I Have Been Busy With My Addictions – What about you?


I Am So Obsessed – Something I Can’t Live Without

  • Every single day, this increasingly addiction is making me go crazy. I don’t find anything wrong in it. I mean if you are someone like me who loves to explore new things then obviously you will become addicted to internet . Without any doubt – Internet comes in the top five things I can’t live without. I know the kind of things that are popping up in your mind. What about my family and friends.. WAKE UP! They are not things. ( I am just clearing it because on many social networking sites people usually include their friends and family under the category of “things” they can’t live without?? Isn’t it Silly? )

  • Alright folks back to the point that I wanna discuss today. Every day I am feeling guilty of spending too much time on internet reading things that interest me. I am finding it hard to control myself and I am unable to divert my mind. Who to blame? I mean come on what’s wrong in surfing things that not only quest your intellectual thirst but also help you to learn loads of new things. The kind of platform Google offers is extremely fascinating for all those people who just love to read and write. There are innumerable things which are yet to be explored- And I want to know it all. I know I know it’s impossible to know everything.

  • Whenever I don’t have access to internet I go crazy like a maniac bull! Surfing is an integral part of my daily life. I am spending far too much time on internet. I switch on to one website then from that website I land to another website and it leads me to a yet another website . Jesus! It’s taking all my time. Are you also one of those millions people who are addicted to internet? Don’t worry you have company of millions and millions of people who feel exactly like you.

  • Every day I say to myself that I will surf internet for a limited time. But then it’s me!!!!!! “addicted to internet ”. My addiction is resulting into many other things that I feel guilty about. First of all, I am not getting enough time to write, not spending quality time with hubby, my eyes pain a lot (scared of wearing specs) and I have started munching junk food all the time. I know this “Emotional Eating ” Sux! I am innocent – I am helpless!!!

  • Internet has provided an overwhelming platform to access any kind of information you want to read. But sometimes what we end up doing is before we instill one set of information – we tend to switch over to something different. As a result we are not grasping the complete info to the fullest. It is just because of one reason that “you feel like grasping everything in a short period of time” I know I am greedy! It’s alright to be greedy when it comes to learning new things. But we should give enough time to ourselves to nourish our intellectual thirst. I know we are overloaded with so much info on internet that we feel like becoming master of all traits.

  • Therefore, when you face this kind of situation it becomes essential to realize that we need to know how to devote our time wisely. In order to have a win-win situation we need to realize that other things in life are also important. I guess I need to focus on “Time Management ” (As if Anger Management was not enough for me;) Anyway, I have been planning to learn Italian language for a long time, but not finding enough time. I will again try to plan my day sensibly!

Good luck!HIGH 5 to all of you who are also addicted to internet. Let’s try to tackle this issue!

Why Do Guys Hate To Loose From Girls?


girls vs guys

• Let’s face facts here, guys find it hard to accept any kind of defeat from girls. Basically, guys consider sports to be their kingdom and when they find girls to be a part of their kingdom it hurts their ego badly.

• Why do guys think that they are invincible when it comes to Girls Vs Guys. I know lot of guys who think that guys dominate girls in sports.

• I personally love playing badminton and I take it very seriously! Whenever I play badminton against guys and take points from them. I notice guys passing comments at my apposition group saying “oh a girl is taking points from you shame on you” Or “A chick beat you” The intension behind this is simple that it’s degrading for guys to loose from girls.

• I do accept the fact that guys participate more in sports than girls. The place I play badminton you will hardly find 3-4 girls compared to over 40 guys. But whatever the statistics suggest, still you will find some female competitors who have what it takes to make their presence felt.

• Needless to say, guys hate it when they see girls overpowering them in sports. Why do guys think that girls are not competitive enough to be taken seriously? Why a guy find it hard to believe when they get defeated by a girl.

• The kind of perception towards any game shouldn’t be categorized based on the gender. Why it’s hard for guys to take girls seriously? The only factor that appeals to me is the challenge posed by the competitor.

• Irrespective of the gender, I enjoy playing with anybody no matter it’s a male or female, younger to me or elder to me. I have no qualms in saying that the majority of the guys are stereotypes and they are not willing to give respect and credit to female competitors who have what it takes to pose competition.

Feeling Lonely (Know How To Overcome Loneliness)



Feeling lonely? There are times when the feelings of loneliness trapped our mind and we tend to think on How to deal with loneliness. Help fight loneliness with your own actions; you have the power to overcome loneliness. The pain and agony of suffering from loneliness is unbearable this is when you seek help with loneliness.
You can overcome loneliness once you tell you get into action by being focused towards your goals and dreams. Needless to say, coping with loneliness requires courage and strength.

I walk alone
“I need someone to talk to” How many times you have said this to yourself?

• Sometimes we think that there is nobody to talk to. All of us need to be heard! But not all of us have someone to whom they can approach to share their thoughts and fears. Even if you have someone who is willing to share your concerns and thoughts, still you don’t necessarily feel comfortable to open up. In situations like these when you feel that nobody understands you and you feel lost, it’s advisable to bring out your thoughts and feelings in some ways.

• Furthermore, each one of us goes through crisis in our lives, whether it’s related to their personal or professional life. There are times when we are happy or sad, during these times when we need someone to talk to.

• At the same time in today’s busy life you will find people who are not able to balance their professional and personal life. It leads to breakups, divorce and conflicts which affect their emotional well being. This is the time when you feel left out, rejected and detached from the outside world.

