She is not a widow


She is not a widow.

She is someone who knows what she wants and what SHE DOES NOT want.

Lessons of life are your best teachers. And only you can change your life ONLY YOU.

Fight for your family well being, fight for your self esteem and fight for justice.

It’s fine to cry but do wipe your tears and smile:)









It’s All about Betrayals and Lies


why men cheat

Why men cheat ?” Nobody can figure

So I get to know one more incident of a celebrity cheating on his wife. Great Great !

After witnessing Ronnie Wood romancing with his daughter’s age girl, then Tiger woods admitting to infidelity . And now the media has recently discovered John Terry’s extra marital affair . The media has enjoyed their share of publicizing every bit of detail related to their affairs .Even after the court introduced injunction, where the media is not allowed to report any information regarding any kind of particular topic, still the public is aware of the inside information regarding John terry’s extra marital affair.

The majority of men will have a list of excuses where they will justify their infidelity. No matter how many excuses men or women give for cheating on their partners, still you can’t really accuse your partner for your own actions. The most common perception which majorities of the people have is men cheat to spice up their sex life . On the contrary, the research says that men usually cheat because they don’t feel valued in their relationship. Therefore, they search for someone who appreciates them a lot more in comparison to their existing partner.

I completely disagree with this excuse. If a man wants to have an extra marital affair then no matter how much happy his wife/girl friend makes him still he would look for some thrill outside the marriage. The main reason for men cheating on their partners is the boredom. Most of the couples get bored in the relationship , so they look for a change outside their relationship. The moment you realize that your relationship has lost the charm, you tend to get bored.

In my perception the only factor that binds the relationship is trust, respect, love, care and affection – Romance comes later! No relationship can be sustained just based on romance. In order to rebuild your relationship with zest you require patience and an effort to know why your relationship has become so dull. The foremost step to bridge the gap in a relationship is to GAIN TRUST of each other. From thereon, put an attempt to understand your partner.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook , 1966

Short Romantic Love Stories


Short Romantic Love Stories

Love actually is a great Romantic film full of emotions and comedy.

There are many love stories emerged in the film. I usually catch it up on cable, I have watched it several times as I really liked some of the love stories which are quite realistic in our day to day lives. I wanna share some of the stories and why I liked it.

keira knightley pictures

Love Story of Keira Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Andrew Lincoln

Keira Knightley gets married to Chiwetel Ejiofor in a beautiful ceremony. Andrew Lincoln has a secret crush on Keira. He video tapes Keira in her wedding ceremony. One fine day she turns up at Andrew’s house and watches the video tape of her wedding. All she finds is her clippings in the video tape and she soon realizes that he has deep feelings for her. She finds it shocking because Andrew has always been unfriendly to her.

love letters

Later on the Christmas Eve he shows up and says without any hope and agenda I want to say that you are perfect. As he leaves Keira runs after him and gives a kiss. And then Andrew says to himself – enough now it’s time to move on with life.

This story is one of my favorite because it’s quite realistic. I am sure there are so many people out there who are quite reluctant in expressing their love and then they end up loosing them. Secondly, I don’t really support the actions of Andrew who approached Leira after she got married. I find it weird and quite unacceptable if you approach a married person and say you are in love with him/her. Just my personal thought!

Second love story of Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz

a passionate kiss

Colin discovers his girl friend in a sexual encounter with his brother. He finds himself totally heartbroken and heads to his French Cottage.

There he meets Lucia who doesn’t speak in English. Irrespective of the language barrier they communicate with each other so beautifully. Later, Colin plans to return back to London. Before leaving the way they look at each other and expresses themselves without uttering a single word is so amazing. He takes up Portuguese language course and on the Christmas Eve he comes back to Marseille. He goes to a Portuguese restaurant where Aurelia started working. He proposes her in a broken Portuguese language and she accepts his proposal in English which she also learned when he was away.

The reason this love story is my favorite is because of the way they communicated through their eyes and later made an initiative to learn each other’s language.

