20 NovPower Of Meditation- Discover How Can You Change Your Life in 20 Minutes

Meditation Tips

  • I have been practicing Meditation for over few months. Initially, I didn’t notice any benefits of Mediation, because I was not familiar with the right techniques of Meditation. Later on I thought of doing a bit of research to discover the basic essentials of Meditation. It took me over a month to get the insight of various techniques of Meditation.
  • Finally, I have realized that how Meditation can actually change your life by uplifting your spirit. Needless to say, that Meditation has attracted millions of people. Earlier it was considered as just a religious kind of activity. But for the last many years people have shown interest from all over the world. Whether it’s a common man or great celebrities like Sting or Madonna.
  • You will find so many people who are curious to discover the art of meditation. Some people want to do it to gain a self control on themselves; some want to overcome the day to day stress level which we all experience in life and some wants to gain an immense urge to realize the meaning of their existence.
  • For me Meditation is a way to realize that Who I am? – What I don’t want to be ?– What I want to be? And mot of all How I Feel about “ The Way I am or The way I live my life” So if you also feel the way I feel then don’t hesitate to discover the benefits of meditation. Let’s find the best techniques to purify our minds with the help of Meditation.
  • In the next post I will share my experience on how meditation helps in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

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  1. PB says:

    Dear Pooja, i also got inspiration from your article ‘Meditation’. I also want to follow this technique to have more patience and create will power.

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