• It becomes difficult when you don’t even feel comfortable to share your concerns and emotions with your friends and family. During these times it gets very hard for an individual to lead a relaxed life with all the cluttered thoughts in their mind.
Things to do to feel relaxed and to gain a positive frame of mind:-

• In times like these, when you don’t have anyone to open up to it’s advisable to pour your thoughts through writing.

• With the advent of internet you are exposed to thousands of help line in the form of websites. Make the best use of it.

• There are many chat rooms where you can interact with other people. But the most important factor is first to take care of your own security by not sharing your personal information.

• Start your own blog or a forum where you have the freedom to talk about issues you are facing. It will not only help you to open up but you will also be able to help other needy people who need assistance.

• Don’t hesitate to call a helpline to seek counseling.

• I am not a professional person to guide but still I respect every individual’s right to open up. I hold my beliefs and values with great respect and value other person’s point of view at the time of crisis. The only factor that has been helpful for me to heal my fears is to communicate with someone you trust.

• But there are times when you don’t have someone to gain strength from, during that time search for strength within you. It’s easy said than done! But the most fulfilling relationship you can ever form is the relationship with yourself.

• I am sure that I and my blog don’t even exist in the internet world! But that doesn’t make much of a difference to me. I hold my vision, beliefs and thoughts to myself and the blog provides me the freedom to open up. That’s the only purpose of this blog, it’s quite overwhelming to read my own thoughts.

• I thank all those people who post their valuable comments on my blog, it boost my morale that there are some people who acknowledge my effort to talk about certain issues that makes a difference.

• So the only suggestion for people out there who need someone to talk to is to find activities that will help you open up, boost your morale and lift up your subdued spirit.

• Eat healthy, read novels,dance, listen to music, write poems, participate in sports and most of all go out and help needy people.

• It will give you an immense strength that you have helped someone who is going through a tough time. Believe me the pain, anger and sorrows that are building inside you will slowly diminish.

• If you see someone who you think is introvert, lonely and going through an emotional trauma don’t be judgmental, just approach the person with an open mind. It requires a great deal of patience and effort to understand a person who is a victim of stress, depression, child abuse or any kind of addictions.

Get connected with other people who share the same vision and thoughts towards life.

Meditation For The Beginners – Discover A Whole New Meaning Of Living!


Meditation candles

  • First I would like to focus on Meditation for the beginners. I will list some simple steps to start Meditation.
  • Sit at any place that you find it comfortable, just make sure that you sit straight in a relaxed posture. Keep your hands upwards right on your lap with your eyes closed.
  • Now, slowly look into your body by scanning through, take out any thoughts that are restricting your focus. I’m sure you will take a few attempts to follow this practice of meditation without any hindrance. But slowly you will get through it smoothly.
  • Initially in the process of gaining concentration of your mind, you will face a few distractions. Gradually, you will learn how to make your mind relaxed by overcoming all cluttered thoughts which can trap your mind at some point.
  • No matter what kind of tensions you are going through, meditation will release you from all the kinds of stress. Tell yourself that you have to free your mind with all the negative thoughts, and you will win over all the depressive thoughts that don’t allow you to have peace of mind.
  • Once you are in a fully relaxed frame of mind, you are all set to follow the next step of meditation. Tell yourself that you are strong enough to go through any hurdle in your life. As Life is full of obstacles and challenges, all you need is the will power and the right approach to deal with the problems.
  • The most important exercise of meditation is the concentration exercise. Mostly, people take 10- 15   classes to gain focus by tackling different kinds of mundane thoughts that will block your mind.
  • Many people give up in the first few classes because they don’t really comprehend the right technique of meditation. So if you don’t get it right in the first few times, don’t be hard on yourself. Just give yourself some time to discover the art of meditation.
  • Once you realize the beauty of life you will discern that half of the battle is already won. I believe that every individual has the power to inspire themselves. Give yourself the freedom to scan your soul, mind and heart.


  • Gain focus on your breath, feel your breath as it moves from your nose and comes out of the mouth. In order to gain a peaceful concentration of mind, you can play soothing music, light candles around you, feel the moment of sunrise or the sound of the river.
  • In the next post I will share some more steps of Meditation. Till then Happy Living!

– When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others – Peace Pilgrim
– Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.- Marie Curie
– Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.- Ayn Rand

Power Of Meditation- Discover How Can You Change Your Life in 20 Minutes


Meditation Tips

  • I have been practicing Meditation for over few months. Initially, I didn’t notice any benefits of Mediation, because I was not familiar with the right techniques of Meditation. Later on I thought of doing a bit of research to discover the basic essentials of Meditation. It took me over a month to get the insight of various techniques of Meditation.
  • Finally, I have realized that how Meditation can actually change your life by uplifting your spirit. Needless to say, that Meditation has attracted millions of people. Earlier it was considered as just a religious kind of activity. But for the last many years people have shown interest from all over the world. Whether it’s a common man or great celebrities like Sting or Madonna.
  • You will find so many people who are curious to discover the art of meditation. Some people want to do it to gain a self control on themselves; some want to overcome the day to day stress level which we all experience in life and some wants to gain an immense urge to realize the meaning of their existence.
  • For me Meditation is a way to realize that Who I am? – What I don’t want to be ?– What I want to be? And mot of all How I Feel about “ The Way I am or The way I live my life” So if you also feel the way I feel then don’t hesitate to discover the benefits of meditation. Let’s find the best techniques to purify our minds with the help of Meditation.
  • In the next post I will share my experience on how meditation helps in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.