Are Beautiful Girls Just About Make Up And Breakups?


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· I remember a discussion with one of my friend on how beautiful girls and average looking girls think differently and how men perceive them. He said that average looking girls don’t flirt around much because they know that they are just average looking and if they flirt around then that can hamper their reputation. On the other hand, beautiful girls are more in demand and even if they flirt around still they will get loads of proposals at their doorstep.

· Secondly, average looking girls are easy to approach and have no hang ups. On the contrary, beautiful girls are surrounded by many offers after all beauty rules. Thirdly, average looking girls are less demanding and are willing to compromise. They are satisfied with what they have, unlike beautiful girls who crave for more materialistic things and never compromise with anything.

· Average girls are more caring not like beautiful girls who are self obsessed with their looks and makeup. And in the end he said most of all average girls are more committed to the relationship than beautiful girls. Therefore, men feel more secured with average looking girls because beautiful girls are surrounded by more offers all the time.

· My reaction to my friend :- First and the foremost thing is that it’s ridiculous to categorize beautiful girls Vs Average Looking Girls . Every girl is beautiful in her own way. There is no point in differentiating between "so called" Average Looking Girls and Beautiful Girls. But still I would like to share my response to my friend who raised this conversation.  Firstly, What girls think and how they think has nothing to do with their outer beauty. Every girl has different opinions, thoughts, values, dreams, wants and desires. It has nothing to do with their personality.

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· Both average looking girls and beautiful girls look for a loving partner who is loyal, caring and responsible towards his family. If any girl chooses to flirt around and have a time pass affair then it’s entirely because of the kind of choice, outlook she has towards life and relationships. You can’t judge anyone just based on what kind of choices they make in life.

· And as far as commitments and compromises are concerned, again it depends on your perspective towards life. If a girl is in love with some guy then all the 3 C’s will come naturally. (Compromises, Commitments, Care ). You can win any girls heart and be with her for rest of your life only if your love is unconditional. Therefore, it’s absurd to think that men feel more secured with average looking girls than beautiful girls.

· I want to share one more incident. There is one uncle who once was talking to my brother about this wedding he attended. He was like the wedding was organized beautifully and the girl’s family spend a lot of money in organizing the event. Then after a while he went to the extent of saying – No matter how much they spend and have entertained their guests in the most lavish way BUT BUT The girl was not beautiful at all. The minute he said that I raised my eyebrows and said that it’s completely presumptuous to have an opinion like that. What difference it’s going to make whether the girl is average looking or beautiful.

· He questioned me “for you what matters?” I said all that matters is the nature of the girl. He smiled sarcastically and said “I know they had to spend a lot on the wedding because their daughter was not beautiful” I was disgusted with his statement and said I guess for you marriage is just a business deal. You will choose a proposal based on how much money you can make. I gave him a sickened expression and just walked away. I guess in today’s time men don’t just run for beauty. May be its different when it’s just for time pass affair or dating then it’s a different case. But when it comes to a long term commitment then men need more than just beauty. Irrespective of what I have written above still you will find thousands of marriage proposals stating " Extremely Beautiful, Fair, Slim, Working and Rich Girl Wanted! Am I Right? All I can say that those men who think like this don’t deserve to be your partner. And those men who blame their family that they will find a proposal for them – then they are not capable of taking a stand of their own. So how can any girl entrust her whole life to this kind of man?

How To Ask Her On A Date


How to ask her on a date? is a question which men often wonder. How to ask a girl out is not that simple; that’s why majority of the men hesitate in even approaching a girl. How to date a girl needs to be mastered over a period of time; real men will never give a chance to a girl to let you down. Asking a girl out in today’s new trend is has become comparatively easier; girls of today’s time wants to explore their options and treat dating as a way to know each other better before they get into a committed relationship.

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Before you choose to date a girl be clear on “how to find the right girl” When you find yourself saying “I want to date a girl”that’s the time you start approaching girls without even being clear about the kind of girl that you will like to date. When you are into an adolescent stage you don’t have any idea on how to ask a girl on a date. The lure of taking a girl out is there in every man but majority of the men are self absorbed that they are not interested in knowing the likes and dislikes of the woman they want to date. The first step of knowing how do you ask a girl out is to explore the interest of the girl.

Are you desperately wondering how to ask her on a date?

There are number of questions hovering in your mind like:

• What if she says no to me!

• May be I should wait for some time before making a move on her.

• What if some another guy approaches her. Then won’t it be too late for me.

• What if she just treats me like a friend. Will she be offended?

• All of these doubts and fears just trap your mind and stop you to ask her on a date. Never allow your fear to take over your life. You need to come out of the dilemma and take a step forward. We will help you to boost confidence in yourself instead of entrapping yourself with all the insecurities.

• If you are someone who has a serious personality then your chances are really low!!! Always remember easy going people who know how to have fun have more choices than those people who are just isolated. Studies suggest that guys with good sense of humor have far more chances to get dates.

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• Don’t ask her out in front of other people, she may feel uncomfortable. Also, be clear that you genuinely like the girl before you ask her on a date. Don’t date her just because she is hot or popular in your college.

• You should be clear about your feelings for her before you ask her out on a date.
• Make sure that she is single. If she recently broke off with her boy friend then try to figure out whether she is over it or still depressed about her past relationship.

• Never ask your friends to do it for you, no matter how tactful your friends are. Girls really don’t like hearing – Oh hey I have a message for you from (So and so guy) that he would like to date you!!! It obviously shows that the guy don’t have enough confidence to approach the girl directly.

• Whenever you want to approach her choose the right time and the right place makes a whole difference. If the girl is new to you and you don’t know much about her then don’t directly ask her for a date. It certainly requires an extra effort first to know her a bit. Give her a nice compliment but don’t exaggerate! Some girls don’t like to be flattered so better to choose a simple approach. Some girls don’t like “sexy” “hot” labels but others take it as a compliment.

• Just make sure that you don’t offend her by complimenting something which she doesn’t take it in the right spirit. It’s advisable to stick to fine compliments which will surely work. Like you look “stunning” “gorgeous” “beautiful” etc. Guys never use the same boring cheesy lines.

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• Talk with her and strike an interesting conversation to make her attracted towards you. Talk about her interests and make sure you act like a gentlemen. Don’t feel nervous in her company if you are stuttering or sweating then it’s a clear sign that you are not comfortable with her.

• If still you think you are not ready to ask her out on a date then invite her for any fun activity with your friends. Dull activities like household stuff shopping should never be considered! Think of more exhilarating activities like enjoying any of her favorite sports. After you have shared enough time and now you think it’s an appropriate time to ask her on a date.

• Now you need to find the right time and the right place to ask her on a date. You can simply say this with a smile “Hey I am going out this weekend on fishing I was wondering if you would like to join me. I am sure you will have lot of fun”

• To avoid any kind of hesitation think of a subject beforehand. If you either of you think that you won’t be comfortable to go on a date together then go for double dating. It actually can relieve some pressure from both of you.

• You can ask her to join you to some party or may be an evening with friends just lounging around would a good idea. Once you are comfortable with her you can ask her.

  • “I really liked your company so I was wondering if you want join me for a cup of coffee” It will possibly work. If you are nervous to ask her on a date then don’t be anxious some girls really find it cute.
  • The foremost point to consider before asking girls on a date is first to ask yourself that do you think that she is attracted towards you. Be her friend first before you ask her on a date. Once she starts sharing a comfort level with you, it will increase your chances of her saying yes. So guys don’t wait just win her heart and sweep her off her feet!