Nudity Personified – People With Different Opinions Or Different Taste?


Angelina Jolie Perfect Body - Nudity Personified

  • I know the “Subject Line” of the discussion will make some of the readers uncomfortable to debate on “Nudity ”. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me to share my opinions on “Nudism ”.
  • Many people are oblivious of the fact that nudity has been a very ordinary thing in the past. It existed all through the existence of the mankind. Then, how radically the mindset towards nudity changed with time?
  • Don’t grade this article As – An Adult article 😉 Read it before you jump to a conclusion. The whole intention of writing on nudity is quite flurrying to me also. I never wrote about the litigious topic of “nudity”.
  • Nonetheless, I always pondered that in today’s age “Is Nudity be labeled as “decorous” or does it still falls under the category of “Vulgarity” .Well Is it about the “kind of taste” an individual possess or about the “receptiveness” to be honest.
  • What I believe is – Alright let me take an example here. Ask yourself :- Haven’t you ever checked out nude pictures of your favorite Hollywood Actresses or Models ?
  • Lisa Ray stunning pictures

    • Well, you will find most of the people who will feel reluctant to share their taste for elegant nude pictures . I guess they think that they will be judged as “Cheap” or “Vulgar”.
    • I think nudity if captured elegantly can be appealing. If a woman feels confident of her body and wish to flaunt it then it’s clearly a personal choice. Every individual has their own opinions and accordingly they will live their life on their own terms.
    • You will find many women who show their disgust towards men liking nude pictures of beautiful women . Well… I guess they don’t want to admire the beauty of other women and are envious of those women who have deadly figure to show off!!!!!
    • I’m sure there are many women who doesn’t like their boy friends or husbands watching nude pictures of Hollywood actresses and super models . I know why!! Chill and come to the terms with the very fact that there is nothing wrong in admiring beauty.
    • The more you will stop your man to gaze at nude pictures the more he will get attracted towards it!!!!!That’s a fact.. 😉 And mind it if your man says that he doesnt check out sexy pictures of beautiful women then he is a liar!!.. Either he is pretending or he doesn’t want you to get upset over it!
    • And those people who say they don’t like checking out stunning nude pictures of dazzling beauties – They are too afraid to confess that “Yes we like it” Therefore, in no way it implies that they despise it!

    I won’t hesitate to admit that I am a great admirer of beauty in any form! Angelina jolie hot pictures

    How Much Money Is ” Enough” Self improvement tips


    Self improvement tips where you can learn the ways to earn more money are always welcome. That’s why there are thousands of websites to make money, get instant rich and famous outrageous schemes which will allure you with false promises.

    Seriously, who doesn’t want to increase their bank balance from time to time. Personally speaking I would love to have one extra income to give more leisure lifestyle to my family and provide better educational opportunities for my kids.

    But at the same time I am interested to know that how much money is enough to feel gratified. I am sure it’s a contentious subject and each one of us have different views about it. Well… Sometimes when I go out and see people chasing the same dream.. i.e to earn more and more MONEY.

    Have You Ever Wondered

    There is always some goal in your life which can only be attained through money. But have you ever wondered that” how much money is sufficient” I want to discuss about that section of society that has a decent house, have enough money to provide decent education to their kids and lead a comfortable life. I know the definition of “Comfortable life” varies from person to person. And that’s where the whole complexity sweeps in. There are various factors that decides that what kind of comfort you are looking for?

    Whenever I look back and cogitate about the story of my life from my childhood till now, now my lifestyle is totally different in comparison to what I had a few years ago.. Few years back there were certain leisure activities which I used to miss like going on a holiday with my family.. not on a train but by air and experience the fun of traveling in a plane. I clearly remember when I was a kid my friends and I used to wave at airplanes up in the sky! Well I am sure I was not the only kid who did that. Even now it brings smile on my face whenever I recall those moments.

    So after a few years I clearly remember when I was in class 1st I experienced my first joy of traveling in a plane and later I was lucky enough to enjoy trips once in a year at least. Then onwards, it was not something which was a big deal! Then again there was some or the other thing that I was looking forward to experience or own. But in order to achieve all the goals I required enough money. And even now the goals that I have in my mind requires sufficient amount of money to attain few things in life.

    I wonder how much is “enough” for our day to day needs. And how much is too much??

    • When we see certain section of society that are exceptionally rich, we ponder that how much more they need? But surprisingly they are also running after more money.. did I say MORE MORE?!! The point is no matter how much money you have you still crave for more. Where is that “ Verge” ?
    • How can you determine that level where you feel satisfied? I rarely find any person who doesn’t dream of wealth. I am perplexed on what to conclude on this conversation. Where to draw that line?

    Is it about owing a farm house!! Or a Mercedes.! I really want to talk a lot more about this particular topic … may be later

    So you think that money is the root of all evil. Have you ever asked what is the root of all money – By Ayn Rand