Heal YourSelf From Your Depressing Past



heal yourself

Have you ever wondered how similar our journey of life is in certain ways?

  • All of us have experienced Hurt in relationships , still life moves on leaving behind the feeling of bitterness , hurt and resentment. Later we end up labeling it a failed relationship . Not many people come in terms with the hurt of the past relationship and that may result in depression. In other cases it can cause fear in your mind of not trusting anyone. Either you feel incapable of maintaining a relationship or you are too scared to get hurt all over again.
  • One thing on which all of us would agree is that relationships help us grow in life, no matter you had a failed relationship or have a very fulfilling relationship. Thus, would it be right to label relationships as failed or successful? In my opinion it’s important to first come in terms with your past relationship hurt. In most of the cases we move on with life but find it hard to forgive or forget. Majority of us struggle hard to forgive, and if you have not forgiven someone then it’s impossible to forget the hurt of your past relationship.
  • Majority of us find it hard to forgive; indeed it’s not easy to inculcate a forgiving nature. I myself have struggled to forgive some people in my life who have deeply hurt me. Then I wonder may be forgetting those people will help me in eliminating those distressful memories. As a result it may help me curb my anger towards those people. But unfortunately I have not been successful in either forgetting or forgiving and as a result it’s severely affecting my peace of mind.

hurt of a breakup

  • After all it’s not easy to forget the hurt, some people say time is the biggest healer but I kind of disagree. Those people who are forgiving in nature are really blessed in life. I have read and watched many documentaries about forgiveness. But none of them have helped me in anyways.The only help that assists me is Self Help. I have gone through innumerable helpful quotes, verses, inspirational stories or biographies but again of no use. One mindset that helped me to pacify my hurt is to tell myself that relationships help us grow in life. As a result, with time I have become a stronger person, now the way I perceive life and relationships is totally different  than the way I used to 10 years ago. Still there is a lot to learn about life in general.
  • One can practice introspection of your past relationship that will help you in realizing the mistakes you committed. Every relationship (with your family, spouse, boy friend, girl friend, children and so on) helps you grow in life . If you look back in life and introspect – you will find a change in yourself in comparison to what you were in the past. All of us change with time and some of the main factors of the change in you are relationships. Therefore, if your past broken relationship helped you grow in certain aspects of your life then how can you label it a failed relationship?

The utmost important relationship in life is your relationship with yourself. Self Esteem, Self Awareness, Self Conciousness, Self Growth, Self Respect and Self Help are the most significant and essential facet of our lives.

Lend A Helping Hand To Your Depressed Friend


painfull depression

In our lives we all value true friends and you always want to be with in all the good and bad times. When you notice your friend showing symptoms of depression, then without any doubt you feel like helping your depressed friend. Tell your friend that how his/her happiness means to you.

Make your friend feel loved and wanted. Once your friend realizes that you care for him/her it will give your friend a big boost in building a trust level towards you. Sometimes there are some personal matters which people want to keep it to themselves. So in order to gain the other person’s faith we need to gain their confidence that you won’t let them down in any ways.

1. You need to be patient while your friend shares her/his fears and sorrows. Don’t form your opinion too quickly about the whole situation. First let your friend open up and don’t interrupt or blame your friend if you think that he/she did something wrong. You need to be patient while listening to your friend otherwise you will make her/his situation more miserable.

2. Once your friend has shared his/her side of the story, show that how much you love them. When you are depressed it’s obvious to feel dejected from the outer world and the feel of rejection makes you suicidal and depressed. Under these circumstances all you need is love and someone who accepts you the way you are.
cure of depression
3. Don’t force your friend to come out of his/her depressed state of mind. You should give your friend enough time to accept the present situation and move on with life. When you are depressed you often lose control on yourself.

4. Boost confidence in your friend by telling that how he/she has helped you in the past and how it helped you in overcoming tough times. Appreciate all those times when your friend stood by you. Encourage your dear friend that he/she can also combat depression.

5. Advice your friend to meditate or pray every morning in order to seek peace of mind with a positive outlook towards life. Sometimes when we go through tough times and tend to question our self that why god abandoned me? It’s a natural sign to loose faith on god, so at that particular moment don’t oppose your friend. It can lead to an argument which will add to the resentment.

