Do Men Need More Physical Intimacy Than Women


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Before you start reading my views about What Men Want, I wanted to make it very clear that this doesn’t imply for every man or woman.

Do men regard Sex to be the most important factor in order to get emotionally attached to the woman? We have read and heard a lot of research outcomes where it’s clearly stated that majority of the men rate their relationship based on their physical intimacy with their partners. On the other hand women consider emotional bonding at a higher level than “Sex”.

Though men also need to be appreciated, cuddled, wanted and emotionally attached. Women regard emotionally intimacy in a different way, they need to share their feelings and need to spend quality time with their partner. Many couples face problems in relationships and remain dissatisfied due to their different perspective towards their desire of feeling loved and secured in a relationship. Relationship issues are inevitable, many couples don’t do much about it and with time the hurt keeps on adding up.

It’s important for every couple to listen to each other and understand the way they want to be loved and cared. Instead of focusing on what you want from your man or woman, first try to eliminate your partner’s loneliness, hurt or emotionally distressed state of mind. Every couple go through relationship problems and it’s vital to seek relationship counseling at the right time. So before it gets too late start your relationship from the scratch and nurture it with patience, love and most importantly care.

What To Do When Your Husband Cheats On You


What To Do If Your Man Cheats On You ?

Any normal woman would say Dump him. I have read and heard a lot of real life stories on how relationships suffer if your man cheats on you.

Being a woman I have strong thoughts and opinions on to what extent a woman can forgive her man after discovering his unfaithfulness towards the relationship . It’s a normal saying “People do make mistakes” But is cheating on your partner is really just about a mistake?

When Your Husband Cheats On You:

In some cases where there are certain doubts on whether your man is really cheated on you? Or it’s just mere misunderstanding? Sometimes, you even go to the extent of searching for any signs that your man cheating on you


  • But what to do when your man confesses that he cheated on you ? How would any woman react to it?

  • Will she blame herself for not putting her best to the relationship?

  • Will she forgive him?

    Will she be disappointed and would try to except the way things are for the sake of her family and kids?

    Or will she willingly accept her husband’s mistake and will give him a second chance?

    Well, it all depends upon the kind of situation you are in.

    Recently, all of you must have witnessed Shiney Ahuja’s Rape case , that’s the reason I am writing on this topic. Following is the confirmation based on what I have been witnessing and reading about Shiney Ahuja’s case:-

    Q: Do you know the girl?

    A: Yes she is my maid.

    Q: For how long?

    A: One-and-a-half months. My earlier maid Sangeeta got her temporarily. My cook Mohan and his wife know about this.

    Q: Where were you yesterday afternoon?

    A: At home.

    Q: Were you there when she came to work?

    A: Yes I was.

    Q: The girl has alleged you have raped her.

    A: No, I didn`t. I am being framed.

    Q: The girl says she came at 12 noon and at about 3 pm you dragged her from the passage to the bedroom and raped her…

    A: No, I didn`t rape …We had sex, but it was consensual.

    I am sure Shiney Ahuja’s fans must have got startled after the news broke out! The only news that astounded me was Shiney Ahuja’s wife supporting him even after knowing that Shiney Ahuja confessed of having sex with his maid.

    I really want to know what made Shiney Ahuja’s wife to be on his side?

    How far can a Woman go to support her man?