Hug Your Loved Ones When They Least Expect It!



the free hugs campaign

Sometimes it’s better to put love into hugs than to put it into words”

– Unknown Author!

  • I have been thinking of talking about the Free Hugs Campaign . So finally today it just occurred to my mind to share my views about it. This time when I was in India I came across A.R Rehman song Jiya to Jiya. In the video they have introduced the free hugs campaign ( Click Here To See The Video). The free hugs campaign was started way back in 2004 by someone called “Juan Mann”, he is an Australian guy who introduced his free hugs campaign by a band called “Sick Puppies ”.(Click Here To See The Video)

  • This guy shared his story on how he felt the need to introduce something that can comfort any person. He once went to a party, totally depressed and heartbroken due to some personal issues. And then a complete stranger in the party gave him a hug that made him feel extremely happy and relaxed. From then onwards he wanted to spread this act of kindness among strangers. I really appreciate his effort behind commencing something that can cheer up people.

couple huging

I know many people who even feel reluctant to hug their loved ones. All they do is a handshake!!! You don’t need a reason to hug your loved ones at least!

v A hug can drive away any sorrow.

v A hug has a power to lighten up someone.

v A hug can make your loved one feel wanted and loved.

v A hug can trigger warmth in anyone’s heart.

v A hug can relieve your tension and stress level.

v A hug can literally combat depression .

v A hug can wipe away the tears of a heartbroken person when words of sympathy don’t seem to be enough.

v A hug can ease anyone’s pain.

v In fact, it’s scientifically proved that hugs literally decrease blood pressure.

  • I believe that you can only value the importance of a hug when you get deprived of it!!! So from now on don’t hesitate to hug your loved ones whenever you meet them. Don’t miss an opportunity to cheer anyone up by showing their importance in your life. After all, a tender touch is one of the most needed expressions that all of us crave for all the time. If you are a shy person or wait for the other person to come to you and give you a hug then this time surprise your loved ones by hugging them when they least expect it. I am sure they would love it without any doubt you will rejuvenate yourself .

lovers huging

  • Personally speaking, I do feel reluctant in hugging strangers. But I really liked the concept and the thought behind the Free Hugs Campaign. But there are a few incidents when I hugged strangers. I guess I have shared that with all of you in this post . Second incident that pops up to my mind is this old lady I meet very often; usually I see her standing at the corner of our place. Whenever I give her some money or things to eat I usually give her a hug and then she gives a million dollar smile to me. Only these two incidents I can recall where I have hugged a complete stranger.

How about you? Share your story when you hugged a complete stranger.

Can You See Any Signs Of The Implementation Of Child Labour Laws?


stop child labour exploitation

• I want to share my personal feelings towards the implementation of Child Labour.

• All over India you will find poor children engaged in different jobs at the roadside, polishing shoes, selling small products, cleaning the car and what not. I am sure all of us have seen home servants who are engaged in domestic work.

• I have encountered thousands of poor children who work to support their family back home. And no matter how much they sweat it out still they don’t gain the same wages which a youngster get for doing the same job. Needless to say, the exploitation of child labour continues. Irrespective of the fact, that the ban of child labour was passed years back but I have not noticed the implementation of it.

• Let’s talk about how can we help a poor child who needs money to afford basic necessity of food and shelter. Will it be a wise idea to provide free education by stopping them to work? Honestly speaking when you look at the real picture of these poor children family background you realize that they have a desperate need to support their basic living.

• Based on my life experience, I understand the concerns of the poor children family’s situation. Therefore, I encourage poor children to go for basic education and at the same time engage in some skilled job which will fulfill the basic child care requirements.
don't support child labour

• I remember last time I went to the Delhi Haat and there I met a foreigner who was working with 7-8 children. The lady was selling handicraft stuff, paintings and candles made by those poor children. Hubby and me approached that lady and bought a ganesha painting which was made by one of the children. The point which I want to make is that I am not against child labour, I am only against child exploitation.

• When you see a kid working at a tea shop, you will hear the voice of concern regarding their well being but what exactly you do to help those kids? I am requesting all of you to provide books to any poor children you come across. Instead of offering them money, you can buy second hand books and twice in a month you can embrace poor children who can’t avail the basic education and living.
Unesco – Click Here Cry Right and You – Click Here

Why Some Celebrities Are Self Obsessed


Beyonce Pictures

  • There are so many celebrities, who make hell lot of money. But how many of them are willing to spend a small percentage of their money for the welfare of poor people. There are number of programs that are being aired on TV like MTV Crib s , VH1 My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding , Fabulous Life of Celebrities and many more that just focus on the kind of wealth celebrities enjoy.
  • There are thousands of celebrities who spend thousands of dollars on branded clothes and on their luxurious lifestyle. One of My favorite channels is MTV, few days back in the Forbes category of “The most Extravagant Handbags . Beyonce bought a Louis Vuitton Bag that costs more than 45,000Dollars.
  • The kind of reaction which usually most of us will be giving is- wow she is quite rich!( I guess that’s why these celebrities splurge around to be in the news). How oblivious it can get? When people are dieing of Hunger and the Richer is getting Richer, when the country produces more food than ever before STILL STILL WHY People are dieing of hunger every second.

