The Indisputable Argument Against The Existence Of God


The ‘Argument Against God’ introduced many theories of god and “The Existence Of God” It affirms the various inconsistent and contradictory explanation by many faithful believers of god. It’s impossible to conclude on one theory to prove the existence of god.

There are millions of religions and when asked about the question of “The Existence Of God” each individual will claim their own theory. At the same time every person has the right to hold his/her own opinion and beliefs “in favor” or “against” the “Existence Of God” It’s their mere choice and judgment of ones own theory.

I have done bit of research in trying to find out a logical theory that proves “the existence of god”. There has been several theories that have been coming to the limelight, but not even single theory have enough proves that something existed in the past.

How we start believing in god

Every individual is always asked and guided by the family to believe in god from the very beginning. All over the world the acceptance of god has been practiced because of the fact that their ancestors have been following some or the other “kind” of god.

It’s the safest way out to follow the same theory that has been practiced for years. And not many people question the stories which they get to hear from their ancestors.

Needless to say, not every individual acknowledge the existence of god. And those people who come forward to put their opinions forward either get criticized or be thrown from their community. Any kind of religious debates turn into Religious communal riots. Christians believe that their god “Jesus” is the only savior of this world. On the other hand, Muslims have indisputable faith in their Qur’an and Jews have strongly opposed any other religion except their own!!!

The only conclusion I can derive from my study is – If you follow any particular religion and have strong faith in it then follow it wholeheartedly. But never criticize any other religion. Because nobody on this earth can prove that god existed.

The documentary that made me think is Bill Maher’s Religulous Documentary

The Arrival of the King!


At 6:52 am on 2nd of Ooctober 2009, the saviour of the family, the light in the darkness, the ruler of our world – all that is now, all that has gone and all that’s to come and everything under the sun!

God has blessed us with a child! And has forever changed our life! The pics are coming very soon!

I can hardly wait to see you come of age but I guess we just have to be patient, coz its a long way to go!


A Love Letter To My Hubby On His Birthday!




Hubby Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Do you want to win your husband’s heart then birthday love letters seem a perfect idea.

A love letter to my husband on his birthday – Honey I am feeling too embarrassed to even start! Because I really don’t know how to write a love letter! People say Love letters to husband can do the trick of sparking the love in your marriage. I hope these Love letters to my husband will ignite his love for me; if you ever realize then you will notice how we engross ourselves in our day to day life that we forget to express our love. Handwritten Love letters for husband will make him yearn for you; personally speaking love letters for my husband will surely make him feel my never dieing love for him. This love letter to my husband is again one of the ways where I open up my heart to him.

It will sound funny – I searched hundreds of websites and read the collection of love letters but nothing sound perfect to me. I don’t want to sound too corny or too boring here.. I just want to pour out my feelings through simple words.

• We have been together for so many years and have celebrated many memorable occasions together. When I look back and see the most romantic and cherished moments it was all because of you. You always say that I don’t express my love in words. With time I have noticed that I do feel shy in opening up my heart to you. I remember the first love letter you had written to me when I went to Bangkok.

Frankly speaking I’m bit reluctant to write all this because I’m not sure if I will get it right or not.. As it’s your birthday so I want everything to be just perfect.

I will start by expressing the one thing that I cherish the most with you is curling up with you on the bed before sleeping, feeling the warmth of your skin by resting my head on your shoulder and you kissing me on my head and lips! Every morning after waking up the way you hold me tightly and we pulling up the blanket over our head and whispering things to each other. Our toes tenderly touching each others toes underneath the blanket! It’s so fulfilling and amazing that how we have been doing this every day for years and still do it – still need it badly.

Walking down the street wrapping my hands around your hands – feeling the breeze fiddling with my hair- Ah I absolutely love it. Does that sound like typically Yash Chopra’s romantic movies scripts!!

• I still feel your first kiss when we were coming from Etopia ( though I always complain that how dare you kiss me when I was sleeping!!! but without any doubt that was the most cherished kiss of my entire life) You always express your love openly but I have always struggled to do that. It’s been years and years of knowing each other and even now our relationship feels so fresh, as if we are still dating! I think the real romance starts after getting married when you actually get to spend quality time together.

