05 DecPhysical Child Abuse Awareness : Stop Child Abuse Now

emotional impact of physical child abuse

• The story of Physical child abuse is almost every family’s story. Though the intensity of it varies, the psychological affect of physical abuse leaves a long lasting disturbing emotional impact on the child’s mind.
• I am sure you must have witnessed parents beating their children. Though the parents define their acts “that is required to discipline their child”. Little do they know that how their physical abuse disturbs the child’s peace of mind for years to come? In most cases, people take years to overcome their past physical child abuse.

• It’s quite common for parents to force their children to act and behave in a certain way. Research suggests, that those parents who couldn’t achieve what they wanted to in their lives they start expecting their own children to fulfill their dreams.

• As a result, physically abused child shows troublesome behavior for many years to come. The ability of the child to cope with the memories of the physical abuse depends upon the brutality of the physical abuse.

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• The common perception that parents hold is that they don’t beat their children aggressively. HOLD ON! It doesn’t matter whether you beat them frequently or rarely the impact of physical abuse will leave an everlasting impact on your child’s mind.

• In the same way it doesn’t matter if you beat your children severely or just using your fist or slapping your children. The harm to the child’s emotional state is already done once you start behaving aggressively with your child.

• Generally, you will find parents who expect their children to overdo other children in every possible field. The desire to feel proud in front of others parents can make the parents go to any extent, even if it requires beating their own child.

• This should STOP NOW…

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  1. Vibs says:

    Hi ppl,

    What I think that there should be a very well defined balance between the strictness and having a casual approach. It has been seen that too much freedom for children sometimes causes their damage more. They become highly egoistic and very stubborn. I think physical abuse like beating a child comes when parents are TOTALLY HELPLESS in their pscyclogical ways to manipulate the child for his bad or unwanted behavior.

    I countries like USA etc there are special Parental classes dedicated to handle the child so that there is no requirement of any physical acts however in a country like India we people think such courses a joke or an immature act. We Indian have a natural ability to always resist the new ideas. I don’t even remember that there is any institution or group of people adversiting such a short term course here in India. I have seen content of such classes and must say that its really amazing and can change your approach towards your child in a big time way.

    So the nutshell is that Physical Abuse like Beating the child can be surely stopped but if your child is already very very stubborn then you might need a very well defined mixture of strictness and some pscylogical mind games to bring your child back to reality or at least start tending him towards the maturity and abandon such acts.



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