6. Offer some writing suggestions to your friend. These days we have thousands of sites where you can open up and share your opinion. It really helps you in lightning up all your subdued emotions.

7. If your friend doesn’t accept any suggestions which you offered him/her then don’t make an issue. If you are not able to convince your fiend to choose the right way then as a friend it’s natural to feel exasperated. It’s obvious that you desperately want your friend to come out of his/her depressive state of mind. But always remember it won’t be that easy to heal your friend’s emotions.

The best you can do for your depressed friend is to offer few suggestions and let your friend decide which one is the best for him/her. Leave the final decision to your friend. Assure your friend that you are always there for him/her in any kind of situation.

Our Tribute To The Heroes Of November 2008 Mumbai Attacks.


salute to the heroes of november mumbai blasts

This song has always inspired me in the times of trouble. For the last many days I have been experiencing furious rage inside me towards those terrorists who have killed hundreds of innocent civilians.

To Watch the video – Click Here

Itni Shakti Hamein Dena song lyrics

Itanii Shakti Hamen De Na Daataa
Manakaa Vishvaas Kamazor Ho Naa
Ham Chalen Nek Raaste Pe Hamase
Bhuulakar Bhii Koi Bhuul Ho Naa
Har Taraf Zulm Hai Bebasii Hai
Sahamaa-Sahamaa-Saa Har Aadamii Hai
Paap Kaa Bojh Badhataa Hii Jaaye
Jaane Kaise Ye Dharatii Thamii Hai
Bojh Mamataa Kaa Tu Ye Uthaa Le
Terii Rachanaa Ka Ye Ant Ho Naa
Ham Chale
Duur Agyaan Ke Ho Andhere
Tu Hamen Gyaan Kii Raushanii De
Har Buraaii Se Bachake Rahen Ham
Jitanii Bhii De, Bhalii Zindagii De
Bair Ho Naa Kisikaa Kisiise
Bhaavanaa Man Men Badale Kii Ho Naa
Ham Chale
Ham Na Sochen Hamen Kyaa Milaa Hai
Ham Ye Sochen Kiyaa Kyaa Hai Arpan
Phuul Khushiyon Ke Baaten Sabhii Ko
Sabakaa Jiivan Hii Ban Jaaye Madhuban
Apanii Karunaa Ko Jab Tu Bahaa De
Karade Paavan Har Ik Man Kaa Konaa
Ham Chale
Ham Andhere Men Hain Raushanii De,
Kho Naa De Khud Ko Hii Dush{}Manii Se,
Ham Sazaa Paaye Apane Kiye Kii,
Maut Bhii Ho To Sah Le Khushii Se,
Kal Jo Guzaraa Hai Phirase Naa Guzare,
Aanevaalaa Vo Kal Aisaa Ho Naa
Ham Chale Nek Raaste Pe Hamase,
Bhulakar Bhii Koi Bhuul Ho Naa
Itanii Shakti Hamen De Naa Daataa,
Manakaa Vish Vaas Kamazor Ho Naa


This is not the first terrorist’s attack by the Pakistani terrorists groups. There have been hundreds of deplorable and immoral series of violence acts at our Indian soil. The most disturbing fact is that we Indians have short memory and we tend we forget these harrowing times so easily.

Honestly speaking, I have never felt like this before in the past, the rage inside me is disturbing my peace of mind. When the last time Mumbai blasts happened I was a kid, so I didn’t realize, that how these terrorist’s attacks affect the lives of innocent people.

But NOW ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I don’t want Indians to forget this incident and put it on back of our mind. It’s time to take ACTION. Indian Army should hunt down every terrorists groups those who aim to harm INDIA. Enough of peace keeping talks, there has never been any PEACE between Pakistan and India and there will never be.

Meditation For The Beginners – Discover A Whole New Meaning Of Living!


