Such A Blessed Miracle Of God

newly born baby boy

I still remember that very moment when we discovered that I am pregnant . The first obvious sign of being pregnant is that you miss your dates. But still at back of your mind you have doubts. After few days of waiting I asked hubby to get a pregnancy test kit. After coming home I went to test it.. it was a weird way of testing!!! And guess what!!! I screamed on top of my voice…I AM PREGNANT Hubby came gushing in saying he can’t believe it! I also had some doubt about it so we decided to get a new kit again and test it again.

While he went to the chemist shop to get a pregnancy kit I was getting anxious and excited.. and praying  the news to be true. After few minutes the bell rang .hubby was carrying a beautiful rose in one hand and the pregnancy kit in another. I still remember what he said “ I love you” no matter the pregnancy test comes out to be positive or not! That was sweet of him to say .. We had planned to start a family in 2009.. and guess what I was pregnant in Jan only..wooh

So later again I tested and amazingly again it showed that I was pregnant. I still have both the pregnancy kits with me as a memory!!!

It’s 4 am and we are still awake! Our baby could be the best candidate for BPO’s night shifts. Alright I am sharing my boy’s 3 days old picture.

I am writing the post while I am slumbering!! so excuse my typos please.. the only thing I miss post my delivery is a proper sleep!!!!!!yawnzz yawnzz

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