My Take On Post Pregnancy Depression



I was reading about post pregnancy weight loss articles and came across an article which talks about post pregnancy depression . It was quite interesting to read how and why post pregnancy depression happens . The startling fact suggests that a major percentage of new mothers go through some or the other kind of post pregnancy depression.

During my pregnancy I used to wonder why any new mom would feel depressed after delivering a baby.

Some of the main reasons of post pregnancy depression are exhaustion involved in taking care of the newborn.

Solution :- Seek help of someone who cares for you, like your close friends or your family members. You can even ask your parents or close friends to join you for the first few days.

The factor that leads to exhaustion is sleep deprivation, lack of energy to cope with an extensive daily care routine of the new born.

Solution :- Try to teach your hubby how to take care of the baby, so that you can rest for few hours at night while he takes care of the baby.

Some new moms also feel in secured of taking a break from their careers because of obvious reasons, that it will become difficult to restart their careers after a long gap.

Solution :- Needless to say, once you plan to start a family its obvious for new moms to take a break for some years or months. Either you can request your company to let you operate from home or you can seek for any day care which is near to your office.

Some new moms doesn’t get enough help or care from their partners or the family members. Due to this new moms may feel inadequate in taking care of the baby.

Solution :- You can search for a decent nanny from a trustworthy and reputed agencies. Don’t forget to do a thorough investigation of the nanny.

If there is not enough financial support then also new moms feel depressed in supporting the baby.

Solution :- These days there are so many options by which you can work from home. All you need is a good speed internet, a fax machine, a mobile or a scanner.

During and after pregnancy many couples miss the sex drive for each other. It certainly does affect the love making part.

Solution :- New moms get exhausted and therefore sex drive goes out of the window. It becomes hard to take out time for each other. It would be a good idea to go out on a dinner or a cup of coffee. And once the doctor gives a thumps up you can easily resume your love life!

My personal experience after pregnancy is that I am sleep deprived! At night Hubby and I try to take care of Joshu turn by turn, this way both of us get at least 3 hours of sleep at night.

One more problem which I was facing is I was skipping my meals, because it’s hard for me to take out time to eat properly. Now I have learnt multitasking, I can easily feed him simultaneously and grab a meal at the same time.

I miss taking out some time to write and read some stuff.

Last but not the least is how I feel about my post pregnancy body. I know it’s too early to get back in shape. But I do miss wearing my favorite outfits, miss the feel of being fit and the freedom to do any kind of workout I want. Anyway, slowly and gradually I am getting back to my workout regime.

. Anyway, I know this phase of life is temporary and once the baby starts sleeping at night things will become better.

Hug Your Loved Ones When They Least Expect It!



the free hugs campaign

Sometimes it’s better to put love into hugs than to put it into words”

– Unknown Author!

  • I have been thinking of talking about the Free Hugs Campaign . So finally today it just occurred to my mind to share my views about it. This time when I was in India I came across A.R Rehman song Jiya to Jiya. In the video they have introduced the free hugs campaign ( Click Here To See The Video). The free hugs campaign was started way back in 2004 by someone called “Juan Mann”, he is an Australian guy who introduced his free hugs campaign by a band called “Sick Puppies ”.(Click Here To See The Video)

  • This guy shared his story on how he felt the need to introduce something that can comfort any person. He once went to a party, totally depressed and heartbroken due to some personal issues. And then a complete stranger in the party gave him a hug that made him feel extremely happy and relaxed. From then onwards he wanted to spread this act of kindness among strangers. I really appreciate his effort behind commencing something that can cheer up people.

couple huging

I know many people who even feel reluctant to hug their loved ones. All they do is a handshake!!! You don’t need a reason to hug your loved ones at least!

v A hug can drive away any sorrow.

v A hug has a power to lighten up someone.

v A hug can make your loved one feel wanted and loved.

v A hug can trigger warmth in anyone’s heart.

v A hug can relieve your tension and stress level.

v A hug can literally combat depression .

v A hug can wipe away the tears of a heartbroken person when words of sympathy don’t seem to be enough.

v A hug can ease anyone’s pain.

v In fact, it’s scientifically proved that hugs literally decrease blood pressure.

  • I believe that you can only value the importance of a hug when you get deprived of it!!! So from now on don’t hesitate to hug your loved ones whenever you meet them. Don’t miss an opportunity to cheer anyone up by showing their importance in your life. After all, a tender touch is one of the most needed expressions that all of us crave for all the time. If you are a shy person or wait for the other person to come to you and give you a hug then this time surprise your loved ones by hugging them when they least expect it. I am sure they would love it without any doubt you will rejuvenate yourself .

lovers huging

  • Personally speaking, I do feel reluctant in hugging strangers. But I really liked the concept and the thought behind the Free Hugs Campaign. But there are a few incidents when I hugged strangers. I guess I have shared that with all of you in this post . Second incident that pops up to my mind is this old lady I meet very often; usually I see her standing at the corner of our place. Whenever I give her some money or things to eat I usually give her a hug and then she gives a million dollar smile to me. Only these two incidents I can recall where I have hugged a complete stranger.