Meditation candles

  • First I would like to focus on Meditation for the beginners. I will list some simple steps to start Meditation.
  • Sit at any place that you find it comfortable, just make sure that you sit straight in a relaxed posture. Keep your hands upwards right on your lap with your eyes closed.
  • Now, slowly look into your body by scanning through, take out any thoughts that are restricting your focus. I’m sure you will take a few attempts to follow this practice of meditation without any hindrance. But slowly you will get through it smoothly.
  • Initially in the process of gaining concentration of your mind, you will face a few distractions. Gradually, you will learn how to make your mind relaxed by overcoming all cluttered thoughts which can trap your mind at some point.
  • No matter what kind of tensions you are going through, meditation will release you from all the kinds of stress. Tell yourself that you have to free your mind with all the negative thoughts, and you will win over all the depressive thoughts that don’t allow you to have peace of mind.
  • Once you are in a fully relaxed frame of mind, you are all set to follow the next step of meditation. Tell yourself that you are strong enough to go through any hurdle in your life. As Life is full of obstacles and challenges, all you need is the will power and the right approach to deal with the problems.
  • The most important exercise of meditation is the concentration exercise. Mostly, people take 10- 15   classes to gain focus by tackling different kinds of mundane thoughts that will block your mind.
  • Many people give up in the first few classes because they don’t really comprehend the right technique of meditation. So if you don’t get it right in the first few times, don’t be hard on yourself. Just give yourself some time to discover the art of meditation.
  • Once you realize the beauty of life you will discern that half of the battle is already won. I believe that every individual has the power to inspire themselves. Give yourself the freedom to scan your soul, mind and heart.


  • Gain focus on your breath, feel your breath as it moves from your nose and comes out of the mouth. In order to gain a peaceful concentration of mind, you can play soothing music, light candles around you, feel the moment of sunrise or the sound of the river.
  • In the next post I will share some more steps of Meditation. Till then Happy Living!

– When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others – Peace Pilgrim
– Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.- Marie Curie
– Achievement of your happiness is the only moral purpose of your life, and that happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.- Ayn Rand

Proven Self Improvement Tips To Be Successful


All of us are in search of articles on self improvement tips to lead a successful life. Develop self improvement techniques within you – try to focus on your self esteem.I want to share self improvement tips for lonely people out there who have are going through rough time. I have been through many ups and downs in life; the only factor that helped me to bounce back is when I realized the importance of how to build self confidence.

Learn how Self therapy can rejuvenate your subdued spirit

Self improvement is a journey to find a new “You”, do lot of soul searching. Before you look around for help read some self help books or self help quotes.  Spend few days writing about your self. Self therapy can do wonders in enhancing your inner beauty. You need to set a direction for yourself that will help you in achieving your goals. Success is not a gift that just falls in your lap; it requires a great deal of effort to lead a blissful life. Examine how your actions make you happy or miserable. Each individual wants to enjoy life but sometimes they just don’t make the right choices.

Everything that you want to attain in your life needs an action plan and once attain your goals you feel a sense of achievement. Mostly people are unhappy because of the disappointments or regrets in their lives. Stop cursing yourself for not being good enough. Try not to cry over your failures in life. Let’s share your emotions and try to find a way by which you can lead a contended life without any regrets.

Self improvement tips – Tool 1

Don’t invade in others privacy

It’s a natural human tendency to be inquisitive about things that they don’t know, especially when it’s about others. There is a simple reason why people are investigative about other peoples’ business – either they want to be a critique. Obviously this kind of outlook isn’t well received and can be very annoying for the other person.

Self improvement tips – Tool 2

Forgive and embrace

The most important aspect of our lives is to have a peace of mind. It’s a part of life to experience setbacks, sometimes it’s caused by our loved ones, and especially the ones we trust and love. As a result, the feeling of resentment force us to disconnect with those people who have caused that emotional hurt. Research shows that those people who cultivate ill feelings are indirectly troubling themselves.

Its a human tendency, we tend to get hurt and develop anger against someone who has deeply affronted them. Indeed forgiveness is the most difficult thing, but amazingly, it does wonders for your peace of mind. Though it’s not easy to forgive, but always remember only strong people can nurture a forgiving character. Once you inculcate a forbearing nature, you will notice a drastic change in yourself. You will feel relived and more relaxed than ever before.