Paris Hilton Pictures

  • Celebrities like Paris Hilton who spend countless money on their wardrobes and claim that she never wears the same outfit more than once. Sometimes I wonder how and Why God showers so much wealth to those people who splurge around just to fulfill their own desires and wants.
  • Few Days back I was reading on some site that Paris Hilton has embarked into charity work. Just guess how?? “Paris Hilton donates her outfits” !! Can anyone make this dumb blond understand that millions of poor people who are dieing of hunger don’t need her branded clothes.
  • But at least this way one person is benefiting. No prizes for guessing.. Who else it can be? It can only be Paris Hilton who wants to get rid of her unwanted clothes from the closet and grab some media attention of being kind towards orphans by lending them her "own" clothes.
  • Before writing my views about Paris Hilton Charity Work I thought of searching some of her contribution towards the society. I finally came across one link where all I could find was Paris Hilton Pictures, Paris Hilton Music Album Promotion Labels and Paris Hilton Perfume Lines. See it yourself to believe it check it out .

One Child Policy Of China- Forcing Women To Abort


China one child policy forcing abortion

  • In the morning I was browsing some news and one headline caught my attention. “In Beijing a woman is being forced to abort sixth month’s pregnancy” As you all must be aware of the different policies related to birth planning. The government of China passed “one child policy” law in 1979 in order to gain control on varied form of social, population and economic issues.
  • The family planning policies permits minorities to have more than one child, provided they are urban inhabitant. On the other hand rural farmers are allowed to have three children.
  • In case a couple still go ahead and have more than 1 child then the policy impose a huge amount of fine ( that some wealthy family are willing to pay) But what about other families who desire to have two child but cant afford to pay the fine?
  • Needless to say, the birth control policies resulted in many kind of criticism. It’s understandable that the government exercise family laws to create general awareness to control the population through family planning commissions.

Stop abortion

There are many side affects of One child policy of china:-

  • The abortion of female fetus:- I most of the countries male child male child is preferred over a female child. As a result, the ratio of male-female birth is slanted.
  • In addition, it also resulted in the reduction of the overall fertility percentage.
  • The cases like this where women are forced to abort by endangering their life will raise attention. Unfortunately, this is not the first case, where a woman is forced to abort because of the stringent china one child policy.
  • It’s a quite common practice where women are forced to abort in rural and other semi rural areas of China.
  • Her husband has been warned several times about this “if he goes ahead with the child then his property will be seized”. But in this case, the woman possesses rural household registration but her husband holds an urban household registration.
  • The same result could have been achieved by practicing an alternative kind of policies where the general awareness towards birth control could have been followed. But it has violated some of the human rights where a woman is forced to abort the pregnancy because the family is too afraid to face penalties from the government.
  • As now this incident came into limelight, let’s see how this barbaric practice ends.

How Can You Justify Polygamy? –Who To Blame?


Why polygamy is still being practiced?

  • How can anyone justify “polygamy” as a religious belief?
  • And how can the government re-establish the women who have been the victim of polygamy? In the past the way the government did was taking away all the kids from the polygamy women. Will it resolve the issue??
  • Let’s discuss on the ways to eradicate the religious belief which is attached with polygamy. Is Polygamy an excuse to have multiple partners?
  • What I understand is that “polygamy is a type of oppression and slavery where children are forced to follow the religious beliefs of polygamy. Young girls get married at an early age to older men. Some are even sexually molested by their own parents. Every single women living in polygamy goes through rape, sexual abuse and as a result their human rights are violated.
  • Many Muslim men in the US secretly get married to multiple wives. Why it’s still not being reported? In Africa almost all the women have experienced Polygamy. Why it’s still not reported in the media.

We often think that why these women are not coming forward if they are being victimized. Are they really happy in the kind of environment they are living in? But how can we ignore the fact that there is a possibility that ‘they are quiet because of fear of being taken away from their kids. And most of the polygamy women are too scared to stand against their religious community without any support. Most of the polygamy women are not educated and are dependent on their husbands for financial help.

It’s a high time to stop the perilous practice of polygamy.


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