How about you? Share your story when you hugged a complete stranger.

Lend A Helping Hand To Your Depressed Friend


painfull depression

In our lives we all value true friends and you always want to be with in all the good and bad times. When you notice your friend showing symptoms of depression, then without any doubt you feel like helping your depressed friend. Tell your friend that how his/her happiness means to you.

Make your friend feel loved and wanted. Once your friend realizes that you care for him/her it will give your friend a big boost in building a trust level towards you. Sometimes there are some personal matters which people want to keep it to themselves. So in order to gain the other person’s faith we need to gain their confidence that you won’t let them down in any ways.

1. You need to be patient while your friend shares her/his fears and sorrows. Don’t form your opinion too quickly about the whole situation. First let your friend open up and don’t interrupt or blame your friend if you think that he/she did something wrong. You need to be patient while listening to your friend otherwise you will make her/his situation more miserable.

2. Once your friend has shared his/her side of the story, show that how much you love them. When you are depressed it’s obvious to feel dejected from the outer world and the feel of rejection makes you suicidal and depressed. Under these circumstances all you need is love and someone who accepts you the way you are.
cure of depression
3. Don’t force your friend to come out of his/her depressed state of mind. You should give your friend enough time to accept the present situation and move on with life. When you are depressed you often lose control on yourself.

4. Boost confidence in your friend by telling that how he/she has helped you in the past and how it helped you in overcoming tough times. Appreciate all those times when your friend stood by you. Encourage your dear friend that he/she can also combat depression.

5. Advice your friend to meditate or pray every morning in order to seek peace of mind with a positive outlook towards life. Sometimes when we go through tough times and tend to question our self that why god abandoned me? It’s a natural sign to loose faith on god, so at that particular moment don’t oppose your friend. It can lead to an argument which will add to the resentment.

6. Offer some writing suggestions to your friend. These days we have thousands of sites where you can open up and share your opinion. It really helps you in lightning up all your subdued emotions.

7. If your friend doesn’t accept any suggestions which you offered him/her then don’t make an issue. If you are not able to convince your fiend to choose the right way then as a friend it’s natural to feel exasperated. It’s obvious that you desperately want your friend to come out of his/her depressive state of mind. But always remember it won’t be that easy to heal your friend’s emotions.

The best you can do for your depressed friend is to offer few suggestions and let your friend decide which one is the best for him/her. Leave the final decision to your friend. Assure your friend that you are always there for him/her in any kind of situation.

How To Ask Her On A Date


How to ask her on a date? is a question which men often wonder. How to ask a girl out is not that simple; that’s why majority of the men hesitate in even approaching a girl. How to date a girl needs to be mastered over a period of time; real men will never give a chance to a girl to let you down. Asking a girl out in today’s new trend is has become comparatively easier; girls of today’s time wants to explore their options and treat dating as a way to know each other better before they get into a committed relationship.

date girls

Before you choose to date a girl be clear on “how to find the right girl” When you find yourself saying “I want to date a girl”that’s the time you start approaching girls without even being clear about the kind of girl that you will like to date. When you are into an adolescent stage you don’t have any idea on how to ask a girl on a date. The lure of taking a girl out is there in every man but majority of the men are self absorbed that they are not interested in knowing the likes and dislikes of the woman they want to date. The first step of knowing how do you ask a girl out is to explore the interest of the girl.

Are you desperately wondering how to ask her on a date?

There are number of questions hovering in your mind like:

• What if she says no to me!

• May be I should wait for some time before making a move on her.

• What if some another guy approaches her. Then won’t it be too late for me.

• What if she just treats me like a friend. Will she be offended?

• All of these doubts and fears just trap your mind and stop you to ask her on a date. Never allow your fear to take over your life. You need to come out of the dilemma and take a step forward. We will help you to boost confidence in yourself instead of entrapping yourself with all the insecurities.

• If you are someone who has a serious personality then your chances are really low!!! Always remember easy going people who know how to have fun have more choices than those people who are just isolated. Studies suggest that guys with good sense of humor have far more chances to get dates.

date single girls
• Don’t ask her out in front of other people, she may feel uncomfortable. Also, be clear that you genuinely like the girl before you ask her on a date. Don’t date her just because she is hot or popular in your college.

• You should be clear about your feelings for her before you ask her out on a date.
• Make sure that she is single. If she recently broke off with her boy friend then try to figure out whether she is over it or still depressed about her past relationship.

• Never ask your friends to do it for you, no matter how tactful your friends are. Girls really don’t like hearing – Oh hey I have a message for you from (So and so guy) that he would like to date you!!! It obviously shows that the guy don’t have enough confidence to approach the girl directly.