• Every morning – Every night you make me feel loved with your touch and warmth. Just your way of holding my face and looking into my eyes says it all. It makes me feel blessed when every friend of mine tells me how lucky I am to have you in my life as my soul mate. Once when I was in college my friend told me after 2 years of any marriage the romance goes away. I actually believed her because I had seen many couples totally occupied in their careers and setting financial goals that they tend to drift apart slowly. But with you it’s been years and years – with time we have become One. You know how hard it gets to even sleep without you, forget about staying away from you.


• We have been by each others side in all the rough situations all through the time. You remember the first romantic song that you sung to me – Jab koi baat bigad jaye Jab koi mushkil pad jaye Tum dena sath mera o humnavawaz. It’s so fulfilling to see how both of us have supported each other at times when we needed each other the most. The real test of any relationship comes when you see someone you loved the most by your side. It’s so gratifying how both of us value the commitment towards our relationship.

• We all know relationships are not easy it requires a lot of sacrifices, compromises, care and time. Every thing falls on its place when you have someone who loves you. This time when I was alone for few days without you in India I missed you the most. I miss Little Little moments about living with you.

• Your presence around me in the house, when I cook you hugging me from the back, opening the door for you every evening and giving you a kiss, making coffe for you, going out for movies together, deciding on which restaurant to go, talking about politics, sports!!, watching Chelsea play at our favorite place, you making me sit on your lap like your baby and swinging me around, you quizzing me about music.

•You making your top 10 favorite band every month and signing it to make a record, lounging around and having a cup of coffe and talking about life in general, playing loud music in the car and singing together and how can I forget our crazy way of screaming competition, it’s so sweet how we dance daily for few minutes ( this time when I was in India I replaced you with gunna) Remember the way you roll me around and then make me bend … gunna literally enjoyed that style of dancing.

•It feels nice to be with you all the time. Wherever you go you make sure that I am with you. I have seen so many guys going out alone leaving their wives or girl friends alone but you are so unlike them. I always tell mummy that how my life changed for good after meeting you. Before knowing you I didn’t know jack about jack! You taught me so many things that brought confidence in me. The kind of respect you give it to me in front of your friends, clients, family and colleagues is so gratifying.

• Do you have a magic stick!! How you win everyone’s heart? Whether it’s my friends, my relatives or a complete stranger on the road you just gel with anyone. I just can’t seem to get this art of yours! It’s so amazing how easily you can bring a smile on anybody’s face within minutes. Teach me !!!!!! Some people say that when you love someone you don’t change the other person. But I completely disagree with it.

• When you love someone special you are willing to change anything to bring a smile on your love’s face. I am glad we respect each other’s individuality and at the same time we go out of way to make each other feel special in every possible way.


  • Thanks for every effort you make to bring a smile on my face.
  • Thanks for all the crazy things you do to make me laugh.
  • Thanks for doing so much hard work to make our future secured.
  • Thanks for all the love you have for my parents that they feel proud to have you as their son.
  • Thanks for playing with gunna as you know what she means to me.
  • Thanks for caressing me every night like a little child and making me go to sleep.
  • Thanks for every day you say how much you love me .
  • Thanks for all the little little lovely surprises you give me all the time even after all these years.
  • Thanks for respecting me and my individuality and giving me enough freedom to do whatever I want.
  • Thanks for cooking delicious food, you are a great chef!!!!!
  • Thanks for all those hugs and kisses you do all the time.
  • Thanks for learning badminton for me and beating all those people who were overconfident.
  • Thanks for being protective towards me at every step.
  • And thanks for letting me beat all those guys who tease girls!!!!!
  • Thanks for understanding and appreciating how strongly I feel about helping needy people.
  • Thanks for going to Vaishnodevi barefooted so many times and staying awake and watching over me so that I could sleep.
  • Thanks for reading my blog and posting your comments.
  • Thanks for putting your hand on my head whenever you pray. It makes me feel loved and cared.
  • Thanks for always being committed to our love when things were tough.
  • Thanks for your faith and loyalty towards our love to make the relationship stronger by each passing day.

