Thank you husband love letter


Thank you husband love letter to my most lovable and loyal husband.

Love is not about how much you say ‘ I love you,’ but how much you can prove that it’s true.

Any successful marriage or for that matter any relationship require mutual understanding and care.

We need to create mutual care, respect and the love follows instantly. It’s like nurturing a baby from the very beginning.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

A perfect marriage couple is not the one that don’t fight but that refuse to leave each other’s side even when going gets tough.

I would like to say Thank you to my husband for sticking by my side.

Thank you for being brutally honest with me when we started building the pillar of our relationship.

Thank you for choosing me the mother of your child.

Thank you for being loyal towards me no matter we were together or living far away from each other.

Thank you for considering my parents as your parents and caring for them as they are growing old.

Thank you for being the pillar of support whenever I broke down.

Thank you for guiding me whenever I got lost in the story of my life.

Thank for being there for me and taking care of me like a baby when I was carrying our baby.

Thank you for showering love and respect.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for always giving me importance over your career, other girls and your life.

Thank you for valuing the love and care we shared.

Thank you for never being unfaithful to me.

Thank you for showing trust in me as a mother and as a woman who gave up everything.

Thank you for not using people to fulfill the hidden motives.

Thank you for not betraying the faith I had on the institution of LOVE and MARRIAGE.

Thank you for always boosting my moral in my professional life so that I become an independent woman.

Thank you for keeping your promises “ Jab koi baat bigad jaye”

Thank you for bringing the best side of me and showing me Yes I can face the world.

Thank you for making me a strong woman, you took the fear out of me.

Thank you for looking into my eyes and saying no one can take my place.

Thank you for making me feel the luckiest woman and the most blessed mother.

Thank you for being my life line as there is not even a single day when I  felt neglected.

Thank you for respecting and embracing all the changes I had to make after I got married.

Thank you for not using my parents to the best ability and keeping your promise of taking care of them when they got old.

Thank you for being at my fathers side when he got a severe heart attack.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for taking care of me like a baby whenever I got sick.

Thank you for being at my side every sec of the unbearable pain I went through and when I got operated.

Thank you for being the most honest person any woman can have.

Thank you for going through the grind of raising a child.

Thank you for realizing that it’s very easy to be called a parent but the real side is when you fulfill the responsibility of being there as a parent.

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you husband love letter

Thank you for wiping away my tears and giving me a tight hug whenever I shared my insecurities.

Thank you for realizing my dreams and putting my needs first before yours.

Thank you for everything .


Will anyone drop me to the hospital? : An eye opening real life incident


A few days back my father was dropping me to my house, we were just entering the society and  I saw a man abruptly coming on the road holding his son in his hands howling shivering  shouting his son’s name. I smelled something wrong and asked my father to stop the car so that I could just figure out as to what was wrong.

It was a crowded road and each and every passerby was gazing at the situation and then casually passing by.  I know we all get to hear plots where people deceive you by plotting a fake situation. But at that very moment by my gut feeling made me get out of the car and lend a helping hand to that guy who was literally howling as if he lost his son in his arms. I can never forget their screeching cry, being a parent I could see what he was going through.

The minute I saw the face of the child I sensed something was wrong. I hurriedly asked the family of the boy to sit in the car and asked my father to rush to the hospital. The outcry of both the parents was so agonizing, the way they held the child in their arms was something I was finding it so painful to see. I was praying to the god all through the time that I hope nothing goes wrong with their son. Thankfully, we could locate a nearby dispensary where we rushed the unconscious boy and quickly arranged a treatment for him. With the grace of god he recovered within few minutes of medical assistance. He was having 104 fever since one night before and they said being a Sunday they could not provide him with medical assistance. Whatever the reason was.. I am grateful to god for sending me at that crucial point of time to help that family when they needed it the most.

God bless!

We all walk alone…

Is It True love Or Just An Infatuation : Before You Commit Read This


I Need love is the feeling that each one of us have experienced. Love is the quite need of each heart pumping. The scent of love is desired by all of us. But how many of us really know the difference between in love and true love.

We all are not fortunate to feel the depth of “LOVE” primarily because we all are too busy in talking about “I, ME, MYSELF” . When you just think of just your happiness then it’s a simple sign that you have not experienced the feeling of “LOVE” It’s better to walk out or don’t establish a relationship with someone. You will end up feeling miserable and will make the other person feel desolate sooner or later. BECAUSE its just an INFATUATION

What is true love

What is true love

Is It True love Or Just Infatuation : Before You Commit Read This

While true love is never shaken because it knows how precious is the feeling of ‘love’ that can never be broken. The nature changing course will propel your love and will test the depth of your dedication towards your love.
True love is never shaken by rough winds of life circumstances; they may take twist and turns but never dies.
The day when you start to feel the ways by which you can show how deep is your love is the day you experience that you have found your soul mate, someone you will love to death.

Just a feeling of loosing someone will make you cry.

The only way to keep your love strong is to love your partner when he/she least deserves it.

How I got my girlfriend back


The friends of mine who had a heartbreak need tips on How I got my girlfriend back.I thought it’s better to post online, wondering it might be helpful to many guys out there who miss their ex.

