It’s All about Betrayals and Lies


why men cheat

Why men cheat ?” Nobody can figure

So I get to know one more incident of a celebrity cheating on his wife. Great Great !

After witnessing Ronnie Wood romancing with his daughter’s age girl, then Tiger woods admitting to infidelity . And now the media has recently discovered John Terry’s extra marital affair . The media has enjoyed their share of publicizing every bit of detail related to their affairs .Even after the court introduced injunction, where the media is not allowed to report any information regarding any kind of particular topic, still the public is aware of the inside information regarding John terry’s extra marital affair.

The majority of men will have a list of excuses where they will justify their infidelity. No matter how many excuses men or women give for cheating on their partners, still you can’t really accuse your partner for your own actions. The most common perception which majorities of the people have is men cheat to spice up their sex life . On the contrary, the research says that men usually cheat because they don’t feel valued in their relationship. Therefore, they search for someone who appreciates them a lot more in comparison to their existing partner.

I completely disagree with this excuse. If a man wants to have an extra marital affair then no matter how much happy his wife/girl friend makes him still he would look for some thrill outside the marriage. The main reason for men cheating on their partners is the boredom. Most of the couples get bored in the relationship , so they look for a change outside their relationship. The moment you realize that your relationship has lost the charm, you tend to get bored.

In my perception the only factor that binds the relationship is trust, respect, love, care and affection – Romance comes later! No relationship can be sustained just based on romance. In order to rebuild your relationship with zest you require patience and an effort to know why your relationship has become so dull. The foremost step to bridge the gap in a relationship is to GAIN TRUST of each other. From thereon, put an attempt to understand your partner.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook , 1966

Is It Really Possible To Gain Trust Of Your Partner After Cheating On Him/Her?


why men cheat

Do men in power easily get away after cheating on their wives ?

Do “we the people” rate our politicians based on their personal or professional lives?

My Take On It :-

I personally don’t really give a shit on what these politicians are up to in their personal lives– It’s not about why politicians cheat ? They cheat almost for the same reason like anyone else does. Point here is why men cheat or why women cheat ?

Recently, I read the news about one more politician cheating on his wife.

Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford , speaks about her husband’s recent affair admission.

She says “South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford says her husband’s affair with an Argentine woman broke a trust that he must earn back — first from his family, then his constituents”

why politicians cheat on their wives?

Why do some women/men give a second chance to their partners?

Ø To save the marriage ?

Ø Or to get regular financial support?

Ø For the sake of their kids?

Ø Or because they are not strong enough to walk out of the relationship and lead a new life?

Ø Or because they feel threatened from their partners and don’t speak out against them and continues enduring the pain of betrayal in the relationship ?

Every relationship requires hell lot of effort to gain trust for each other. Then how can anyone put that on stake for just few minutes of pleasure?