17 NovOne Child Policy Of China- Forcing Women To Abort

China one child policy forcing abortion

  • In the morning I was browsing some news and one headline caught my attention. “In Beijing a woman is being forced to abort sixth month’s pregnancy” As you all must be aware of the different policies related to birth planning. The government of China passed “one child policy” law in 1979 in order to gain control on varied form of social, population and economic issues.
  • The family planning policies permits minorities to have more than one child, provided they are urban inhabitant. On the other hand rural farmers are allowed to have three children.
  • In case a couple still go ahead and have more than 1 child then the policy impose a huge amount of fine ( that some wealthy family are willing to pay) But what about other families who desire to have two child but cant afford to pay the fine?
  • Needless to say, the birth control policies resulted in many kind of criticism. It’s understandable that the government exercise family laws to create general awareness to control the population through family planning commissions.

Stop abortion

There are many side affects of One child policy of china:-

  • The abortion of female fetus:- I most of the countries male child male child is preferred over a female child. As a result, the ratio of male-female birth is slanted.
  • In addition, it also resulted in the reduction of the overall fertility percentage.
  • The cases like this where women are forced to abort by endangering their life will raise attention. Unfortunately, this is not the first case, where a woman is forced to abort because of the stringent china one child policy.
  • It’s a quite common practice where women are forced to abort in rural and other semi rural areas of China.
  • Her husband has been warned several times about this “if he goes ahead with the child then his property will be seized”. But in this case, the woman possesses rural household registration but her husband holds an urban household registration.
  • The same result could have been achieved by practicing an alternative kind of policies where the general awareness towards birth control could have been followed. But it has violated some of the human rights where a woman is forced to abort the pregnancy because the family is too afraid to face penalties from the government.
  • As now this incident came into limelight, let’s see how this barbaric practice ends.

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  1. PB says:

    Dear Pooja, you are right, now a days the ratio of male child is more than female child as it is obvious due to preference to male child. Secondly, China’s policy to have one child is not suitable to individual’s choice. If someone can afford two kids he should have the right to go for second child.

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