out time for each other. It would be a good idea to go out on a dinner or a cup of coffee. And once the doctor gives a thumps up you can easily resume your love life!

My personal experience after pregnancy is that I am sleep deprived! At night Hubby and I try to take care of Joshu turn by turn, this way both of us get at least 3 hours of sleep at night.

One more problem which I was facing is I was skipping my meals, because it’s hard for me to take out time to eat properly. Now I have learnt multitasking, I can easily feed him simultaneously and grab a meal at the same time.

I miss taking out some time to write and read some stuff.

Last but not the least is how I feel about my post pregnancy body. I know it’s too early to get back in shape. But I do miss wearing my favorite outfits, miss the feel of being fit and the freedom to do any kind of workout I want. Anyway, slowly and gradually I am getting back to my workout regime.

. Anyway, I know this phase of life is temporary and once the baby starts sleeping at night things will become better.

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