Reincarnation – Is It A Religious or A Psychological Belief Or Just A Myth?


Reincarnation Myth

Life After Death Do You Believe In Reincarnation? I Don’t!. REINCARNATION has always been an ancient belief, but is there any proof to justify the phenomena of Reincarnation.

  • We all have heard Reincarnation Stories, but the million dollar question is what’s the authenticity of reincarnation stories and how many of us have a strong belief on it.
  • There are many doubtful questions against reincarnation. What’s the evidence to prove reincarnation, the process of how an individual travels from one body to another body? Needless to say, these are one of the main constraints in recognizing the evidence on how reincarnation takes place.
  • Do all people reincarnate? I guess No! Because majority of us don’t go through the process of witnessing our past lives memories. I Don’t! So the point is that how and why some people reincarnate and others don’t.
  • I have read and heard many stories where an individual counter his/her past incidents. But honestly speaking I can’t relate to it. Research suggests that, an individual is reborn if he/she died at an early age or those who went through violent death.
  • I guess it’s just a result of “selective thinking” where an individual goes through a psychological experience based on their beliefs, life experiences and fears in their mind. On the other hand it’s related to karma also. What is Karma?

Proof Of Reincarnation.

  • Karma can be defined as the law of action and reaction. In more simple terms it’s the kind of deed you commit, based on that you will get the kind of life in the next birth. The soul goes through a continuous process of being born and later dying.
  • So does that imply that if an individual go through tough circumstances then does that mean the person deserves it because in the past he/she committed bad deeds? It’s the way god make each of us suffer based on our previous life deeds.
  • Let me get this straight! If a poor ill person begs and going through unbearable pain then is it because god is making him suffer. So are we not supposed to obstruct god’s way of punishing them, by helping them? If a person is dying on the road, bleeding to death, are we not supposed to come forward to help him/her?

But in a way I Like the concept of “Karma” At least this way people will not hurt other people because of fear of being punished in the next birth.

Let’s Come Together And Be The Support System Of Sexually Abused Children.


    • Day after Day the cases of sexually abused children is increasing on an alarming rate. Surprisingly, most of the victims of sexual abuse are harassed either by their family members or someone they know.

    • Therefore, most children are confounded on who to trust and from where to seek help. In majority of the cases the children are threatened by the abuser. And in other cases children are far too scared of expressing their fears to their family members. One of the main reasons is what if they themselves get blamed for the situation.

    • Study suggests that not all parents are willing to talk about this issue with their children. The first and the foremost cure to help the sexually abused child is to “create awareness among children and parents”

    • All of us (no matter in which category you fall – young, adults, teenagers, singles, married). It’s comprehensible to recognize the fears of a sexually abused child. Therefore, we need to be the Voice of sexually abused children.

    • Sexually abused children face serious emotional trauma that not only affect their physical health but also haunt them for rest of their lives.

    • Media can play an important role in creating awareness among “We the people”. Just by covering some documentary once in a while won’t be sufficient for generating receptiveness on this imperative issue.

    • The schools should conduct regular seminars where the cases of sexually abused children should be discussed (how and where it can happen, precautions children can take, how to avoid these kinds of circumstances)

    • The laws for the predators of the sexually abused child should be rigorous.

    • Be patient to hear the story of a sexually abused child. Never Ever show wraith towards the sexually abused child, otherwise he/she will be even more tormented.
    • Don’t blame the sexually abused child for the situation he/she went through.

    • More channels of Free help lines to help sexually abused children. (This will allow the sexually abused children to share their fears without disclosing their true identity.)

    • More and More institutions should come up to create cognizance about sexual abused cases. It’s quite appalling that I have never seen any movie focusing on the issue of sexually abused victims. (Scratches my head* may be some of the top directors of Hollywood and Bollywood are reading this article) sigh I am not that famous 😉

    • Once you start to commit yourself in helping sexually abused children you will feel a sense of respite. It doesn’t matter on which scale you do it; any kind of effort will make a difference whether it’s on small or a large platform. At the end of the day the only thing which matters is that you are willing to help.

    • In today’s times everybody is occupied in their careers and family life. Nevertheless, once in 2 weeks you can easily manage to visit the rehabilitation centers and spend some quality time with the sexually abused children.

    • I believe there is a lot to express on this topic. I will definitely publish some more articles on ways to prevent the victimization of sexually abused children.