07 NovNudity Personified – People With Different Opinions Or Different Taste?

Angelina Jolie Perfect Body - Nudity Personified

  • I know the “Subject Line” of the discussion will make some of the readers uncomfortable to debate on “Nudity ”. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me to share my opinions on “Nudism ”.
  • Many people are oblivious of the fact that nudity has been a very ordinary thing in the past. It existed all through the existence of the mankind. Then, how radically the mindset towards nudity changed with time?
  • Don’t grade this article As – An Adult article 😉 Read it before you jump to a conclusion. The whole intention of writing on nudity is quite flurrying to me also. I never wrote about the litigious topic of “nudity”.
  • Nonetheless, I always pondered that in today’s age “Is Nudity be labeled as “decorous” or does it still falls under the category of “Vulgarity” .Well Is it about the “kind of taste” an individual possess or about the “receptiveness” to be honest.
  • What I believe is – Alright let me take an example here. Ask yourself :- Haven’t you ever checked out nude pictures of your favorite Hollywood Actresses or Models ?
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    • Well, you will find most of the people who will feel reluctant to share their taste for elegant nude pictures . I guess they think that they will be judged as “Cheap” or “Vulgar”.
    • I think nudity if captured elegantly can be appealing. If a woman feels confident of her body and wish to flaunt it then it’s clearly a personal choice. Every individual has their own opinions and accordingly they will live their life on their own terms.
    • You will find many women who show their disgust towards men liking nude pictures of beautiful women . Well… I guess they don’t want to admire the beauty of other women and are envious of those women who have deadly figure to show off!!!!!
    • I’m sure there are many women who doesn’t like their boy friends or husbands watching nude pictures of Hollywood actresses and super models . I know why!! Chill and come to the terms with the very fact that there is nothing wrong in admiring beauty.
    • The more you will stop your man to gaze at nude pictures the more he will get attracted towards it!!!!!That’s a fact.. 😉 And mind it if your man says that he doesnt check out sexy pictures of beautiful women then he is a liar!!.. Either he is pretending or he doesn’t want you to get upset over it!
    • And those people who say they don’t like checking out stunning nude pictures of dazzling beauties – They are too afraid to confess that “Yes we like it” Therefore, in no way it implies that they despise it!

    I won’t hesitate to admit that I am a great admirer of beauty in any form! Angelina jolie hot pictures

    3 Responses to “Nudity Personified – People With Different Opinions Or Different Taste?”

    1. PB says:

      Dear Pooja, yes, you are very much right by writing this article on ‘Nudity’. Majority of the people like beautiful women’s pictures but hesitate to admit.

    2. manas mishra says:

      hi,Nudity has been always a simple thing in the progress of mankind. its just that in this era it got related with sexuality and you just can’t deny the fact. Possibly thats why it now has all the conceptions with it.
      SO far as a person I am concerned,its not a problem. Rather,its a great thing that we can do. when you are free of everything,it feels like you are what you are with a mental peace,free from all the things.In ancient india thats how they treated nudity.
      if you look elegent enough in nude form,I dont see any fact in it. its just common as other things are. I dont understand why there is so clamour about it??So far as the nude-women-watching is concerned,mostly people do this with a below the belt affinity.If they dont,then they should do this with a open mind and room.Their is nothing in this world that is worth to hide. NOW whether is right or wrong,it is a relative thing.The only conclusion is that nothing in this world is wrong if you have a belief in it and you are doing it. Its only wrong when you dont believ in it and still you do it.
      I remember statment of leonor verla’s beautiful statement about nudity,”I don’t believe in nudity for nudity’s sake, but it’s really beautiful when it’s done well, when it’s within a story. I’m very comfortable with my body. I grew up mostly in France, where nudity is not taboo. It’s not this hypocritical thing where we go, “No!” and then it’s “Oh, yes!” When we strip away the clothes, the jewelry, that’s who we really are. I walk around naked in my house.”
      thats why she is my favorate actress! She is nude but she got mind and that is why people just dont look at her body even when she is nude.

    3. Hello says:

      Pooja,I agree with you very much.
      Also, in the west(US and UK),there is also a hysteria that nudity causes “Trauma” to children.But what actually causes the trauma is people’s reaction to it.For example,the children in nudist families never experience any trauma over nudity,because they have fellow nudists that view nudity as no big deal!

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