The only complain I have with you is why didn’t you meet me long time back. We have missed so many years from our lives.


A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

This romantic letter my husband wrote for me – I love you wife – A Love letter to my sweetheart

Sample Love Notes To Your Love

A Collection of love notes that will add a new spice to your life. We have shared some of the love notes sample and we will keep on adding more. (In order to know how to write a love note all you need to do is to pour out your feelings towards your love. Sometimes little expressions make you feel loved!

How To Write A Love Letter To Your Sweetheart

I could never imagine myself helping lovers on how to write a love letter? Many years ago when I just started dating I wanted to write a love letter to my love. I went on internet and searched samples of love letters to your love; even after reading over 100 sample of love letters still I couldn’t even write 3 liner love letter to my boyfriend. You need to be in love to write a love letter; no tips on how to write a love letter will help you if you are not in love.

I Love You Letter (I Miss You Love Letter)

Are you away from your sweetheart ? I miss you love letter will let you pour out your feelings and your love towards your sweetheart. Do you want to know how to write a love letter? Personally speaking, I don’t need a reason to write a I love you letter to my sweetheart. Always remember the best love letter can only be expressed through your heart; you can’t learn it or copy it from any resource you get to see like “Top 100 love letters sample”.

A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

A Sensual Love Letter – I Love You Letter

Handwritten Sensual love letters do wonders to evoke the steamy passion. Each one of us have desired to write a Sensual letter to your sweetheart, husband, wife or your lover. Am I Right? But not many of us know how to write a sensual love letter? Sensual love letters stir up the intimacy in your partner. If you are also thinking of writing a sensual letter for the first time then read some sensual love letters samples.

A sensual letter keeps the blaze in your relationship alive, then why not add that extra spark to your relationship? Whether you are thinking of evoking the romance in your marriage or want to seduce your love; writing a sensual letter will perfectly fill in that place of that missing romance in your relationship.

There are a few important tips to write a Sensual love letter; the most important factor is to make the letter sound seductive not cheap or vulgar! Moreover, before you begin to create a sensual semblance it’s imperative to express your emotional affection with your partner. Tell him how much you are blessed to have him, convey your inner most love for him.

Goodbye My Love – A Goodbye Letter

A Goodbye Love Letter

A Goodbye Love Letter

A goodbye letter that I created for my sweetheart after our relationship went through breakup. There are some goodbye letters that reunite lovers, though goodbye love letters are meant to have a closure. There are some goodbye letters that reunite lovers, though goodbye love letters are meant to have a closure.

Having said that research suggests that a well written and thoughtful goodbye love letter can drive your ex boy friend or your ex girl friend drive back to your arms; whether it’s a goodbye letter to boyfriend or girlfriend just make sure you pour out your undying love in the letter. Most importantly love letters where you say goodbye should never be bitter ( no blaming game).

Writing A Valentine Day Love Letter

Express your deepest emotion with a Valentine day letter , read letters for Valentine day; after all we all know that Valentine day is coming just around the corner. So are you thinking of writing a valentine love letter? Love letters straight from your heart has the power to entice the dying love, igniting a passion and making that someone special feel loved and cared. Find free Sample of Valentine Day Love Letters that will help you to pour out your love in the most loving and sophisticated way. Love letters for valentine day can be decorated with glitters, some kissing stickers and don’t forget to paste a picture which truly signifies and depicts the chemistry you share with your love.