Self improvement tips – Tool 3

Self respect towards the achievements in your life

We often forget to praise ourselves and just crave for others to appreciate us. As a result, most of the time we end up feeling dishearten. In our day to day life sometimes we feel disappointed when we don’t get recognition for the effort we put in. We feel discouraged when our boss doesn’t acknowledge our hard work or when our partner don’t admire, leaving you depressed and upset.

Take some time to praise yourself, assure yourself that you are putting your best effort and it won’t go wasted. If you face criticism, then take it with the right spirit. Sometimes criticism can actually help you perform better but other times it can even discourage you. There are all kinds of people in this world; no matter how good you are, some people will only pass harsh judgments against you.  All you have to do is to sideline those kinds of people and move on with life.
Self improvement tips – Tool 4

Jealousy can perturb your peace of mind

Jealous personality end up nowhere! Let’s just admit that all of us have experienced jealousy towards someone. In certain situations we may even end up asking that why we are envious?
It’s a fact that jealousy will inculcate negative feelings in you.Learn how to be self motivated and always strive towards your goals

Self improvement tips -Tool 5

Exploit your strengths

Nobody is perfect in this world; we do have our share of weaknesses and strengths. It depends upon us that how we all mold ourselves to achieve success in our lives. You are capable of shaping your future by working hard towards your goals with sincerity and honesty.

Self improvement tips – Tool 6


Meditation gives you an utmost sense of peace. Try to experience how meditation can instill positive thoughts and immense energy in your body and mind. Every morning you can make a routine to meditate; soon you will notice a positive change in yourself. It will make you more efficient in your day to day life. Spend few minutes in cultivating the spirituality aspect of your life.

Self improvement tips – Tool 7

As the saying goes “Change is a Constant factor”

Always mold yourself according to the situation. Don’t just sit back and complain about the change. After all it’s all about survival of the fittest. If you don’t change then you will end up being a laggard. Learn different things in your life. It will enable you to develop a sense of confidence at your work place. After all a good change is always welcome.

Self improvement tips – Tool 8

Don’t cry over your past mistakes

Stop wasting your time in cursing yourself for all the wrong decisions you had made in the past. If you regret about your past actions all the time then you are even wasting your present. Excel in life, set a challenging goal for yourself and promise yourself that this time you are not going to let yourself down.

Self improvement tips – Tool 9

Empty mind can eat you up!

Stop feeling lonely and overcome loneliness. Keep yourself occupied with any kind of activities of your taste. Engage yourself in learning something that will give you a sense of accomplishment. Make a habit of doing something worthwhile that helps you grow as a person. You can follow any of your favorite hobbies and actively pursue it with great interest.

Self improvement tips – Tool 10

Your attitude can make you or break you

Your attitude towards life determines whether you are capable of moving ahead in life or just prefer to be left behind. A positive outlook towards life will surely take you a long way in accomplishing your goals and even will help you to inspire others.

Be kind to everyone

Sometimes we end up developing enmity towards some people who have not treated us right. So in retaliation we tend to get rude with them. Most people follow the policy of “tit for tat”, equivalent retaliation will take you nowhere!. But once we change our attitude and remove the feeling of revenge, we can actually win over all those people who have been discourteous with us.

Self improvement tips – Tool 11

Try to be independent

If you think that you can do something on your own try to do it. Don’t be dependent on someone for small things and if you can do something now “just do it” instead of delaying it for some other time.

Self improvement tips – Tool 12

Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Your family or friends act as a support. It’s essential to spend some quality time with your loved ones with whom you share your fears, sorrows, and happiness. In today’s chaotic life many people take their family for granted. Always remember that the bond between you and your family needs to be nurtured all the time. The relationship between you and your family requires special attention.

Maintain your relationship by being there with your loved ones at their time of need. Helping them will give you a feeling of deep emotional satisfaction. Needless to say, family is the most essential part of your existence; it prevents you from living in isolation. Let’s commit to ourselves that we will never take our loved ones for granted. As we all know that the blessing of our loved ones matters a lot!

For living your life king size enjoy every moment of it, try to find happiness in small things. Be optimistic in any kind of circumstances. Eat healthyEnjoy a good laugh and do a regular exercise to have a healthy body and mind.