Third Love Story

Alan Rickman is working in a design agency and having a mid- life crisis, that makes him feel attracted to his secretary who is also showing a clear sign of being interested. He gets an expensive necklace for his secretary as a Christmas gift. Later his wife discovers the necklace in his coat and presumes that it’s for her. But all she gets as a Christmas gift is a CD. She obviously realizes that her husband is having an extra marital affair. She doesn’t encounter her husband or questions him. As she didn’t want to spoil her kids day, so she goes to the bedroom and burst into tears. After few days she opens up to her husband ad says “You have made a fool out of me” But as time passes by she gives him a second chance. And then they slowly come to terms of working out their relationship.

extra marital affair

My opinion about this love story is opposite of what happens. There should not be any second chance to a situation like this. If your wife/husband ditches you then for the sake of your self esteem just fuckin walk out of the relationship.

Fourth story is the cutest love story.

Liam Neeson’s wife dies after a long illness. Now Liam is just left with his stepson Sam hardly 11 years old. One fine day Sam shares his secret love for a girl in his school. The boy sees Billy Mack’s video and realizes that girls fall for musicians. Liam encourages him to learn how to play drums. Sam plays drums for Joanna while she sings in the Christmas performance “ All I Want For Christmas Is You”. But unfortunately, Sam is unable to grab Joana’s attention. Later, he comes to know that Joana is leaving to the United States. Liam encourages him to meet Joana at the airport.

love confession

Once they reach the airport they find Joanna heading to board the flight with her family. As expected the attendant refuses to allow Sam to cross the security check. Dramatically, the attendant gets distracted by another passenger enabling Sam to sneak in. He manages to get through Joanna and confesses his love for her and leaves. Joanna runs back to him and gives him a kiss on his cheek. He obviously gets startled and later curses himself of not giving her a kiss back.
This love story is mine and hubby’s favorite!!!!!

Come Along And Dance With Me



  • The only blessing of life that matters the most is to be loved by someone you want to share your whole life with! Recently, we all witnessed how Barack Obama spectacular Inaugural won everyone’s heart. In the entire history of the whole world I have never seen any president who has a charm like of Barack Obama. He doesn’t hesitate to show his love for Michele to the whole world. Let’s face facts no president has ever expressed his love for his wife the way Obama has done recently.

  • So what ? if he is the president of America – He also has his moments to share, then why to hesitate? Every lady needs to be told how much his man needs her, how much he respects her and how much she means to him. No matter for how many years you have been living together, still you want to feel the importance in your man’s life. I am sure all men need the same (I am highlighting this because I have been criticized of just writing from girls perspective!!!!) . Sometimes, just little expressions of love brighten up the relationship .

  • 20th Jan 2009 will be remembered by all of us! I and hubby were totally taken by the way Barack Obama and Michelle Obama so proudly danced expressing their love for each other in the most subtle way. It’s absolutely endearing the way Michelle Obama was looking at Barack Obama when he was being sworn in.

Lyrics of "At Last" By Etta Jones

At last

My love has come along

My lonely days are over

And life is like a song

Ooh, yeah, yeah
At last
the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up in clover
the night I looked at you

I found a dream
that I could speak to
A dream that I
can call my own
I found a thrill
to press my cheek to
A thrill that I have never known
Ohh, yeah, yeah

You smile
you smile
Ooh and then the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
for you are mine at last

Whole Lot Of Love – But Now Falling out of Love


signs of falling out of love

• You used to think about your boy friend all the time, just seeing him would make your body quiver or you always wanted to grab a seat near him in the class. You dressed in a way to impress him, and loved it when he gave you a compliment. You constantly looked for impressive ways to enchant him. Whenever he would get absent from the class you would wonder where is he?! You get restless. And miss him all day long.

• But all of a sudden one fine day, you stop feeling all that, you don’t bother about any of these things. He goes out of your mind, now when you look at him there is no spark in your heart. You don’t even miss his presence; you don’t even bother to see his missed calls. These are some of the bitter signs that show you or your partner is falling out of love.

• It’s significant for you to realize that do you share the comfort level with your partner? It’s always advisable to communicate if you don’t feel confident about the signs, but there comes a stage when it’s hard to repair the relationship.

• Unfortunately, in some cases couples just stick to the relationship not because they love each other but for other factors. Needless to say, without love no relationship can survive for long, one day you have to face the reality and take a stand to come out of the relationship.

• The question is why does it happen? Indeed you are not the first one or the last one who have gone through this state. Falling out of love is as subtle as falling in love.