What To Do When You Or Your Partner Fall Out Of Love


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Some quick signs and facts of falling out of love:

• When he looks for every bit of opportunity to create an issue out of nothing! He argues about any possible thing under the sun!

• He hardly talks to you, and when you take an initiative to start a conversation he ignores you completely.

• He no longer appreciates you; never acknowledge any effort made by you to make him happy.

• All of a sudden he demands a break from the relationship. It has to be the final sign that he no longer is into you!

• He avoids taking you out, prefers having fun with his friends. If you suggest some outing, he always makes an unacceptable excuse.

• He has totally stopped making love to you, love and intimacy is missing for a long time.

• He has stopped caring about you. He is never there when you need him the most.

falling out of love
What To Do When You Or Your Partner Fall Out Of Love

• If your partner has suddenly started mistreating you for no reason, he developed a habit of insulting you in public leaving you heartbroken. It’s a bad sign of any relation, you may ignore these actions first but the process of falling out of love has already hit your mind.

• In some cases it’s prudent to take some time out to decide if your relationship is worth it and take some time to decide if the relationship still has some hope of blooming once again. Is it worth saving?

• If you see any of the above signs in you or in your partner then consider it as a warning sign. The most important factor in a healthy relation is an emotional bond; if the emotional compatibility has diminished then it’s a wake up cal for you to communicate with your partner.

• Lack of communication and unrealistic expectations are regarded to be the main reasons for couples to feel that they are not being loved. But there is hope for you to analyze and work towards bridging up the gap between you and your partner. Relationships don’t break up in one day, things happen unexpectedly. All of us have experienced the ultimate and magical emotion of in love and being loved, but how many of us are able to nurture the love.

• Falling out of love can have overwhelming consequences, hence it’s important to evaluate an unexpected change in you or your partner’s feelings. Needless to say, sometimes infatuation or lust towards someone, makes the whole situation far more complicated.

Whole Lot Of Love – But Now Falling out of Love


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• You used to think about your boy friend all the time, just seeing him would make your body quiver or you always wanted to grab a seat near him in the class. You dressed in a way to impress him, and loved it when he gave you a compliment. You constantly looked for impressive ways to enchant him. Whenever he would get absent from the class you would wonder where is he?! You get restless. And miss him all day long.

• But all of a sudden one fine day, you stop feeling all that, you don’t bother about any of these things. He goes out of your mind, now when you look at him there is no spark in your heart. You don’t even miss his presence; you don’t even bother to see his missed calls. These are some of the bitter signs that show you or your partner is falling out of love.

• It’s significant for you to realize that do you share the comfort level with your partner? It’s always advisable to communicate if you don’t feel confident about the signs, but there comes a stage when it’s hard to repair the relationship.

• Unfortunately, in some cases couples just stick to the relationship not because they love each other but for other factors. Needless to say, without love no relationship can survive for long, one day you have to face the reality and take a stand to come out of the relationship.

• The question is why does it happen? Indeed you are not the first one or the last one who have gone through this state. Falling out of love is as subtle as falling in love.