• Whenever you want to approach her choose the right time and the right place makes a whole difference. If the girl is new to you and you don’t know much about her then don’t directly ask her for a date. It certainly requires an extra effort first to know her a bit. Give her a nice compliment but don’t exaggerate! Some girls don’t like to be flattered so better to choose a simple approach. Some girls don’t like “sexy” “hot” labels but others take it as a compliment.

• Just make sure that you don’t offend her by complimenting something which she doesn’t take it in the right spirit. It’s advisable to stick to fine compliments which will surely work. Like you look “stunning” “gorgeous” “beautiful” etc. Guys never use the same boring cheesy lines.

dating girls
• Talk with her and strike an interesting conversation to make her attracted towards you. Talk about her interests and make sure you act like a gentlemen. Don’t feel nervous in her company if you are stuttering or sweating then it’s a clear sign that you are not comfortable with her.

• If still you think you are not ready to ask her out on a date then invite her for any fun activity with your friends. Dull activities like household stuff shopping should never be considered! Think of more exhilarating activities like enjoying any of her favorite sports. After you have shared enough time and now you think it’s an appropriate time to ask her on a date.

• Now you need to find the right time and the right place to ask her on a date. You can simply say this with a smile “Hey I am going out this weekend on fishing I was wondering if you would like to join me. I am sure you will have lot of fun”

• To avoid any kind of hesitation think of a subject beforehand. If you either of you think that you won’t be comfortable to go on a date together then go for double dating. It actually can relieve some pressure from both of you.

• You can ask her to join you to some party or may be an evening with friends just lounging around would a good idea. Once you are comfortable with her you can ask her.

  • “I really liked your company so I was wondering if you want join me for a cup of coffee” It will possibly work. If you are nervous to ask her on a date then don’t be anxious some girls really find it cute.
  • The foremost point to consider before asking girls on a date is first to ask yourself that do you think that she is attracted towards you. Be her friend first before you ask her on a date. Once she starts sharing a comfort level with you, it will increase your chances of her saying yes. So guys don’t wait just win her heart and sweep her off her feet!

Learn How To Gain Control Over Food Cravings To Reduce Weight


How many of us are always seeking an advise on how to reduce weight or tips to plan a healthy nutritious diet.

One main struggle which every single overweight person is going through is to overcome food cravings. One of the most struggling temptations is for junk food. In order to reduce weight you need to have control over your temptations.

I am sure you must have heard people complaining about how difficult it’s to win over temptations. Needless to say, it’s not easy, but those people who can gain control over temptations achieve positive results in the end.

Are you also one of those million people who loves to enjoy exotic food? Let’s all accept the very fact that eating gives us pleasure, whether it’s a mouth watering chocolate or a slice of pizza and the list is just endless! You will hardly come across anyone who is not fond of any particular kind of cuisine, the preference differs from person to person.

There are thousands of websites that are totally focused on helping overweight people to loose weight and to become healthy. So there is no lack of awareness or information about the right kind of nutrition or exercise one should adapt in order to be fit and healthy. So, where exactly the problem lies?

Let’s discuss about why – when – how these food temptations occur. And at last we will try to find a solution to gain control on ourselves to achieve a healthy and fit body. Take a diary where you will be noting down all your feelings towards gaining control over your temptations. Ask yourself that are you depressed because of some personal, professional or health reasons?

Every time you had a fight with your boss, wife or boy friend you tend to grab your favorite treat like a chocobar or packet of potato chips. In this situation the food craving are directly related to your emotions. As your mind is not at peace with yourself therefore you are not able to direct your actions in a positive direction. Stress often takes a toll on anyone so don’t think that you are alone. All you have to do is to fight against negative thoughts and do every possible thing to reduce weight.

Furthermore, the connection between stress and eating habits is quite complex. Research suggests “ it’s important to determine how an individual suffer from stress and how his/her eating habits change with the extra stress level”. It’s a proven fact that people who are suffering from severe stress level start consuming calorie packed foods.

When do you mostly struggle with food cravings?

It’s quite common that when you have a hard day, you start thinking of ways to feel good. And won’t it be awesome if you can grab some chocolate or a pack of cookies. It gives you a feel good factor for a while but – but does it make you feel the same way after you finish it? Let’s all accept it that all the food cravings are fattening!!

On the other hand if you are fit and you make sure that you workout in the gym on a regular basis then once in a while giving a treat to yourself is acceptable! But when you are trying to reduce, then fattening stuff which is oily or sweet will make you fatter.

Before going to sleep you can write down about what food you had and later which made you feel guilty! It’s very important to recognize the trigger that develops a sense of craving in your mind.

Once you know how to cope up, half of your battle is already won. Any factor that leads to food craving needs to be tackled, whether it’s your loneliness which is killing you, or the work pressure or your recent breakup.