The process of contemplating how you much you invested in your relationship is something that really worked wonders for me. Majority of the relationships die a natural death because of basic of loss of respect, care, trust and attention. These emotions are just confined to just saying now. I LOVE YOU – I CARE FOR YOU.
Most of us don’t express their love with action and end up losing their partner.
It can help you regain the lost love.

Pen down the events-


– 1. Did you support her in the big events of her life?
– We all go through good and tough phases in our lives. Pen down the most important phases of life where you expressed your care for her.

– 2. Did you ever break her trust?
– No relationship can survive without trust. The trust is the pillar of any relationship. Pen down the situations where you lied to her and broke her trust on you.

– 3. Did you do enough to make her feel that you care?
– The one supreme factor that makes you feel loved is the care that you show towards your partner. Did you make an effort in asking her what do you need? Write 10 main incidents where you took care of her basic needs before you fulfilled yours. Write 10 compliments that she gave you for taking care of her in the most loving way.

– 4. Did you listen to her of the things that were troubling her?
– There are times when the relationship die with each passing day. It’s natural to express what you expect from each other. Pen down the change of behavior that she expected from you and how successful you were in fulfilling it.

– 5. Did you offer her a sense of security?
All of us need to get settled down before we choose to get into the association of marriage. It’s fun to hang around in the college canteen, but after a while every couple has to face the reality of paying bills and then starting a family. Just “LOVE” for each other won’t take care of all the financial needs of running a family.Hence, get settled so that you can take care of the basic needs of the family.

– 6. Write simple act of kindness you did to bring a smile on her face.

– 7. Were you by her side when she needed you the most? Write the incidents and express “WHAT YOU DID”
And not “WHAT YOU SAID” Because action speaks louder than words

Don't say goodbye I love you letter

Don’t say goodbye I love you letter

Be true to yourself while answering these questions. If you think you played your part with whole dedication then don’t worry she will be in your arms.

I focused on all the factors and then apprehended my behavior towards her. I perceived and realized where I went wrong. I took a month to incorporate some of the expectations that she had from me, later on I felt a sense of confidence to approach her to forgive me.

Since then I never took little gestures of love for granted, that she really anticipated from me.
It was a happy ending for both of us where we truly love each other and can never think of being away.

How I got my ex boyfriend/girlfriend out of my mind


How I got my ex boyfriend/girlfriend out of my mind

I also used to struggle to wash away the memories of my girlfriend from my mind.

1. Initially you can’t curb natural depressing emotions

It’s very natural to feel dishearten when you see someone you truly loved leaving your life. I understand the hurt as I myself have experienced the same journey where the girl I passionately loved left me. It took months for me to muster up strength to even do my day to day work. I would admit without any hesitation that I did feel revengeful for a long time and contemplated all the acts with the motive to put her down. But little did I know that it won’t make me feel better in any possible way.


2. Your thoughts define your way of living

Whatever happens, happens for good.

The thoughts that devastated me emotionally physically:

At the time my girl friend left me I was cursing my destiny, god, friends around me and my girlfriend. I was feeling more distressed with my life. My hardship didn’t end there, it had a direct impact on my work, my business went through a drastic slowdown. On top of it, the whole circumstances took a toll on my health as I indulged into emotional eating and gained an immense amount of weight.

3. The thoughts that uplifted me:

One fine day I was pondering the change in me since the time my girlfriend left me. I started to jot down the way I transformed my life and how my actions and thoughts affected me in the worst possible way.

I suffered a big financial loss in my business.
I gained a lot of weight.
I lost touch with some of my really good friends.
I stopped taking care of myself and that even lead to me being hospitalized.

…………………………….. Then I wondered how could I drag my life like this?

4. The first incident that made me happy!


One fine day I went for a morning walk and started to watch people around me. Every single person around me was full of energy, whether it were kids playing around, couples jogging or old couples walking sharing a good laugh.

I continued to walk for an hour and after that I sat down on a bench. All of a sudden I got hit on my back by a football, I looked around and I saw a bunch of boys screaming please kick the ball towards us. I smiled and got up and kicked the ball. Later, I realized that I smiled after such a long time.

When I got back home I was all sweaty and went to take a bath, had a cup of coffee. Later, I felt relaxed and calm, the feeling which was a thing of past. Next day I woke up early and went to the same park, watched the same group of boys playing. I wanted to join them as Football is my favorite game, initially I felt hesitant but then I waved my hand towards them and to my surprise all of them reciprocated my greeting and said COMEONE Man! I felt great and ran towards them and thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the enthusiastic bunch of guys. Since then every morning playing football became part of my daily routine.

5. The second occurrence that changed the viewpoint towards my life!

Grieving will be there for a long time, but if it converts into torturing your own existence then it can destroy your own survival.

Your life is too precious and nobody else except you can control your life. TAKE CHARGE NOW!
The reason your heart is wretched is because you miss the presence of someone with whom you used to share little moments of life in general. If one fine day the person chose to walk away from your life, will your life come to an end?! Your life is too precious to be controlled by someone who walked away from your life.

6. The third lesson is the realization of the lessons you learnt from the heartbreak!

Sooner or later, you will definitely have the gleam of love in your life. Though your current state of mind will not believe in “LOVE” It’s ordinary to have a feeling of blaming your ex for the break-up.

The realization of where you went wrong, things you have done differently can be a great lesson learnt for any future relationship that you would build. It will enable you to create a stronger relationship and bring more stability in a relationship.