The Indisputable Argument Against The Existence Of God


The ‘Argument Against God’ introduced many theories of god and “The Existence Of God” It affirms the various inconsistent and contradictory explanation by many faithful believers of god. It’s impossible to conclude on one theory to prove the existence of god.

There are millions of religions and when asked about the question of “The Existence Of God” each individual will claim their own theory. At the same time every person has the right to hold his/her own opinion and beliefs “in favor” or “against” the “Existence Of God” It’s their mere choice and judgment of ones own theory.

I have done bit of research in trying to find out a logical theory that proves “the existence of god”. There has been several theories that have been coming to the limelight, but not even single theory have enough proves that something existed in the past.

How we start believing in god

Every individual is always asked and guided by the family to believe in god from the very beginning. All over the world the acceptance of god has been practiced because of the fact that their ancestors have been following some or the other “kind” of god.

It’s the safest way out to follow the same theory that has been practiced for years. And not many people question the stories which they get to hear from their ancestors.

Needless to say, not every individual acknowledge the existence of god. And those people who come forward to put their opinions forward either get criticized or be thrown from their community. Any kind of religious debates turn into Religious communal riots. Christians believe that their god “Jesus” is the only savior of this world. On the other hand, Muslims have indisputable faith in their Qur’an and Jews have strongly opposed any other religion except their own!!!

The only conclusion I can derive from my study is – If you follow any particular religion and have strong faith in it then follow it wholeheartedly. But never criticize any other religion. Because nobody on this earth can prove that god existed.

The documentary that made me think is Bill Maher’s Religulous Documentary

Set Your Own Fashion Statement With Swanky Big Bags


Why Big Bags are in demand and looks fashionable?

How many things are predictable these day’s. The weather or an unexpected client meetings, presentations, parties or unplanned outings? Won’t it be awesome if you can pack every necessity of yours in a more stylish and orderly way? That’s when stylish women choose to buy big fashionable bags, moreover the wide range of attractive bags makes it even more fun to buy big bags that suit your taste and personality.

Nowadays, there are different stylish varieties of big hand bags that come in many styles from rucksack material to a velvety touch. Needless to say, in the past big bags didn’t manage to a fashion statement. Earlier, big bags used to look like a luggage or a briefcase. But gone are those days when women used to feel conscious of carrying a big bag.

There is one more obvious reason that why women love big bags unlike men. When men go out all they do is stuff their wallet, car keys and that’s it! And they are all set to go. The reason why women are different from men is because women keep things in a more planned way, my experience says it all!

Why I prefer big bags

  • I don’t want to look around for a tissue paper, pen or a paper to note down something if required!
  • Especially if you live in a hot city where your skin needs proper care you require sun screen lotion, towel, face wash, cream and what not! Obviously it’s hard to fit all the stuff in a small bag!
  • You never know when you will be called for indeterminate client meetings or your friends calling you over for a night party.
  • My big fashionable bag is like a faithful dog to me ha-ha! I know the comparison doesn’t make any sense but yes my single big leather bag takes care of my basic necessities on a daily basis. For example my calculator, bottle of water, a small mirror, cell phone, etc!

Fashionable bags for today’s mom

  • How can we forget babies’ stuff? In fact, there is a whole big market especially designed for keeping babies essential stuff.
  • Quality of the bag is a must. It should be easy to clean, preferably be hand washed.
  • It should have several, partitioned space, big pockets and some small pockets on the outside so that you can keep your stuff in order.
  • Big hand bags don’t mean that you are getting a tent bag! It should have a soothing color and should look attractive.
  • Shoulder straps should be comfortable which should have a broad strap and should not be rough or slippery.
  • Furthermore, you should be comfortable with the size of the bag. Don’t buy anything which is in fashion. Rather go for something that you can carry with style and reflects your personality.
  • While choosing your trendy big bag you need to keep in mind that it’s safe with no sharp ends, comfortable to carry and should be big enough to carry all the basic essentials. It hardly matters what’s your budget, because these days you can easily get different price range which will definitely match to your budget
  • Don’t be embarrassed about the size; you should be at comfort while carrying it. Indeed it’s big but it surely makes you feel confident of having everything handy when required. Know how to set your own fashion style by carrying swanky fashionable big bags.