08 OctLetter To My Parents (On Their Wedding Anniversary)

This is my first letter to my parents on their Wedding Anniversary. 8th- Oct
This anniversary I thought of writing a Letter to my parents; you can say it’s more of a thank you letter to my parents. Any love letters can brighten up the relationship and when it’s a love letter to parents it’s a way of telling them how important they are to you. I hope I would be able to express my love and feelings through this love letter to my parents. In fact, letters to my dad allows me to open up more. There have always been some occasions where I am not able to express my love and care through words.

my mother

  • In the past many years, I have been very reckless in making them feel special on their anniversaries. And the worst part is most of the time I don’t even remember their anniversary date.
  • Every single year my sister makes sure that she calls me and reminds me to wish them.
  • It doesn’t mean that I don’t bother to realize the importance of making them feel special. The kind of perception I always had is that you can make your loved ones feel special on any day of the year.
  • There doesn’t have to be any particular day for celebrating moments.
  • But after getting married I realized that sometimes it’s important to celebrate certain special occasions like Anniversaries, Birthday’s, New Year, Festivals and many more.
  • So here I have a confession to my parents – That sorry I haven’t been an idle daughter to you in many ways. But without any doubt I do care for you in every single way.
  • I am sure there are people out there who struggle to express their love and care towards their loved ones. I am one of them – Sigh
  • Muma and Papa as you celebrate your 34th wedding anniversary; I want to tell you that you have been a wonderful parents. Every family has their ups and downs. Irrespective of any differences we had still you mean the world to me.
  • Your hard work and honesty has influenced me to be honest, humble and helpful towards those people who need it the most.
  • There are always some difficult times in everybody’s life. Sometimes when you look back in your life and realize some of the moments which you remember for rest of your life. No matter how many times you fight but still you can’t forget all the memories which you cherish for rest of your life.

My memories with my father when I was a kid

    hubby and my father

  • Papa I still remember when you used to take shalu and me out to places like Appu ghar, parks. Whenever we used to go by train you would enhusiastically take shalu and me to show the technicalities of hw the train starts.
  • In frigid winters when we used to go out on your “Bajaj scooter” at night I would stand right next to you, shielding me from the frigid wind blow.
  • In dehradoon sometimes you used to take me out. But with time things changed.
  • Thanks for providing us a sweet home and guiding us to save money in every possible way.
  • And you are a great cook and thanks for helping mummy at home.

Mummy you are an epitome of my life.

  • Like any other child I had my share of days when I have been irresponsible towards certain things. There is not a single person on this earth who has not made mistakes in his/her life. In school days and early 20’s I have been very reckless towards few things. But all those times you supported me the most.
  • I know everybody says that his/her mom is the best. So I won’t hesitate to do the same!!
  • There are hundreds of memories of you where you stood by me. We all have many relationships, some is given by god “blood relationship” and some we make friends. And then after getting married – we again establish number of other relationships. But out of all the relationship your  relationship with me stands above all.
  • I am not sure if you remember this hilarious incident. When I was a kid you used to take care of my hair so much by applying eggs, amla and shikai!! You wanted me to grow my hair but papa didn’t! One fine day papa was taking me out to get me a hair cut. Obviously, you were not in a favor of it and was very furious. You rannnnnnn after us with a big rod saying stop stop!!

  • You have always given us everything. There is not even a single thing which I needed and you refused.
  • Remember when I called you to your office – crying and blabbering that I don’t have a nice Music system. You called me to C.P that very moment and guess what? You got me a music system- paid in cash!!!!!!
  • And how can I forget all the dresses you got me in Bangkok. Sometimes hubby says” mom has spoiled you very much” And now you expect me to pamper like the way mom did.
  • The list goes on ………. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with your love and care- you say ” ma hu na”. Indeed your love is unconditional.
  • More than anything else your support counts. I still remember the times when you would accompany me to appear for interviews and exams.
  • In any kind of circumstances your million dollar smile rules.
  • I am grateful to god to have both of you in our lives. I look forward to be like the way you are with my future children.
  • It’s quite fulfilling to have someone in your life who you can count on in any kind of circumstances. Mummy you are the one for all of us. If it was not for you I couldn’t have been what I am today.
  • Like any other person I have made mistakes in my life. You were the only one who “endured” me. Your patience and love makes me realize that how strong you are as a Mother, a Wife, a Grandmother and a Mother-in-law. With each passing day I am exploring different aspects of life.
  • I just HOPE there will be just one “moment” where I can make you proud of having me as your daughter.

Hubby and I will always be there for both of you.
Once again A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary.

7 Responses to “Letter To My Parents (On Their Wedding Anniversary)”

  1. Hi Jaan,

    Proably the most touching, loving and creative way of expressing yourself. You have a lot of love in your heart, just let it out. Don’t hold back.

    Love you so much Wifey –
    Take care and relax.

  2. manas mishra says:

    Well I don’t know what to say.Its really touching.I am a boy but I found everything same.Its a real nostalgic blog that you have written and probabaly the best ever.Congrats….
    Its really amazing to see that I am not the single person who is struggling to express love.
    Is it with everyone?? But its really great and I am really honoured to read it as you would be honoured to write this one. keep this up. Congrats.
    And a very happy wedding anniversary to Aunti and Uncle.

  3. Pooja.Brahmi says:

    Hey.. I have few questions what is love.
    I don’t understand the the term “Love” sometimes.

    Is there anything called “conditional love” ? Usually, we get to hear “Unconditional Love” but is it realistic?

  4. Pooja.Brahmi says:

    And Thanks a lot to express your views on this post. Out of all the posts I have posted this post stands above all.

  5. manas mishra says:

    well,as u asked a very relevant question so i must answer this.YEAH,of course,there is love and IT is there in both of its versions-conditional as well as unconditional. and so far the question of being realistic is concerned, my answer will be that if u see,even love is not realistic;no scope for rest of the things. But most of the people dont agree with this.Why, those will answer But again its a vast topic which needs many hits of my fingers to explain plus a person to ask or respond. So if either you or anybody would like to talk about this,please I am dying to talk about it as I also want to know a lot about this thing which is baffeling me from so long.I am ready to talk in anyway.
    thanks a lot.
    “LOVE” you all.

  6. Well Manas, Love is very Important in life. Love makes us humans and not just living beings.

    Pooja baby, to answer your question – yes lve is there and will always be there. But love is a like a little baby. It needs caring, regular attention, feeding, pampering, protection and most of nurturing. Marriage and love for me means the same thing. No one is perfect, no one. But the love includes loving people with their faults. Love you wifey

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