25 MayOnly Independent Women Have Successful Relationships? – My Take On It

indepenent women

What men really want ? Have you ever realized how men behave differently with women who are independent (Here I mean financially independent women ) and those who are earning moderately and those who are just home makers.

  • Few days back I was wondering on how the society rate men based on their ability to support the family financially. Later, it made me think few things about men also. I think Men rate women based on their careers.

  • In relationships women face different career choices based on the situation. Usually, it happens during the time when you choose to have kids. Sometimes, you will find women leaving their careers after having kids. And those women who wish to go on a job hunt after few years of kid growing up find it extremely difficult to get a hold on their careers .

  • Most of them end up compromising on their careers and choose options where they can manage kids and simultaneously can earn enough. This leave them with few options, either look for part time jobs , or work from home . In majority of the cases women are not paid well, they work for the sake of money and end up loosing interest in life .

  • On the other hand, you will find some women who choose to take care of the kids instead of hiring a nanny. They end up loosing their jobs – become financially dependent on their husbands. And in case the relationship doesn’t work out, then they will be in deep shit. Because she decides to quit her career and take care of the house, kids and the family. That’s why women who choose to take care of the kids and be the homemaker feel less confident than working women. This may lead to insecurities in life about the future

  • Few days back I went on a dinner to my friend’s house, we talked about men in general!!! What Italian men think? What kind of relationship Indian or American men want? All of my friends have the same view on – men respect women if they are financially independent.

  • Then I had a conversation with one of my male friend – who thinks women are weaker than men. Therefore, if men find financially independent women they feel more attracted towards them. I totally disagree with his opinion. My mother worked all her life, took care of us, handled household work and what not. Does that make her weak?

  • And even if some women are not earning and just taking care of the kids and the house- That doesn’t make them weak? MIND IT – Taking care of the house and the kids is not a joyride.

One Response to “Only Independent Women Have Successful Relationships? – My Take On It”

  1. Karyn says:

    Every man I have ever dated has chosen the more dependent woman over me, when asked why? I get well she can’t make it on her own and needs me!

    Funny that when they get tired of being responsible for taking care of her every need they come back for me. Sadly for them I never move backwards and never take back a loser!

    I refuse to become dependent just to hold on to a man!

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