Want To Impress Your Boyfriend? – Know When harmless “Sexual” Fun Can Turn Into terrible outcomes


how to tackle sexting

It’s obvious to have a desire to impress your partner!! Needless to say, it’s natural and harmless to indulge in any kind of activity with your partner that involves nudity ! But the twist comes when you are being misused by your partner. “Sexting” is one of the main concerns for the parents and all of us who can face terrible outcomes.


  • How it usually happens –  After the relation fails, some of the couples want to harm the other partner in any possible way and they can go to any extent for it. This may lead to sharing the nude pictures of your partner and uploading it on the social networking sites. In addition to that, many cases even go to the extent of threatening someone.
  • Since 2007, there have been serious “sexting” cases reported and countless people are even convicted of sharing sexually explicit photographs. Research suggests, more and more teenagers are getting trapped in situations like these, as they are too young to understand that how their unintended fun can lead into terrible consequences.
  • Therefore, it’s very important for the parents to educate their children on sexting and how should they safeguard themselves. My personal thought on the whole issue of sexting is not to indulge in something that can lead to any kind of tragic outcomes. It won’t only be a suffering for you but also for your family.  In the next post I will try to share some of my thoughts on how to tackle sexting.

Topless Hollywood Actresses


Topless Hollywood Actresses are always in the news but exactly why?

  • Kate Winslet who rules the lists of top most beautiful Hollywood stars has disappointed all her fans! How? After the long awaited recognition of her acting skills, finally her stunning performance in The Reader has been acknowledged. She has bagged number of prestigious awards. Winslet has been nominated for six Academy Awards and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in The Reader. She has won awards from the Screen Actors Guild, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as well as being nominated for an Emmy. Recently, she has claimed that she won’t be doing any more nude scenes. :-O

  • She quotes “I can’t keep getting away with it and I don’t want to become known as that actress who always gets her kit off” Needless to say, there is no dearth of Kate Winslet nude scenes, she has stripped off in many films. She claims that she has never had any problems in going nude. But now the time has come to put this to an end. She never works out before going nude in the film and depicts her real feminine side.
  • I guess I find all her nude scenes the same!!!! And the way usually you find actors and actresses saying “ the script demands” is rubbish! I really don’t believe in this perception of justifying your nudity like that. It’s all about being comfortable with your nudity. If you have it Show it. And even if you don’t have the perfect picturesque figure even then don’t hesitate to flaunt your nudity!! You don’t have to look slim to assure your own sexuality. To hell with those people who only adores pretty slim figures. I would suggest all of them to whip off your desires under their pants.


  • So guys I’ am sure Kate winslet will keep her promise at least for a few years. Till then you can gaze at her nude scenes. Reverse – Pause 😉 Sometimes I wonder how nudity drives the whole world insane. There are hundreds of nude Kate Winslet pictures that will keep the men content at least for some years!! Isn’t it funny on how nudity drives the whole world crazy. But you will hardly find people who accept the very fact that they like it!

Nudity Personified – People With Different Opinions Or Different Taste?


Angelina Jolie Perfect Body - Nudity Personified

  • I know the “Subject Line” of the discussion will make some of the readers uncomfortable to debate on “Nudity ”. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me to share my opinions on “Nudism ”.
  • Many people are oblivious of the fact that nudity has been a very ordinary thing in the past. It existed all through the existence of the mankind. Then, how radically the mindset towards nudity changed with time?
  • Don’t grade this article As – An Adult article 😉 Read it before you jump to a conclusion. The whole intention of writing on nudity is quite flurrying to me also. I never wrote about the litigious topic of “nudity”.
  • Nonetheless, I always pondered that in today’s age “Is Nudity be labeled as “decorous” or does it still falls under the category of “Vulgarity” .Well Is it about the “kind of taste” an individual possess or about the “receptiveness” to be honest.
  • What I believe is – Alright let me take an example here. Ask yourself :- Haven’t you ever checked out nude pictures of your favorite Hollywood Actresses or Models ?
  • Lisa Ray stunning pictures

    • Well, you will find most of the people who will feel reluctant to share their taste for elegant nude pictures . I guess they think that they will be judged as “Cheap” or “Vulgar”.
    • I think nudity if captured elegantly can be appealing. If a woman feels confident of her body and wish to flaunt it then it’s clearly a personal choice. Every individual has their own opinions and accordingly they will live their life on their own terms.
    • You will find many women who show their disgust towards men liking nude pictures of beautiful women . Well… I guess they don’t want to admire the beauty of other women and are envious of those women who have deadly figure to show off!!!!!
    • I’m sure there are many women who doesn’t like their boy friends or husbands watching nude pictures of Hollywood actresses and super models . I know why!! Chill and come to the terms with the very fact that there is nothing wrong in admiring beauty.
    • The more you will stop your man to gaze at nude pictures the more he will get attracted towards it!!!!!That’s a fact.. 😉 And mind it if your man says that he doesnt check out sexy pictures of beautiful women then he is a liar!!.. Either he is pretending or he doesn’t want you to get upset over it!
    • And those people who say they don’t like checking out stunning nude pictures of dazzling beauties – They are too afraid to confess that “Yes we like it” Therefore, in no way it implies that they despise it!

    I won’t hesitate to admit that I am a great admirer of beauty in any form! Angelina jolie hot pictures