Romantic Ideas For Your Wife – Get Crazy Get Wild

There is no dearth of ideas on how to romance your wife. I will share this crazy, romantic Valentine surprise for my darling/loving wife.

It’s that time of the year again, everything seems just a little romantic and for young people “love is in the air”

The world celebrates the 14th day of Feb as a day when to express love and affection to someone special. This has been tradition since the 15th century. And there is little doubt that it will always be there. It is not considered as a holiday and everyone is working. But people really look forward to you this day.


Romantic Ideas For Your Wife

Romantic Ideas For Your Wife

When you are young then it’s sharing that perfect moment with that perfect someone, spending time by walking together or watching a movie. Who you spend the day with is the person who means the most to you. Who you spend Valentine day with might turn out to be the person who you share the rest of your life with.

I remember my first ever Valentine day was with a girl in Kolkata. She was actually seeing someone else. But somehow I persuaded her to come and spend time with me. It was then just the thrill of spending that day with someone which was more important than any other feeling. For most guys it is a matter of spending the day with a girl. When you are young it’s often the silly notions that matter.

But I remember the one that meant the most to me. I was in Sydney finishing my conference when I realised that by the time I got back home it would be after 12at night and I won’t be able to wish my wife. So I hatched a plan of getting my wife to Sydney from Adelaide. My wife works at as a teacher for an international school s she could only get off by late in the afternoon. So I had a taxi pick her up and take her to the airport. She was not aware of all this and the only thing she knew was that one of the senior teachers had asked her to get on a plane to go to Sydney. I had arranged it with the school principe because she knew us as she was a neighbour. In the mean time I had already arrived at Adelaide about 1 hour before her flight.

A crew of about 15 people helped me in decorating the plane. We had removed the seats at the back end of the plane. They were now filled with balloons and flowers. Balloons on a plane! We then had this amazing chocolate cake designed I’m the shape of the heart waiting for her. But the real surprise was that all the passengers I’m the plane were actors, dancers and chefs.

Romantic Ideas For Your Wife

Romantic Ideas For Your Wife

I got on around 6 in the evening and hid at at the back. My wife went through the usual security checks and finally boarded the aircraft. I texted just as I saw her walk in to the plane, saying that I will be stuck in Sydney and won’t be back on the same day. Nothing looked out if the ordinary. Some regular people just getting on the plane. Putting their bags which were actually filled with confetti in the overhead storage space. The crew started preparing for take off and the plane did its routine taxing in the runway. And then we were off!

After reaching cruise altitude the pilot announced that the lady sitting on seat27D should move to the front of the plane. She looked worried and a little shocked. Why was she singled out at 40,000 feet above the ground. As she went to the business class section, she was told by the air hostess that she has to sit with her eyes closed as there are some security issues. My wife became a little animated and started demanding on what was going on. What has she done to be treated differently, just then without any warning the people get up from the seats and take their jackets off to reveal the shining new party dress. The music starts and it is the Rolling Stones playing “under my thumb”. Yes I know it is not the right music for a valentine day but it is the song that she would recognise and then she had a nervous smile.


Romantic Ideas For Your Wife

Romantic Ideas For Your Wife

And with a bang! I jump at the front of the dancers with a rose stem in mouth, “hey honey! Happy Valentine’s day”. The amazing shock on her face was priceless. It was really worth all the trouble. So not many people have celebrated a special valentine day at 40,000 feet above sea level and with a group of dancers, cakes and of course the final big splash. The pilot got it down to 5000 feet and my wife was told to wear this jacket. She was having too much fun and was just overwhelmed with this gesture that she did not suspect what was coming next. Well, as she was jumping and having fun I grabbed her with my own parachute jacket and moved towards the door. She started to scream nervously and could not believe I was going to do this. She started to howl. But I took the leap with her tied to me . 500 feet plunging to our earth with my love on valentine’s day. Well that is something special. Us and we did make it back to ground safely in 26 minutes.

This is how you should celebrate love. It has to be loud, dangerous and outrageous. The crazy part of love is what makes us believe in this miracle.

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