How Do Terrorists Deserve A Fair Trail? Give Me A One Solid Reason?




  • Every day when I wake up the first thing I do is watch the latest news. One thing that has become quite a routine is to witness innocent people dieing in some or the other terrorist’s attacks all over the world.
  • It’s revolting on how these terrorists groups label their brutal actions as JEHAD , where they use god to justify their terrorists attacks. Let’s review the number of attacks that has been carried by Pakistani terrorists groups. Usually, after every attack the Indian government comes up with strong evidence to prove the involvement of Pakistan in the terrorist attacks . But the point is what are the steps that have been taken to curb the terrorists groups in pakistan ? Unfortunately till now Indian government has just been giving speeches, warnings, deadlines to Pakistan. Nothing substantial has been done to put a stop on the terrorists attacks.
  • Needless to mention, the increasingly incomprehensible terrorist’s attacks against innocent civilians are inhuman. One thing that aggravates me is when terrorists get the right to prove their innocence in the court. And moreover, why these terrorists have been given life in imprisonment? This leads to incidents like hijacking.

pakistani terrorists groups

  • After the government extracts enough information from them they should be hanged to death. Otherwise incidents like hijacking of Airlines such as Indian Airlines Flight 814 hijacking will keep on happening, where the terrorists groups demand the release of the detained Muslim extremists. The terrorists groups that allegedly carried out the hijacking are residing in Pakistan without any fear. Irrespective of numerous appeals from Indian Government for years still the Pakistani government has not extradited them.
  • The one point that I wana make is that “There should not be any kind of court proceedings to give a chance to the terrorists to appeal” When recently during 2008 Mumbai Attacks Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman was captured he was given a chance to defend himself. I mean what the fuc* . The attacks carried by the terrorists were absolutely inhuman where by the name of god they killed hundreds of people. Hence, terrorists groups can’t avail any of the human rights. How can you justify these terrorist’s actions? Was that a fair act? Then why the hell fair trail should be conferred for them. I find it extremely heartbreaking for those innocent people who died in the attacks and moreover, for their family who lost their loved ones.
  • The deadly terrorist’s attacks continue and the toll of number of people dieing keeps on rolling. When will this pervasive remorseless Islamic terrorists attacks will come to an end?