Letter To My Parents (On Their Wedding Anniversary)


This is my first letter to my parents on their Wedding Anniversary. 8th- Oct
This anniversary I thought of writing a Letter to my parents; you can say it’s more of a thank you letter to my parents. Any love letters can brighten up the relationship and when it’s a love letter to parents it’s a way of telling them how important they are to you. I hope I would be able to express my love and feelings through this love letter to my parents. In fact, letters to my dad allows me to open up more. There have always been some occasions where I am not able to express my love and care through words.

my mother

  • In the past many years, I have been very reckless in making them feel special on their anniversaries. And the worst part is most of the time I don’t even remember their anniversary date.
  • Every single year my sister makes sure that she calls me and reminds me to wish them.
  • It doesn’t mean that I don’t bother to realize the importance of making them feel special. The kind of perception I always had is that you can make your loved ones feel special on any day of the year.
  • There doesn’t have to be any particular day for celebrating moments.
  • But after getting married I realized that sometimes it’s important to celebrate certain special occasions like Anniversaries, Birthday’s, New Year, Festivals and many more.
  • So here I have a confession to my parents – That sorry I haven’t been an idle daughter to you in many ways. But without any doubt I do care for you in every single way.
  • I am sure there are people out there who struggle to express their love and care towards their loved ones. I am one of them – Sigh
  • Muma and Papa as you celebrate your 34th wedding anniversary; I want to tell you that you have been a wonderful parents. Every family has their ups and downs. Irrespective of any differences we had still you mean the world to me.
  • Your hard work and honesty has influenced me to be honest, humble and helpful towards those people who need it the most.
  • There are always some difficult times in everybody’s life. Sometimes when you look back in your life and realize some of the moments which you remember for rest of your life. No matter how many times you fight but still you can’t forget all the memories which you cherish for rest of your life.

My memories with my father when I was a kid

    hubby and my father

  • Papa I still remember when you used to take shalu and me out to places like Appu ghar, parks. Whenever we used to go by train you would enhusiastically take shalu and me to show the technicalities of hw the train starts.
  • In frigid winters when we used to go out on your “Bajaj scooter” at night I would stand right next to you, shielding me from the frigid wind blow.
  • In dehradoon sometimes you used to take me out. But with time things changed.
  • Thanks for providing us a sweet home and guiding us to save money in every possible way.
  • And you are a great cook and thanks for helping mummy at home.

Mummy you are an epitome of my life.

  • Like any other child I had my share of days when I have been irresponsible towards certain things. There is not a single person on this earth who has not made mistakes in his/her life. In school days and early 20’s I have been very reckless towards few things. But all those times you supported me the most.
  • I know everybody says that his/her mom is the best. So I won’t hesitate to do the same!!
  • There are hundreds of memories of you where you stood by me. We all have many relationships, some is given by god “blood relationship” and some we make friends. And then after getting married – we again establish number of other relationships. But out of all the relationship your  relationship with me stands above all.
  • I am not sure if you remember this hilarious incident. When I was a kid you used to take care of my hair so much by applying eggs, amla and shikai!! You wanted me to grow my hair but papa didn’t! One fine day papa was taking me out to get me a hair cut. Obviously, you were not in a favor of it and was very furious. You rannnnnnn after us with a big rod saying stop stop!!

  • You have always given us everything. There is not even a single thing which I needed and you refused.
  • Remember when I called you to your office – crying and blabbering that I don’t have a nice Music system. You called me to C.P that very moment and guess what? You got me a music system- paid in cash!!!!!!
  • And how can I forget all the dresses you got me in Bangkok. Sometimes hubby says” mom has spoiled you very much” And now you expect me to pamper like the way mom did.
  • The list goes on ………. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with your love and care- you say ” ma hu na”. Indeed your love is unconditional.
  • More than anything else your support counts. I still remember the times when you would accompany me to appear for interviews and exams.
  • In any kind of circumstances your million dollar smile rules.
  • I am grateful to god to have both of you in our lives. I look forward to be like the way you are with my future children.
  • It’s quite fulfilling to have someone in your life who you can count on in any kind of circumstances. Mummy you are the one for all of us. If it was not for you I couldn’t have been what I am today.
  • Like any other person I have made mistakes in my life. You were the only one who “endured” me. Your patience and love makes me realize that how strong you are as a Mother, a Wife, a Grandmother and a Mother-in-law. With each passing day I am exploring different aspects of life.
  • I just HOPE there will be just one “moment” where I can make you proud of having me as your daughter.

Hubby and I will always be there for both of you.
Once again A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary.